Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kurt Nimmo & Alex Jones accuse me of being a government stooge. What I think of disinformation artists like them is unprintable.

"DisinfoWars": the Militia of Montana Reborn.


So, they tell me that in his second hour today, Alex Jones said that if I wasn't arrested soon, that was proof I was a government agent. Below, Nimmo is worried about window war misbehavior playing into the Southern Preposterous Lie Center meme. As if they wouldn't lie about it anyway.

I'll have more comments on the other side.

Thick as a Brick: Lib Bloggers Blame Militia for Broken Dem Windows

Kurt Nimmo
March 24, 2010

It’s more grist for David Neiwert’s mill. “Authorities in Wichita and some other cities across the country are investigating vandalism against Democratic offices, apparently in response to health care reform,” reports The Kansas City Star. “And on Monday, a former Alabama militia leader took credit for instigating the actions.”

“As David Neiwert’s been pointing out for a while, right-wing extremist fury is only growing now that we have a black Democrat in the White House. Now that the health-care bill has actually passed, and the right wing has bought the hysteria that this is an “assault on liberty,” expect this — and worse,” writes Susie Madrak for the lib blog, Crooks and Liars.

Neiwert is the poster child for the Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups that work with the Department of Homeland Security to demonize folks who think it is a good idea to follow the Constitution. He writes for the corporate media, including the CIA’s favorite newspaper, The Washington Post, and has made a cottage industry out demonizing patriots. For his diligence, Neiwert received a National Press Club award, a prized trophy for faithful members of the corporate media.

“Mike Vanderboegh, of Pinson, Ala., former head of the Alabama Constitutional Militia, put out a call on Friday for modern ‘Sons of Liberty’ to break the windows of Democratic Party offices nationwide in opposition to health care reform. Since then, vandals have struck several offices, including the Sedgwick County Democratic Party headquarters in Wichita,” The Kansas City Star continues. The brick had had “some anti-Obama rhetoric” written on it, according to a Dem party functionary.

“We can break their windows,” Vanderboegh declared, according to Gather. “Break them NOW. And if we do a proper job, if we break the windows of hundreds, thousands, of Democrat party headquarters across this country, we might just wake up enough of them to make defending ourselves at the muzzle of a rifle unnecessary.”

The call for vandalism appeared on the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog on Friday, March 19. The Sipsey Street Irregulars blog appears to be operated by Mike Vanderboegh.

“These windows are not far away from where you are reading this right now,” the blog explains. “In virtually every city and county in this land, there is a local headquarters of Pelosi’s party — the Democrat party. These headquarters invariably have windows. When the Sons of Liberty wanted to express their opposition to the actions of the King’s ministers, they would gather in front of the homes and offices of his tax-collectors and government officials in Boston or New York and break their windows. Glass was expensive. The King’s minions were often the most well-to-do. The Sons of Liberty hit them in their pocketbooks.

The original Sons of Liberty was a secret organization of American patriots prior to the Revolutionary War. British authorities and the Loyalists considered the Sons of Liberty seditious rebels. Patriots attacked the apparatus and symbols of British authority and power such as property of the gentry, customs officers, East India Company tea, and as the war approached, vocal supporters of the Crown.

Vanderboegh’s act will not inspire a modern three percent to take action against the federal government. It will, however, provide plenty of ammo for the likes of David Neiwert, Chris Matthews, nearly the entire line-up at MSNBC, Bill O’Reilly (who specializes in demonizing the Oath Keepers), the Southern Poverty Law Center, and hundreds of Borg hive Democrats who have hysterically warned now for months that “militias” (as defined by the SPLC) and rightwing racist extremists (as defined by the DHS and the MIAC report) who hate Obama because of his skin color are about to start burning down government buildings and killing bureaucrats.

Mike Vanderboegh’s comments are a gift to the Department of Homeland Security and the SPLC. His call for vandalism feeds right into the propaganda cycle and follows on the heels of supposed Tea Party activists — as likely agents provocateurs — who hurled racist epithets at African American members of Congress last weekend.

