Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Montgomery Castrato seems obsessed with me. Can it be love?


Terry Gross of National Proletariat Radio's Fresh Air had Southern Preposterous Lie Center "militia expert" Mark Potok, aka the Montgomery Castrato, on her show today. He seems obsessed with me.

Go here and tell me if you think it's love.

Gross gives him more than a half-hour to ramble on with his conflationary crap, so you might want to start it and listen while you're doing something simple and repetitious like loading stripper clips with live rounds. Don't put it on while you are reloading. Too much danger of losing track of what you are doing. Bad juju.



Justin said...

It's love, all right.

I have tried on several attempts to write calm, reasonable rational letters to these people. They refuse to respond, to answer my questions, or to do their "journalism" about eco-terrorists, non-white racists, communist revolutionaries, or islamic jihadists here in our own country.

I digress. I do think he loves you, Mike. There's just something irresistible about a man with a gun. ;-)

My one-in-a-million wife once asked me, innocently, "What kind of a man DOESN'T have a gun?"


Mike H said...

She should interview you -s-.

Eric said...

Looks like love Mike.
Whens he getting you the ring?

straightarrow said...

I had thought to say "Fuck Potock, but I don't generally fuck people I can't stand. So how about we just ignore his impotent ass. I'm quite sure that is one thing he can't abide. Being treated as he deserves, ignored. At least until he exposes himself to the consequences of being an asshole in public, within arm's reach of those he seeks to disenfranchise.

patriot_ohio said...

That guy is a dunce whether he's wearing fashionable fascist tin-foil or a dunce cap.

Rather shrill as well. Perhaps he should see about getting some anti-psychotic drugs with his new health insurance.


Anonymous said...

Is that a powder-blue prison jump suit I see him wearing in that picture? So fashionable.

B Woodman

Unknown said...

Does he really believe the propaganda he's spewing, or is he purposely lying?

What a dork.

Up here in the Northeast most everyone turns to the east and kneels on their pads for NPR. Unfortunately, the "civilized class" believes this drivel. The level of ignorance is astounding.

Anonymous said...

I oppose the obama agenda...

Therefore, I am a racist...

Makes perfect sense...

Louisville, KY

Unknown said...

Isn't this dope just verifying what the "hate groups" are saying? He monitors web sites, knows how many times people visit the sites, keeps profiles, monitors groups, knows presicely how many groups there are of what type, knows who is in what group, classifies political opposition as "extremist"... People should be alarmed to be sure, but what should they be alarmed at? People who want to be free and left alone, or people who are monitoring their every move and every word?

David T. McKee said...

NPR and PBS are the true hate-groups. Seems to me, as they are funded in part by taxes that have been stolen from taxpaying Americans, that perhaps some "repo-man" needs to be done on their broadcasting equipment... Just a thought.

-D. McKee

ragman said...

I'm new to this website. Absolutely outstanding! This miserable little POS has no idea how pissed-off American people are. This country is fixin' to come apart at the seams. CONgress pays no attention to the will of the people and has not done so for a long time. We have had it! When black people act-up it's called a riot. When white people act-up it's called a war! It's later than we think, folks, and we had best be ready.

MikeH. said...

I had a stalker once... in my case though, my stalker was a she.

I listened to the NPR (National Propaganda Radio) clip. Before Potluck even began to speak, I was reminded of the scene from "Red Dawn", the recorded voice being played at the drive in theater turned re-education center.

Then, when Pothead did speak, the message was loud and clear. Disagree with obama and you're a racist. Disagree with the democretins and you're a hate group, whether you disagree singularly or collectively.

Perhaps I am overdue for an iv (push) of pure lithium because the message I got (maybe also overdue) was... we are about to become for the demonazis what the Jews were for Hitler's nazis.

By the way, after listening to that clip, I feel dirty. Very dirty.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Oh, and as to the post, I'm not sure it's love, but it's definitely obsession.

It's a well-known fact that what we hate most in others is what we secretly hate most in ourselves.

The self-hate can take two forms: Either we REALLY don't like that we **DO** have certain undesirable traits, or that we utterly lack some DESIRABLE trait which the target of our hate demonstrates in spades.

Deep in his girly little heart, Mr. Potok holds some sick racist feelings for which he attempts to compensate through his whining and squealing.

Further, he also recognizes his utter lack of anything resembling manhood, courage or integrity - hence his attacks on anyone doing what he himself is incapable of doing.

In attacking his betters, he defaults to denigrating them with the thing he finds most despicable - IN HIMSELF - hence the constant accusations of "RACIST!!"

/armchair psychologist