Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Bridge out ahead."

OK, folks, in talking with a reporter for the Belgian paper Die Morgen this morning now I finally hit upon the perfect metaphor for what we are trying to accomplish with the Window War.

We are standing next to a curve in the road, and around the curve we know that the bridge over a deep chasm is out. Then we notice a school bus going like hell headed straight for us, the curve and certain death beyond, speeding, disregarding the warning, breaking all laws of the road and common sense.

Some of our kids are on that bus. Everything we love and cherish in the world is on that bus. We jump up and down, screaming, waving our arms, trying to get the driver's attention. The driver ignores us and puts his foot on the gas. Seeing that he refuses to stop, we pick up rocks beside the road and throw them at the windshield, trying to get his attention.

Have we committed vandalism against property? Surely. But which is the greater crime? Ours, or the criminal driver? And despite what you say now, what will you say when you realize that it is the entire country -- everything and everyone that you know and love -- that the Pelosi Limousine Service is driving straight to civil war?

Because -- and here's the deal they don't yet understand -- before we see our children consumed in the chasm, we will shoot the driver.

You may charge us with vandalism after you stop the bus, before it hurtles into the chasm.



Old Pablo said...

Plus, good folks can start thinking tactically and strategically. Gather some intel. Are there videocameras protecting the target? Maybe I should disguise myself, or take out the camera. Start thinking about targets and objectives.

Am I ready to defend my family, right now? What do I need to do if the worst happens, say, tonight? Don't get paralyzed in pursuit of the perfect plan. "Good-enough" can get the job done.

Anonymous said...


-Bubba Man X

(to fat and old to be a good III, but I can by the gods be an X)

Steve K said...

Looks like the R's are taking damage to their offices as well...

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's not just us on the right that are getting pissed at politicians,... We're chunking rocks. The left is firing shots,...

You'd think that now that this is going on against the right and the leftists, the politicos might stop and re-evaluate WTF they're doing to this country. Not jsut with this ObamaCare BS, but with everything they're foisting upon us.

Keep up the great work Mike!

Dallas (at work so can't sign in appropriately)

Anonymous said...

You could not have laid it out in a more easy to understand way.

But odds are, the progressives still will miss the point. Thanks, Mike.


Orygunner said...

Amazing analogy, Mike. Too bad it will go right over the heads of most of the collectivists, who in their minds, are only trying to get the bus and its passengers to the ice cream they really believe is on the other side.

Anonymous said...

I agree Mike and that is a perfect analogy.

Unforunately, the left just can't grasp the simplicity of it. They would rather up the ante by using firearms in retaliation for our rock throwing. Tell me again, which side are the extremists?

Anonymous said...

Claire Wolfe says, "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."

Are we there yet?

Axeanda45 said...

Very well put Mike, too bad the libs in charge still wont understand, because they don't want to.....

Anonymous said...

Did the libtards fire the first shot?

Article of shots at Cantor's office:

So how tolerant is the left again?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they'll stop the bus, and then a bunch of goons will jump out with those combat shotguns the DOE bought...

Unknown said...

We hear the beat of distant drums
the sound draws near, it comes, it comes
and with the beat, the war, it comes

Are we too frail to take up arms
and go to the beat of the drums, the drums…

Our nation’s heart; its soul, it cries
for the beat of the drums to come, to come
and with the beat lost liberty comes, it comes

Unknown said...

I was never one to become too involved with politics outside reading a bit here and there as I grew up in the 70's and 80's. A bad president here, a good one there, the pendulum swings. But now, in just a handful of years I have watched a very vocal minority take over the news media and insert themselves into our government on all levels with the premeditated purpose to reshape our country into something other than it was intended.

I am deeply saddened that my seven year old daughter will have to grow up in this, never knowing the way it once was. Never knowing anything but political correctness and a large, overbearing, rights-taking, land stealing government.

All I wanted to do was to go to work, pay my (fair) taxes, raise a family, and enjoy my time with them in this great country of ours. This country where so many have laid down their lives creating and protecting. But how can one sit around and watch the dismantling of this once great country without as much as lifting a finger to, in some way, slow or stop this wanton destruction?

My pendulum is swinging.

Alabaster, Alabama

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen the movie SPEED. I think we'll be ok.

Legal Alien said...

Very good analogy, but I am afraid the progressives/collectivist will refuse to even try an understand.

They are in denial about what they are perpetrating on the nation, and the bus will go into the chasm - children and all.


as an aside. Being an ex-pat from South Africa and part of the Boer nation, I have a big chunk of Dutchman (as well as some German) stubborness in me as well.
I understand where you are coming from.

