Saturday, March 27, 2010

The flood of collectivist invective ebbs, but look around at all the new friends we have.

For those like-minded who find themselves on Sipsey Street for the first time after the flood, welcome. The struggle is long and we have much to do. We must thank the domestic enemies of the Founders' Republic for introducing us.

Many of you new Irregulars may benefit from visiting the many Praxis posts we have posted over the course of Sipsey Street. Also, take some time to go down the right side and find the Absolved chapter links for those portions of my novel posted on the Internet.

There are many, many lurkers on Sipsey Street who do not comment. This is not a "badness thing" as John Ringo would say. One common tactic of folks who seek a low profile is to designate someone in your circle of like-minded friends to monitor this blog (and others like David Codrea's War on Guns and Examiner column (and follow that link to all the other gun rights examiner's columns), Pete's Western Rifle Shooters Association, etc.), download articles you find useful and distribute them by CD, DVD or hard-copy to others. I once was approached at a gun show by a fellow who had a dog-eared and stained ten-year old copy of "What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army?" that had been passed among friends and neighbors of a 90s militiaman from south Georgia. That militiaman had since passed away, but the fellow who was reading it when the original owner/organizer died hung onto to it and asked me to autograph it.

I was instantly both humbled and proud to do so.

So, spread the word, however you may be able to. Time is short and the storm is almost upon us.

But in any case, welcome fellow oath keepers, fellow Irregulars. Extend the line to either flank, make sure your bandoleers, ammunition pouches, haversacks, and canteens are full and dig in.

Once you have done that, fix bayonets. This is going to get up close and personal.

Long live the Republic.



Anonymous said...

I think humility is something we all feel in light of the task before us.

Unknown said...

That's a very spiffy graph you have there, Mike. May I ask what program you used?

SiGraybeard said...

Mike - that article "What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army?" is what brought me here, almost a year ago. I have learned lots here since then.

I saw one of those stamped sheet metal .45s at a gun show here in central Florida. Guy wanted several hundred for it - but I have no idea if that was a reasonable price or not.

Just another reader who hardly ever comments. Waiting to see Absolved on sale.

Spitnyri said...

Mike and Family;
Thank You for holding the lightning rod and torch. Your sacrifices arent for naught. The attacks on you by both right and left only show them for what they are.. two sides of the same coin. Only free citizens can do what is needed not political parties and their collusive corruption.
Yank lll