Thursday, March 25, 2010

Praxis: Big Brother's Latest Tool (that is also available to the resistance).

Go here.


typeay said...

Having been the victim of ID theft twice in my lifetime was well more than enough for me. You're gonna just LOVE what happens to your credit rating, your (new!) criminal record, and everything else left in your digitized life when the Health Care bill's REQUIRED national online database pukes ALL of your most personal information into the great garbage dump we call the world wide web.

jon said...

this is a piece of cake to do in theory, but you'd need someone to take it to a Very Secure Place and plug it in.

but the internet is switched, which means every piece of information that goes through could itself just be another encapsulation layer, for yet more security, and not the data itself.

it's turtles all the way down. the cat is out of the bag. there's no going back. governments have already lost this game.

Nancy Douchebag Pelosi said...

But Brother Typeay - remember that as a friend of mind who is a geek-type always says, there is no file that cannot be hacked, no site that cannot be cracked... and remember that such a database would include some of the very people whom we find disagreeable.
Them double edged swords really do cut both ways.

kahr40 said...

Nice graphic. The artist looks familiar. Can I get the original link from you?