A Legal Alien

Legal Alien said...

OKKKKkkkkk . . . . now there goes the 1st Amendment.

this little snippet is so telling:-

"lawmakers and White House officials were stunned by the strong response against the health care bill, citing the protests at the Capitol. “Based on what I’ve heard, I don’t think they were expecting the type of response seen in not only the demonstrations, but in poll numbers and by conservative talk radio and television. “

They really do believe that they have the right to do what they are doing and we must just suck it up!!

THe Progressives have unfortunately been conditioned into believing that they can keep on pushing, with no resistance, or pushing back.

A Legal Alien

Anonymous said...

Never let a good crisis go to waste:

The Obamanation is using the so called threats to raise campaign funds.

Oddly enough, many commenters are of the belief that the democraps are doing this on their own as their minister Aliskey preaches.

GTD said...

It's not a matter of not understanding the analogy; it's just disagreeing that what's gone on since Obama was elected constitutes the bridge being out and, thus, there being justification for breaking the law.

--GTD (Gun Toting Democrat)

Shy Wolf said...

I'm of the opinion that "Cantor's office being shot" is a red herring/false flag non-event. Get the non-thinking sheeple prepared by mis-informing them of actual events. After all- the press is in their back pocket, easily willing to chase any ambulance, real or imagined.
Mention the story often enough, and some stooge is going to decide he's going to take responsibility for it, and just watch how quickly he's a "litterate right-wing survivalist blogger just released from three tours in Iraquistan" and dilligently follows SSI".

atomandyves said...

Followed a link from Like your idea and site, keep up the good work. I'll return, and will also pass along the link to your site. BTW, I just happen to be tearing down an old outdoor grill (fire-bricks). Heh.

Luis M said...


I just stumbled on your blog over the last few following a link from

You are doing right, stand strong!

I am 2nd generation Cuban American born here in the USA, whose parents fled the very things that are happening here.

It is no coincidence when Fidel Castro goes out and applaud Barack Obama for passing healthcare.

My father enlisted in the US ARMY only 2 years after having arrived here at the age of 18 at the height of Vietnam. Thats right ENLISTED, not drafted, he was grateful for the open arms, govt spam, and cheese he received. He was hoping to return the favor and spill commie blood.

It hurts to speak with him every day about the events of today.

Especially when were raised as full blooded Americans, the Founding Fathers to me are my blood, America is my history. We truly believe God started this country for a reason.

We talk every day, and he says, that he will not leave, here. If Freedom dies here there is no where left to go, and he is right.

I hope and pray broken windows, get their attention and escalation does not continue. But if they don't know that you have an American-Cuban brother in Miami willing to stand to do whatever it take to RESTORE this great republic. I don't want to explain to my children how wonderful life was in America before BO, like my Father tells me about Cuba before Fidel.

I just hope we are not too late.

CorbinKale said...

Luis M,

That was a great testimony! You should submit that over at You and your father, both, will be very welcome there. Tell your dad we appreciate him!

III more than them said...

Yes, the party of the JackAss fired the first shot, at Cantor's place.

Read that again. The Left fired the first shot. The Statists fired the first shot.

The ONLY good thing about this is that no one was hurt. But let it be known that the JackAss fired first. Might not be a Sumter, but it most certainly is a spotlight into their black hearts!

Anonymous said...

Good analogy.

I think of broken windows as a "measured response". They WILL be getting the point. They wouldn't if we limited ourselves to the usual.

Breaking the law is a grand American tradition. Too bad we don't have more of it when the ruling classes pass some oppressive crap. Maybe that is changing. It will be interesting to see how far it goes, and whether it will stop at some point.

As to Mike, it's out of his hands now, if it ever was in them. People will do what they need to do. Congress did their disgraceful thing, now we will respond. They have painted themselves into a corner. They can't really back down as that would just embolden us to so respond to every one of their outrages. They cannot crack down as that would just escalate the violence and turn this into a shooting war. Interesting times...

It may actually be the case that Obama et. al. hope more windows are broken, but if that is so it's a very dangerous game they are playing. Personally I doubt it; I think the ruling class would much prefer we keep our heads down and our noses dutifully to the grindstone so they can continue peacefully parasitizing us. However much temporary advantage it may appear to give to the left, I doubt they really want broken windows. Anyway, "left" and "right" are just two wings of the Boot On Your Neck party. It's all a rigged game.