Monday, March 22, 2010

The Window War: Update from Rochester. The New York Daily News discovers Sipsey Street. Pictures of the "crazy" brick.

More on Rochester.

March 22, 2010 2:30 PM

Rochester Dem Chairman Denounces 'Crazy' Attack On HQ »

By Elizabeth Benjamin

Monroe County Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle is denouncing an attack on his party's Rochester HQ that he believes was in reaction to the passage of the health care reform bill by the House yesterday.

Brick w. note

"I think the people who do this kind of thing are cowards," Morelle told me. "I don't consider this civil disobedience. That's usually non-violent and you get arrested...There's legitimate ways to protest. This is frightening. It is crazy and sick. What's next? We take baseball bats and hit the people we don't like?"

Morelle said someone threw a brick through the double glass doors at the HQ, shattering one of them and spider-webbing the other.

The weapon: A brick, to which a piece of paper bearing the message "Extremism is defense of liberty is no vice" was attached with a rubber band.

That's a Barry Goldwater quote. The rest of it goes as follows: "The moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." He said it at the 1964 National GOP Convention (actually, according to Wikipedia, the line is attributable to Goldwater's speechwriter, Karl Hess).

Morelle said the brick was thrown sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. It is being linked to an Alabama-based blogger, who encouraged his readers to "Break their windows. Break them now.”

“Yet, if we do a thorough job of breaking Democrat windows, I am sure that the GOP will profit from the example,” the blog reads. “So, if you wish to send a message that Pelosi and her party cannot fail to hear, break their windows.”

Rep. Louise Slaughter, who was a central figure during the health care debate, reportedly had the windows of her Niagara Falls office broken, too.


Anonymous said...

lol...They want us to protest in a way they think we should protest, something they can be comfortable with and easily Tea Party Protests, Pink Slips to Congress, and the Freedom Express. Sorry, but we tried that and they wouldn't listen. Sounds like they are listening now.

Frightening? Crazy? Sick? Sounds to me like they are getting scared. Good! Maybe they'll take us seriously now.

What a nice sunny afternoon on Sipsey Street.

Ferlin Barlow II said...

" It's.... it's craaaazy and sickkkk..." You can almost hear this smegma sucker pissing down his pantsleg at the very thought of... gasp!.... breaking windows! Ohhhh! Someone hand him his smelling salts and his lace hankie!!
But I DO kinda like his suggestion of baseball bats. Maybe as a followup to the bricks? Too subtle??

jon said...

"We take baseball bats and hit the people we don't like?"

funny, the leftists in greece thought of the same thing. coincidence?

Anonymous said...

I just hope the campaign continues and we continue to read about dozens of these incidents across the country every day.

Once they replace them. Break them again.

Anonymous said...

I do have to ask a crazy question. What's to stop some dems from throwing bricks through their own windows and then blaming those crazy extremists? How do we know they haven't done this already?

Old Pablo said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

No fair, at least in Europe they have nice cobblestones already in the streets. Bricks can be expensive. lol

Anonymous said...

Yup, they're starting to crack...

Longbow said...

"Rep. Louise Slaughter, who was a central figure during the health care debate, reportedly had the windows of her Niagara Falls office broken, too."

Did I read that correctly? She must have thought it would make for sympathetic press.

Remember folks, words mean things.

PeaceableGuy said...

Iowa Patriots, such as you describe has already been done, and the perpetrator was caught and found out.

The counter-question to your own is, does it ultimately matter who smashes the windows?

Shy Wolf said...

Mike, I sure hope you got the address of that dipshit who was willing to bet not one window would be reported broken. Gosh- at $20 a crack, you're going to have enough cash on hand to get a few new toys.
God bless and keep up the good work.

monkeyfan said...

Funny, the same folks who've made their careers at breaking the social contract; breaking the nation's laws; and throwing begged, borrowed, and stolen cash around 'till the country -along with a very many of its citizens were rendered broke- are outraged that windows were broken by some of the very people they've striven to break...The people who's taxes paid for those windows.

Word verification: spize

How apropos.

Jeff said...

Not sure where I read it, but there should be a congresscritter paparazzi to hound them day and night wherever they go. Also, if minor property damage to a window is now considered a homeland security/terrorism issue, then it's too late to save the Republic the "nice" way. The fascists have control. I wonder if those jackholes know how the Nuremburg trials came out. Every power hungry, elitist, statist, collectivist POS in history has eventually gotten his comeuppance. I just hope they use rope made from hemp to add insult to injury.

Iowa Patriots: False flag attacks are used by those in power to gain more power in order to stay in power. Some squishly left-wing POS has already done the very thing you asked about.

