Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marshal Kutuzov's Prayer: The last shove, the fatal overreach.

This is what the collectivists do not get, and apparently refuse to get:

First, they insist that because they won the last couple of federal election cycles this gives them the right to ignore the Constitution. The Founders despised the tyranny of unfettered democracy as much or more than that of royalty or dictatorship. Absent the restraints of the constitutional republic, democracy -- majority rule -- is merely three wolves and a sheep sitting down at a table to vote on what, or who, to have for dinner. The rights of the sheep are by no means protected. But folks like Alan Colmes, for just one example, last night kept bleating, "we won the election" as if that gave these people carte blanche to do what they do without reference to the Constitution. Hitler, too, was installed in power by legal means. "Legality" does not confer legitimacy and certainly not morality.

Second, they believe that their tyranny of "good intentions" is not a tyranny because it is well intentioned. "Don't you want poor people to have 'health care?'" Or, "I want 'health care' because it will help my situation out, so why don't you want ME to have it?" One caller to the Colmes' show made that statement last night. I told him, "I understand that YOU are willing to trade liberty for such a mess of pottage, but WE are not." And I suppose that if this were a voluntary system that is being erected, there would not be near the anger and resentment that causes otherwise law-abiding folks to read some scribbling by an Internet blogger and venture forth into the dark to risk arrest by breaking windows -- something that likely they have never before done in their lives.

BUT IT IS NOT VOLUNTARY. It IS tyrannical in its vast scope. It would force us all to bend to their will in a scheme that is unconstitutional on its face. It is backed up by the force and power of the federal Leviathan.

Third, they extrapolate from their own cowardice and believe that just because they would never disobey federal diktat delivered at the point of a taxpayer-funded automatic weapon, that everyone else will knuckle under as well. They cannot comprehend armed resistance to the tyranny of the majority because it is not within their world view. They further do not understand that there are people who are not only willing to die for their principles, but are willing to kill for them, too. Trapped as they are within their rigged rules of the game, they believe that we must look at the chess board and resign, quietly going into their collectivist good night. What they cannot see is that we have the Founders' option. As free men -- ARMED free men and women -- we have the means to upset the whole corruption-riddled table and smash it to flinders and then take out the Founders' board, which they have hidden in a closet, and start the game all over again. That is why the Founders gave us the Second Amendment, to secure our natural and God-given rights to liberty, and to self defense.

Finally, because they are trapped within their worldview, they do not understand the perception on our side that we have been pushed as far as we are going to go and that some of us are not only willing, but eager, to remove their tyranny now while we are still able to so. They do not understand the concept of the fatal overreach, the bridge too far, or if they do, they do not believe it applies to them. Indeed, had they stuck to the incremental Gramscian approach that they have been using, lo, these past 75 years, using the public schools as socialist re-education camps, etc., it is possible they could have proceeded further down their tyrannical road without provoking armed reaction.

When the new Intolerable Act passed, I was at first deeply depressed for most of the next day. The die had been cast and in my mind's eye I saw all the butchery to come stretched out before us, and our children, and I mourned for what was about to happen.

And then I thought of Marshal Kutuzov.

When Napoleon with all his Grand Armee continued to push into Russia in 1812, Kutuzov, an intensely Christian man, fell on his knees and thanked God that He had made the French enemy so blind. He knew that even if his army could not defeat Napoleon in a set-piece battle, Russia, the countryside and her people, would. Kutuzov thanked his Maker that the enemy had overreached and would be defeated by his own ambitions.

And so, recognizing that now I would live long enough to play a small role in the restoration of the Founders' Republic -- recognizing that if they had waited another ten years of Gramscian incrementalism that there likely would not have been enough us left alive who remembered how things had been and had the gumption to successfully resist -- at the end of that day after Nancy Pelosi's triumph, I too fell on my knees and thanked God for the enemy's insatiable appetite, blind arrogance and strategic mistake.

After the domestic enemies of the Constitution kick this off by attempting to force their will upon us at our doorsteps, there will be many bloody battles before we prevail, and many of those we will lose. But as Kutuzov said, "The only battle that matters is the LAST battle."

For our enemies' strategic blindness, arrogant hubris and fatal overreach, we should be grateful.

That is the essential thing they do not grasp, cannot grasp, because all their caution is overcome by their insatiable appetites for our liberty, our property and our lives.

For that we should fall upon our knees and thank God.

