Monday, March 22, 2010

"They are going to have to fight."


Anonymous said...

I bought a pistol belt and load bearing harness at the Army/Navy surplus store today. Haven't worn one since 1981. Fits real nice.


rah45 said...

I've been saying this on Facebook for the past hour to family and friends. I am trying to get people to wake up to the future so they can prepare as well as they can. This is what I've written, I hope that it helps anyone who would like to copy/paste onto FB or anything.

Over 60% of Americans voted "NO!" to the healthcare reform proposed by Obama and Pelosi. Their representatives and government ignored their outcries. The question you should be asking yourselves now is this: for yourself, your families, and your country, what is to be done about it?

Stop and think about what a government who doesn't listen to its citizens and pursues its own agenda is capable of. Visions of Stalin's dictatorship (millions of his countrymen executed purely because of his paranoia) and Hitler (the Holocaust) come to mind.

Now that you're thinking about how this government has shown that it doesn't give a damn about you or your family, even though it's supposed to serve us all through an established political system, think about what needs to be done to bring it back into line.

The issue is quickly becoming more serious than political. Throughout history, when governments reach this stage they become communist/socialist/tyrannical and look after themselves rather than the citizens.

The only proven way to correct an increasingly tyrannical government is to check it by a show of force. The English did this several times and received the English Bill of Rights, which is how our Founding Fathers learned of freedoms and what they are worth.

So, the ultimate question is: Is force now necessary, and if so, how much is required to steer this government back on its constitutionally appropriate course? The answer is: When the government stops listening to its citizens, force is immediately necessary to rectify the situation. Force is to be used until the government is once again at its knees at the feet of the people it is designed to serve.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I just posted that same Day by Day in the Political Forum on Baen's Bar!

old man

Anonymous said...

I believe more of us are ready than we know.

Anonymous said...

Good thing 223 ammo is still cheep and available. just bought another 1000 rds for 'target' pratice. these clowns are the best gun and ammo salesman in the world.

Anonymous said...

Taylor H,

When one notes the trainloads of guns, ammo, & their ancillaries that have been & are continuing to be sold & that a reasonable portion of that enormous amount of very desirable & therefore eminently profitable merchandise isn't showing up in the regular or "irregular" markets as would normally be expected, your belief is apparently well founded. An additional indicator of how massive the preparation for bad times really is can be seen by looking @ the sales figs for precious metals, camping equipt, air/water filters/purifiers, medical supplies, MREs/their civilian equivalent, tools, spare parts of various kinds, seeds, educational materials, various forms of tech, & in some cases remotely located land. It seems that an increasing number of people know that something's going to pop eventually, & that when it does things are going to get real nasty real fast & they want to have @ least a chance to pull thru the ugly times that may be ahead. Note also the apparent widespread agreement that deadly force will be mandatory to repel the rapacious flood of desperate urbanites (& to a lesser extent suburbanites) who'll flee the hellish cities & that due to the generational "entitlement" mentality that's been infused into these 'locusts' which will likely manifest itself as a self-righteously hyper-violent psychosis when its desires are resisted, the suspension of the restrictions governing defense of life, limb, loved ones, & property will be necessary to protect those 4 foundational components of society from the ravages of barbarism.

Cassandra (of Troy)

Anonymous said...


I think my IQ just skyrocketed...