Same deal with the alleged Tea Partyer calling that walking douche bag Wrangle a nigger at the protest on Saturday in the District of Criminals. Of course, the lame stream media will take it a run with it, hoping that the sheep will switch the channel from American Idol during a commercial to catch some "news" and immediately conclude that everyone who supports a return to the Constitutional Republic is a whacko, white-power, racist type. We need a good, solid IO campaign to wipe away the disinformation pumped out 24-7 by the media.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to give you an idea of what a mobile two-man team is capable of doing, so I had a friend re-tell a story from his younger days.

Nearly 20 years ago and while in high school, he and a friend racked up close to one million dollars in broken glass over an 8-month period. This was confined to a small part of a major metropolitan area. On the night that they were caught they had taken out 96 windows.

How were they caught? Total carelessness. 8 months of success led them to break glass in full view of a parked cop car.

Their targets were chosen at random, so the numbers were easy to achieve. Still, it is an "impressive" feat.

(He is no longer a street vandal, I don't think it is/was funny, and it really is a friend and not me.)

Anonymous said...

well here is comment that Albany Exile made about the bricks:

March 22, 2010 3:18 PM Not really a surprise. "Remember that an early icon of the new extreme right was G. Gordon Liddy, who not only openly advocated murdering federal law enforcement agents but advised his listeners to shoot at the head, just in case the officers were wearing bullet-proof vests."

Law and order, you see, only applies when people you disagree with get rowdy and do things like go limp in front of draft offices. When things you actually agree with are at stake, actual violence is quite permissible.

See how it works?

Welcome to the age of Postmodern Conservativism.

-The Albany Exile

Read more:

and here is a note that I sent to Albany_Exile, who commented on the New York Daily news article:

Mr. A. vastly overstate the term "violence" in your preceding statement. Violence toward a glass door is something that just can't happen. Violence is reserved for actions against humans, and humans alone. In this case, you have an act of civil disobedience. And if we were to assign a degree of civil disobedience, it would be less than the bombings done in the name of anarchy by Obama's mentors and certainly less than the violence committed in the name of socialism by Ernesto Guerva and the Castro brothers. So relax for now, if the democrats get the message, and temper their desire to sink into totalitarian control of all aspects of the lives of Americans it will all simmer down. On the other hand, if the Democrats keep it up everything you say and fear may come to pass.

and if you would like to reach Albany_Exile, Here is where you can find him:

Anonymous said...

Best. Note. Ever.

God, I wish I was in the States...

Anonymous said...

I think it's sad that Morelle is so ignorant of history as to NOT know what this is all about.

Cowardice? No.....this is a warning. One ALL politicians (both left and right) would be wise to heed.

Anonymous said...

Windows are easily replaced.

a rochester radio host said...

you know attacking a federal official is a federal offense.just like hal turner who threaten three federal judges and now your following his foot steps go figure.i really hope you all get caught and i really hope your charged in federal court.

oh and another thing her family has nothing to do with your protest either.

why dont you guys grows some balls and do it in front of peoples face instaed of behind there back !!!

Anonymous said...

Patriots? More like... Pussies. Omg a brick! Bwahahaha.

Concerned American said...

Rochester Radio Host:

If you weren't such a gutless sack of puke, you'd man up and invite Mr. Vanderboegh as a guest on your alleged radio program.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to point out to Rochester that he and his prog friends should be grateful that these are only bricks - so far.

Patrick Henry said...

Well, I'd say the idiotic and apparently almost illiterate "radio host" was proven wrong on all counts.

Nobody has touched any "federal office" - unless you conflate the Demmunist Party with the Fed .gov

Further, nobody has touched anyone's children or even considered doing so.

This is a careful campaign to attempt to make them understand the potential consequences of their actions before it is too late.

If you knew your history you'd understand the "Sons of Liberty" reference and thus the whole campaign.

Your ignorance is showing...

Anonymous said...

"Violence toward a glass door is something that just can't happen. Violence is reserved for actions against humans, and humans alone. In this case, you have an act of civil disobedience."

So when Bill Ayers and his friends planted a bomb on a statue, it wasn't an act of violence or terrorism after all. It was just an act of civil disobedience.

Thanks for the clarification.

All Movies Are Shit said...

I just love the ignorance of your activists. They can't even spell the word 'extremism' and they think they're some kind of political revolutionary?

Anonymous said...

Peaceful protests in Argentina involve bagged baseball bats...

ADL said...

Wow I really hope you all know what your doing is wrong.Hope you know you will be spending 10 to 20 years in federal prison for this type of action.

Anonymous said...


They dont know what thier getting into except breaking the law.

federal law which carry a fine of $250,000.000 or 10 years in federal prison or both.