As should be expected the Southern Poverty Law Center was all over the incident in short order. The fear-mongering organization posted the news of their “Hatewatch” page.

Not surprisingly, Democrats have attempted to link this bad behavior to Republicans who stood in opposition to Obamacare. “The Republican Party needs to distance themselves from this kind of behavior,” Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat from Ohio, said in a video produced by a Latino Facebook group. “I am calling upon Mr. Speaker that the Republicans who have supported this movement come out and condemn this Tea Party. It is unacceptable.”

Establishment Republicans hijacked the Tea Party movement last year and now demand supporters pay fealty to the Republican political platform of more wars and increasing the national debt.

Breaking windows will not put an end to Obamacare. It will provide plenty of ammo for statist propagandists who are now gearing up to shout down and intimidate the opposition.

Nimmo's worried about "supplying ammo" to our enemies -- worried about a lying little pantywaist like Neiwert. I suppose if all you were ever willing to do was sit in a radio studio and rake in gullible folks' dollars for your fact-challenged conspiracy DVD's, you WOULD be a little upset about somebody actually DOING something that might pull you in and actually make you choose a side instead of just flapping your jaws. In their own way, Nimmo and Jones are just as big of conflation experts as Neiwert and SPLC.

We had their type back in the 90s, too. They were called the "Militia of Montana," or as Bob Wright called them, the "Videotape Commandos." Never trained troops, but would sell you a can't miss conspiracy video in heartbeat. Stuff along the lines of "5,242 Reasons Why David Rockefeller Hates You Personally," and "Trilateralist Satan Worshipers Fly Jewish Bankers Around Area 51 in Black Helicopters." And darn chummy with the Aryan Nations, they were, too.

Neither Nimmo nor Jones knows jack-shit about constitutional militia, in the 90s or today.

My only advice to them is hide and watch. After the Restoration is accomplished, they can sell us all a video about what an important role they played in it.



Brock Townsend said...

Two pathetic individuals.

Anonymous said...

I've read and listened to Alex and thought he made some good points, but also thought he was an a-hole. He seemed to make it all about himself and anybody who disagreed with him at all was an NWO stooge.

This confirms it.

Allen said...

conspiracy theories ( like alex jones spread) are a waste of resources and talent. they get good people so concentrated on chasing shadows and their own tails that they forget the enemy staring back in the mirror. the REAL conspiracy is how many people waste time on these sorts of things rather than fixing the obviously broken parts of government right under their noses.

if these people who claim to know the "secret truth" really KNEW anything, and the "shadow government" they claim to know about was as powerful as "they" say it come they aren't dead or arrested? to an all-powerful secret organization "perfect accidents" or trumped up arrests are pretty easy, right?.

they're not dead or arrested because either a)they're loons. they don't know anything. or b)they're plants..meant to distract you with wild stories. usually to get you to spin your wheels on useless things or to get you to do something that will get you arrested. most are probably "b" or people who repeat stories from "b". the FBI got caught doing this already...and if the FBI is doing it you can be sure other agencies are copying it. the ATF has been doing it for YEARS.

MikeH. said...

There are only two people on this planet who believe Alex Jones' bullshit... Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones. And Jones can't decide from one day to the next if he's on the right or the left.


Anonymous said...

Restoration...that has such a bold strength behind it.

Wyn Boniface said...

I saw that today. I usually filter Alex out to a large degree. He points out some good things, but then buries it under garbage. Hell I think it is more a problem with ego. He is always screaming do something but now things are being done he sounds like the GOP apologizing. OMG I cannot believe something is being done in actual action. I lost much respect today. I know your opinion is clear, but I liked Alex because he would scream at the Mexican president when in ATX. Who else was taking a bull horn all these years? Now, he is just a schmuck.

j3maccabee said...

Your last line is a gas, gas gas!