Pelosi and her Grand Armee are marching further into the hinterland of America. And America will defeat them.

I do not believe that I will live long enough to march in the victory parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. But my son and daughters will. Of that I am certain.



Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the history I learn every time I read your blog.

Thank you.

B Woodman

Victor said...

Sir. It is my sad duty to agree with you. We as a country, are indeed heading into a maelstrom. A storm that I know I (like you) will not see to the outcome. My wife and I can only teach our children the best we can. We home school, so that gives us a major advantage. Good luck to you and yours.
Thank you for your time, and hard work.

Anonymous said...

I fear that they have carefully calculated that the present efforts are not, in fact, an overreach. Only time will reveal whether there's still enough resistance to tyranny.

The politicians' and the media's lies would make Goebbels proud. Just look how they brush off the Black Panther's voter intimidation in Pennsylvania, and treat a few broken Democrat windows like it's the end of the world. I wouldn't be surprised if the windows and cut gas lines were the work of ACORN.

In the spirit of George Patton, I wonder if the poor dumb liberal bastards are willing to die for their country.

Anonymous said...

Factual post, Mike.

With windows being broken, and I feel that's such a shame...our non-representing representatives still don't get it, and they are crying, "vandalism, intimidation and threats, OH MY!"

This isn't the Wizard of Oz, yet those in power keep insisting that we follow the yellow brick road to find the wizard, and that he will solve all our problems. But I know that the man behind the curtain only knows parlor tricks.

WE are the ones being threatened! Our whole way of life has come down to, "You will do what we say, when we say or else!"

I refuse. I will not do it. Yes, it's easy to post this on your blog. But, I refuse. My suggestion to our current situation? We do whatever it takes, short of killing, bombing, etc., to warn TPTB. Should that fail, we defend ourselves.



Anonymous said...

On another note, one theory that seems to fit the facts is that first, the Democrats are using Alinsky tactics to create a Marxist utopia, knowing full well (how can you not?!) it will bankrupt the country and send the US spiraling into 3rd world status. The final component is it furthers Al Qaeda's goal to weaken the US so it stops backing Israel and pulls out of the whole Muslim world.

If those two items are connected, it's perhaps the worst case of treason the world has ever known.

Anonymous said...

It's in God's hands now. Don't worry Mike, for the sake of ten people he was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah. He will not forsake his children here in the States.

We'll make your generation proud.

Anonymous said...


That was very well said and inspiring.

Thank you,

Newark, Ohio

Dr. Richard said...

There is an attitude among many (mostly leftists and slaves owned by the government) that it is impossible to resist because the government has assorted tanks, artillery, aircraft, etc along with several million armed combatants (military, assorted law enforcement, foreign military assets on US soil). A successful American resistance (restoration) would use 4th generation warfare. Think guerilla warfare of sniping, raids on infrastructure and supply, ambushes, improvised explosive devices, car bombs, et cetera – not classic tank warfare. This is a fight for political legitimacy. The American (2nd generation) war machine has lost every single 4th generation conflict it has fought from Vietnam to the present day. This machine is effective for capturing ground but not winning the political battle for the hearts and minds of the population.

One reality of 4th generation warfare is that relatively small forces can tie down much larger forces creating asymmetrical costs both in economic and human terms. The Iraqi resistance may be as few as one or two thousand fighters but they have effectively bogged down 150,000+ heavily armed American, allied, and contractor forces costing them several lives and tens of millions of dollars every day. The IRA in Northern Ireland tied down the British for years with about 300 combatants. Just look at the effect of two bozo’s with one AR-15 and an old Chevy car had on the Washington DC area in 2002 – two individuals with a combat mindset bogged down law enforcement for weeks costing hundreds of millions of dollars in economic losses and drawing thousands of law enforcement personnel away from other routine duties.

US law enforcement is predicated on fear – the fear that if you harm a law enforcement officer, the might of the government will come down on you. The reality is that one standard 2 to 6 person team equipped and operating similar to a US Marine Corp scout sniper team would render most suburban and small town police or sheriff departments combat ineffective (too many officers dead, injured, or deserted) – they are not prepared for a real infantry style fight.

The government’s heavy weapons are useless in this fight because the very use of artillery, tanks, or aircraft on US citizens would utterly shatter all remaining belief in the system and what little legitimacy of the government that remains. When you use blunt methods like bombing houses or strafing wedding parties, you kill large numbers of innocents and effectively compel individuals who would not otherwise resist, to actively resist. Murdering innocent families at checkpoints has the same effect. Civilians do not like being harmed or intimidated by tyrannical behavior by government thugs – the more thuggish the behavior, the greater the will to resist. The American public may not notice or care if our military slaughters dozens of innocents in some unknown neighborhood in Iraq or Afghanistan but they will notice and respond the same way the locals in the Iraqi or Afghan neighborhood respond.

Many arm chair generals and forum loud mouths play games with numbers on both sides. A thousand effective 4th generation combatants could effectively throw sand on the gears of the government machine. There are a massive number of soft undefended targets in the U.S. Virtually all of the enablers in the media, government, banks, politicians, the legal profession, etc are soft targets that are unarmed. Additional military and law enforcement “hard” targets may be armed but remain vulnerable to both sniper fire and improvised explosive devices – particularly when they deal with, move about, and interact with the public in normal daily interactions. Although they can move to higher levels of force and asset protection, doing so does come at an economic and societal cost -- they could lock down travel in a martial law scenario but this would totally disrupt just-in-time inventory systems used by both manufacturers and retailers, causing economic losses and shortages of needed goods (particularly food, medicine, and fuel).

Patriot said...

God Bless you and America!

Matt said...

I have the following reference written on the first page of my copy of Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:

6) A senseless man has no knowledge, Nor does a stupid man understand this:
7) That when the wicked sprouted up like grass And all who did iniquity flourished, It was only that they might be destroyed forevermore.
8) But You, O LORD, are on high forever.

Psalm 92:6-8

Anonymous said...

Dr. Richard, one might think if the US military can't defeat terrorists in the desert, they can't defeat 4G warriors in the CONUS either. But the reality is, this government doesn't have the will to defeat terrorists abroad, but I guarandamtee you they will pull out all the stops to crush people like us. Our only salvation is most military members will go AWOL rather than follow orders like those.

Anonymous said...

Great job Mike!


Anonymous said...

First off, Dr. Richard. GREAT post!

Second, Mike:

Don't know if you've been to Govtrack yet concerning the health care bill as it's passed (HR 3590) but if not, the synopsis is out:

I'm sure the devil is in the details (full text is also available), but I'd like your opinion as to what you think will happen if taxes and penalties for not having health insurance aren't levied against the populace until 2014 as the bill seems to suggest?

I'm afraid that many Americans won't resist until even more money is taken from their pockets....and by the time 2014 rolls around, I'm worried they'll have forgotten why they're being taxed in the first place.

If penalties don't start until ' likely is it that the government is even going to bother coming after any of us in our homes anytime before then?

One other interesing note from the govtrack site: In the original bill that was sent to the Senate in around October of 2009, 416 yea votes were cast, and NOT A SINGLE NAY vote from a Republican or a Democrat.

If that does not tell the American people that NEITHER party is working for us, nothing will.

It's quite obvious they were waiting for the political wind to see which way the country would lean before openly opposing anti-Constitutional health care legislation.

I say VOTE ALL THE BUMS OUT.....if we're graced with another election before there's a flash point.

God bless you Mike. Thanks for what you're doing.


Sean O'Farrell said...

Yes - as I may have said to you before, I once thought that they would wait until the last of the vets of Korea and Nam were gone to try their move... knowing that some of our younger people, raised and indoctrinated in the government schools, night be conflicted about doing things that the older among us would not. But it seems that they are indeed so filled with satan's gift of hubris that they may think themselves invulnerable.
But as the Afghanis, with their old outdated bolt-action Enfields, demonstrated to the massive military forces of the Soviets - they are not.
Painful lessons await those who ignore history.

PS - Let's not have too much of the "I know I won't be around to see..." thoughts. Only One knows the number of our days.
Up the Republic, and Semper Fi.

Anonymous said...

Actually I don't pay much attention to what the criminal conspiracy holding sway in DC does since it is all illegal. They can call it the law of the land and it doesn't mean sh..inola. Like old Hickory commented (more or less) regarding the then presiding Supreme Court chief justice who had ruled against him, 'The chief justice has had his say, let him enforce it!'

To hell with them, the inbred sociopaths that make up the Democrat party and the insane materialistic vampire cabal behind them. They are all drinking the same kool-aid and living the same delusions, and as you all know, failure to correctly assess your threat environment leads inevitably to a very bad day - which now that all these freaks and perverts in their hubris are coming out of the closet is, thank God, near at hand making a target rich environment.