But as a BTW - why do people refer to Obama as a 'black' president? By definition, he is not black by racial or genetic makeup; he is either mulatto, or mixed race, as his mother appeared to be white. Do we just choose to acknowledge whatever suits us at the moment, from our ancestry?
If he is ashamed of his white 'dna', doesn't that make him a blatant racist?
Back when I was growing up, there was a shameful practice in some black communities around the South. Some persons of color were very light complected, perhaps of mixed parentage, and they would deny their black parentage and - as they said - "pass for white", to avoid the societal stigma inflicted by racists upon black people. It was a sad practice adopted by some because of a terrible treatment of many fine people, based solely on their color.
SO - if a man is mulatto but finds that he can appeal more effectively by playing to the black populace as being one of their own - isn't that "passing for black" ? And isn't that the height of hypocrisy, for the man and the media?
I am not ashamed of any of my ancestry, and I feel no need to lie about it or pretend it is not what it is.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that most of the "Patriot" radio hosts are in the business of scaring their listeners to get the listeners to buy either their products or those of their sponsors. The last thing they want is real confrontation or fighting because at that point they are irrelevant, the listeners will have better things to do (surviving & fighting) than to listen to them, and will not be buying their products any more. Alex has 1/3 of Rush Limbaugh's coverage (stations + listeners) and is a younger, more "hip" competitor to Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, G Gordon Liddy, etc. I also suspect that people like Alex (and Glenn Beck) are very scared of being shut down / accused of inciting violence. The reality is peaceful methods have proven to be useless leaving few {non-violent} alternatives. While all of these commentators like to cite the founding fathers, they really don't want to make the sacrifices or do the {violent / unpleasant} things the founders and the 1765-1789 3%rs did.

DirectAction_IL said...

Infowars & Alex Jones...

One word: FARCE.

AJ's a 911 Truther kook.

And Kurt Nimmo? Someone give him a teddy bear, a blanket, his pacifier and a glass of warm milk and he'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

A comment posted to the DISinfowars article...

You may think that people break windows and bricks don’t.

However this is a public notice to be mandated immediately.

There is no need for the general public to have assault bricks. Nor has the constitution made provision for you to have them or to maintain any arsenal of them. You can expect someone to come to your house and ask if you have any assault bricks. If you have assault bricks they will be confiscated.

If you have smaller bricks!, you will be asked to register your bricks provided you submit to a finger print and DNA test..

You may apply for a concealed brick permit from your state provided one is legal within your state. If you have a good record and after passing a Federal back ground check and waiting 3 days you may be issued a concealed permit.

Bricks may still be bought and sold provided you have an authorized dealers license, with the exception of assault bricks. Which are now illegal.

You must have a Dealers license,
You must be over the age of 35.
Not have any traffic violations in the last 20 years,
If you’ve had any drive by bricking s you will not be eligible as this constitutes a felony.
Any littering out your car window will also render you ineligible
If you have ever been ticketed for skipping rocks you will not be eligible.

If your a hobby collector and you would like to posses an assault brick, then a special license can be obtained following a state and federal background check and a physiological evaluation. You may maintain it each year with an annual psychological evaluation from a federal agency. It should be noted that no hobby collector can have more than 6 assault bricks at anyone time and all sharp edges of the brick should be honed down.

All citizens in good standing who process a license to have bricks at their place of residence must keep them safe in a metal locker and locked at all times.

Special provisions are being written at this time and are in legislation if you want to use your small brick for home safety out side of protected State run brick ranges. A public announcement will be declared at a later time following a congressional out come.

No brick owners may join or form of Militias inside the US boarders as the constitution makes no provision for such groups. Anyone found violating any of the listed policies stated above can face fines up to 2 million dollars, and 55 years in prison with an additional 20 years per offense accumulative.

Crossing Federal and state boarders with any sort of brick what so ever is an automatic fine of 3 million dollars and you will have no right to a jury trial of your peers, Such offenses will mandate a military tribunal to be held off American soil. If a conviction ensues you will be sentenced to two life sentences to be served back to back.

If you have any question please call your State depart or the Fed agency B.E.C.A “Brick Enforcement and Compliance Agency.