"Dr. Richard said... The American (2nd generation) war machine has lost every single 4th generation conflict it has fought from Vietnam to the present day..."

Well, I will respectfully disagree with you since the losing was the politicians' forte, while the winning was the military's. I served in Vietnam as an advisor and in spite of all the rules of engagement that disarmed and shackled the troops the VC were wiped out as of Tet of '68, and the NVA troops, who were actually very good, only survived because our military was prevented by the politicians from wiping out their sanctuaries and operational bases just across the international borders of Cambodia and Laos. The ease with which these fell to regular military tactics was demonstrated when the boys were unleashed and allowed into Cambodia. However, they were too successful which is why they were stopped and not allowed to pursue and eliminate to and across the Mekong; shades of the first Gulf War and Basara, eh?

The conditions for the Democrat's (Vietnam) war were set when that corrupt pig Johnson, citing 'world opinon', refused Westmoreland's request to extend the DMZ through Laos to the Mekong. That would have ended the war before it started for that is only a matter of hundred and fifty miles or so, while allowing the NVA to do an end around through Laos down into Cambodia gave them a front fifteen hundred kilometers or so in extent. Even gen Giap is on record as admitting that this was their worst fear, but of course their good buddies in the Democrat party ensured it wouldn't happen as how can you make profit if there is no fighting, expenditures of bombs and ammo, replacement of equipment, transportation of troops, etc?

Regarding Iraq and Afghanistan just where is the losing you speak of? You really need to reassess your critical thinking methodology because while it has been costly in terms of money and equipment, personnel wise it has been a cake walk. The loses have been minimal, and continued bombings are at such a low level as to be exceptions to the rule of stability. You really need to go back and study WW II battles, Korea, and some of the Vietnam fighting to get a perspective about real losses.

Regarding 'winning the hearts and minds of the people', you seem to forget the voting millions of Vietnamese did with their feet when the French left. And then of course who but a Democrat could forget the deaths and incarceration of millions when the Americans left? If you want to understand the place America 'the Ideal' holds in the hearts of the world's drown trodden you only had to visit Laos post 1989 where the vast majority would go out of their way to shake your hand and tell you how much they loved and missed the Americans. Hearts and minds, indeed.

De Oppresso Liber


Argus said...

Something else you missed, Dr. Richard:

The leftist assumption of 'superior force' is based on the military blindly taking orders to act as the heavy hand against the citizenry.

And as you said, these will not be Afghani tribals or Iraqi insurgents. They will be fellow citizens.

What happens if they tell, oh, the 82nd Airborne to drop into someplace and 'suppress the insurgency', and the CO comes back with 'sorry, I won't do that'?

At that point things get really interesting.

Dr. Richard said...


The United States lost the Vietnam conflict despite winning most of the battles, including the Tet Offensive, because the enemy successfully attacked the political consensus at home. The VC won the media and political battle of the Tet Offensive despite getting their butts physically kicked. The Tet Offensive shattered the will to stay in the fight at home and triggered wide-spread riotting and civil unrest at home.

The US military is very good a killing people and destroying things. The problem is that there must be the political will at home to win a war and this political will also requires the support of the population.

As for Iraq and Afghanistan, we have been there for eight years and have no viable exit strategy. The US has been bled dry -- more financially than in a World War II Stalingrad or Kursk battle measured in tanks and soldiers lost. The end result will be strategic defeat. We might have won the war against Sadaam but we are loosing the peace. Neither of the regimes we put in place will last a year after we leave. The Taliban are probably more active today as they were seven years ago when we kicked them out of the major cities. Remember that in both cases, we are viewed by the locals as illegitimate occupiers no better than the French or Poles or Russians viewed Hitler's armies.

To the extent the US has made progress in Iraq (e.g. the Anbar Awakening), it was more because the locals got pissed off at the Jihadi's killing as many or more innocent locals by using indiscriminate car bombs and IED's than it was from our military might.

Don't forget Von Clausewitz - war is mearly an extenuation of politics. We have to win the political battle for legitimacy (something the US military has failed to do against 4th generation opponents).

Anonymous said...

"The American (2nd generation) war machine has lost every single 4th generation conflict it has fought from Vietnam to the present day."

Another has replied to your Vietnam assertion, and I will assert that we have won in Iraq for the most part.

Not really due to our superior technology and training, but because Al Qaeda in Iraq cynically brutalized, killed, and tortured innocent Muslims in Iraq.

I recall incidents where locals, incensed by this, would purposely deface AQ graffiti. When the local AQ supporters would roll around to investigate and repair their work, they were ambushed with either gunfire or a hastily emplaced IED.

Dr. Richard said...


I had to cut out comments because Blogspot limits post sizes.

This is why I love Oath Keepers. They mess with the leftist's OODA Loop. This is all part of the politics. We cannot separate the military or resistance actions with the political actions because all have political elements.

We have to maintain the high ground for legitimacy. No Fort Sumters. No acts of random violance targeting innocents. Let them over react and make political missteps that destroy their legitimacy...

RME said...

Semper Fidelis Mike, to the last!!
Up the Republic!

Allen said...

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under
robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."- C. S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

I used to think (er, KNOW) that since the plan has always been to bankrupt us into oblivion so we are too poor to rebel against the blatant tyranny, that all hope is lost if it doesn't change soon.

However, lets we forget the immortal words of Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,

"One man defending his home is more powerful than 10 hired soldiers."

The first militia (read: free man's army against tyranny) was made up of poor, penniless men. We read about farmers with pitchforks and hatchets. But their will to be and stay free led that "broke" army to win independence that has lasted over 200 years...and when they have taken our last penny (or just made it worthless), if we still have the will, we will have the victory again.

J said...

Hey BACSI - God bless you for your service, and you are therefore old enough to remember a slogan popular at the time "When you got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow."
I never did understand why our politicians didn't want us and South Vietnam to win. Still don't. Makes no sense. Neither did driving Saddam out of Kuwait then letting him go merrily on his way.
Whoever makes these decisions, whoever makes these rules - that is never the guy dodging bullets, always some high brass ayhole behind a desk or some politician sitting at HIS desk getting a BJ from some other politician. The grunts fight and die. Once knew a man who had been a South Vietnamese Marine - tough, fearless people who loved their land just like we do. And even though he told me that they did not blame the US troops for leaving, they DID feel betrayed. And one of those images that remains burned into my own brain forever, I guess, is that famous one of the last chopper taking off with hundreds of Vietnamese running toward it with their arms stretched out over their heads. If I think about that one too long I get kinda teary eyed.
God forgive us, and God give us strength NOW.
BTW - word verification is 'clutfu' which sounds like an abbreviation for almost any government plan or project.

Artruen The Slayer said...

Today, I become a three-percenter. Yesterday, I was just a lone citizen, pondering the ramifications of the blood-less coup we have all just lived through. A well armed citizen nevertheless.
The one thing I have noticed from the enemy is that they are terrified by the thought that maybe someone will tell them NO and be prepared to back it up. Hopefully, I will find other patriots on a Lexington Green somewhere and I will not leave this world worse than we I came into it.

Anonymous said...


While I like the idea of an 82d AB CO refusing to obey the commissar's order, it'd be much better if said CO replied "YES SIR!" then requested 1/3 more than the usual amount of gear (w/ emphasis on ammo, boom stuff, & med supplies) & justified the excess by reminding the commissar that "the right-wing terrorists don't follow the Geneva Convention & the Laws of War, use illegal ammunition which causes more casualties, & won't surrender when they're told to so we usually have to use more ordnance than normal to root them out, sir", then gets busy carrying out the order whether he gets the extra gear or not. The fun part happens after the drop's made, whereupon the CO would indeed carry out his standing order to preserve/protect/defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign OR domestic by promptly removing the Imperium sturmtruppen in his outfit w/ the appropriate amount of terminal force & joining the Resistance w/ the remainder of his command & THEIR GEAR. Should 1/4 of the military do so, & especially if the "defecting" units are SpecOps/Airborne, heavy infantry, AirCav, & Tac/Strategic air, the Imperium's game would pretty much be over before things got seriously out of hand. American troops will fire on civilians, but they may have qualms about doing so to their own. That doesn't mean that there won't be red force/blue force fratricide since some units will back the Imperium due to ideology, self-interest, or misplaced "loyalty" to the govt which they equate w/ being loyal to the country. But given the propensity for like to listen to like, the number of such incidents could be lessened if proper communication methods are used. Fanatic regulars & their civvy counterparts, however, will have to be considered Einsatztruppen/Red Guards & dealt w/ summarily.

Cassandra (of Troy)