Remember Bricks kill make sure you handle with care and act responsibly.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones makes a comfortable living with his radio show. Like the NRA he and his business benefit from the status quo and the gradual destruction of our liberties. The worse things get, the more money he rakes in and the more people call in to his show to vent rather than channeling their rage or fear in an effective fashion. Jones has said on previous occasions that the time to violently resist is when they knock on your door to take you to a camp or to murder you. Well, if it comes to that point then it's too late. You have to be proactive and you have to be willing to take a stand before genocide and widespread weapons confiscation occur. What Jones obviously wants is for the Republic to crumble but in slow motion. That way he can continue to rake in cash in the meantime. I would say that he needs to wake up but he already knows the truth. He just doesn't care.

Justin said...

Wow. Alex Jones.

So unable to deal with the realities of real life that he makes up stories to make it more bearable and interesting.

And to get money.

Don't forget that.

How much money do you make from your evil sinister NWO overlords, Mike? ;-)

Indeed, as you say, Jones should crawl under a rock and observe what getting off one's ass looks like. From a safe distance.

Democrats telling Republicans to condemn recent activities is funny. They STILL aren't listening. They STILL don't get it. As if this were about some stupid goddamned political party. Screw your parties, your "Infowars", your theories and your presumptions of arcane and secret knowledge.

THERE'S NO SECRET, YOU IDIOTS! No conspiracies. No cover-ups.

These collectivists are here right in front of you DESTROYING YOUR NATION! OPENLY!!! AND YOU LET THEM!!! There's no conspiracy! There's no secret! Open your eyes, Mr. Jones, Mr. Nimmo, AMERICA!

In the words of a wise man:

-We're screwed.
-There's gonna be a fight.
-Let's win.


Mike H said...

I gave up on Alex several years ago.

He's good at mixing lies and truth.

As for conspiracies, there are legitimate claims to that title.
However, it's the RESULTS we should look at.

I prefer to think for myself and Alex is just another 'my way or the highway' guy.

jon said...

advocating violence is only weakly correlated with UAs.

advocating violence, plus suggesting where and when, is a little more suspicious.

but the one thing final thing needed to be sure is: providing the means. we've all seen how this is done.

when you get your militias together, let slip about some highly restricted thing you don't have access to, that you'd "really, really like." say, for example, a few m203's and some WP rounds. when the quiet, affable fellow comes to you later with a "friend" or a "cousin" in the know, you just found your fed.

read any media report, that's the method. note that it's cheaper and easier for you and some friends to make the UA than it is for him to build a case against you.

but some guy on the internet? no, i don't think so. show me how you'd put that case together, alex.

chinasyndrome said...

I too think he sometimes puts out good info,but mainly think hes in it for the money,hell hes always got a video to sell.And he has been known to cut up good people to get his face and name out their.This only started after black president ???
No it started after politicians in general decided they know better than the people.I started noticing about the time of Patriot act,umm lets white man.Idiots.Vanderboegh you are a national Treasure,don't let em wear you down.
P.S America was founded with blood of Patriot and those who tried to rule them,check your history Commies.


johnnyreb said...

Seen carved on a tree in Alex Jones' yard...

A. J.


A. J.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I've thought for a while that AJ is a disinfo agent. Nothing better than working the young, naive and earnest into a froth over nonsense.

("Nonsense": Noun - see "9/11 Truther Movement" "Bilderbergers" Etc.)

If TPTB can get them crazy over nonsense, then they needn't worry about them getting crazy on REAL STUFF!

FTR, I believe there was plenty that was fishy about 9/11, but the "inside job" stuff is insane.

Likewise, I think the Bilderbergers are rich, powerful folk -- TOO powerful in fact -- but they're not the ones kicking in doors at Oh-G*D-Thirty and killing dogs and grandmothers.

While I'm on the subject, I think Glenn Beck is actually sincere, but misguided and at times given no choice but to toe the line he's ordered to toe by TPTB...