Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another 4,528 socialist countries heard from . . .


Well, I must say that the collectivist blogosphere is in a fair tizzy about me. You've seen some of the comments, but hardly all. So far I've had death threats, harassing phone calls at my home calling me coward and other less printable names. Unfortunately, I had to begin deleting these folks replies because they are simply unimaginative in their use of obscenity, profanity, threats, etc. Now this fellow below, one Jonathan Hendry, has chosen to address my son as well. As his is one of the more reprintable screeds, I thought I would share it with you, as well as my reply.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jonathan Hendry
To: GeorgeMason1776@aol.com
Sent: Tue, Mar 23, 2010 9:49 pm
Subject: Your son, the Communist

" Sergeant Matthew Vanderboegh, United States Army""

You realize, don't you, that your son is more of a socialist than most people in the US, don't you?

Socialised VA medicine. His life is controlled by his superiors. His paycheck comes from the state. The military is a planned, socialist economy. Hell, it's pretty much all the way to Communism.

So fuck you and your socialist punkass spawn. You're all idiots.

My email back to him:

Dear Mr. Hendry,

If you will kindly provide your physical address, I will forward it to my son who can best decide how to respond to your screed. He is currently in Iraq on his third tour, but he will be home by Christmas. Perhaps he can work you in sometime after the first of the year. As it will be some time before he returns home, I will forward your email to him now and he can perhaps counsel you with your anger management issues before you get together.


Mike Vanderboegh


root@localhost.localdomain said...

Be proud Mike, you've really nailed them right in a nerve!

Justin said...

Thanks for putting our message out, Mike. Thanks for putting up with vitriol from the collectivist garbage.

It's funny to see how intolerant the self-proclaimed "tolerant and open minded" among us can be when they are disagreed with. These are the same people, no doubt, who attack recruiters and vandalize recruitment stations.

And still, the collectivists still fail to understand what forces they have unleashed at all levels in this nation. They fail to appreciate the unintended consequences of their actions.

All the while, my children have a front row-seat to history in the making.

Damned fortune cookies. "May you live in interesting times", indeed.

Keep up the fight, brothers!!

On another note-

Although I'm sure your son is quite capable, please forward to him my offer of support when he returns to respond to that coward (although the guy isn't worth his time). And thank him for his service. That genius who wrote to you wouldn't understand the first thing about the military, as do those of us who have served.

Hey Jon Hendry- Your logic has one big failure, in that each and every service member VOLUNTEERED to serve in an organization that must have immediate obedience and discipline when lives are on the line. You probably can't understand. They subject themselves to that so we can be free. That's only the tiniest part of the sacrifice when you sign. BUT IT IS BY CHOICE.


j3maccabee said...

Hmmm... yeah, I think a bit of wall-to-wall counseling might be called for. If your boy is too busy, I'll be happy to sub for him. Yes, I may be an old codger ( you know I'm older than you ) but even with my health probs, I think I could still handle a punk like that. They are invariably all mouth and no balls.

Anonymous said...

"I've had death threats. . ."

Luckily for you, Mr. Vanderboegh, you only have to worry about men, and not Democrats with male genitalia.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Mike!

Anonymous said...

Some people have no respect...makes me sick! Your son is a braver man than I...

chinasyndrome said...

Mike,keep up the good fight you got the commie's scared.


Anonymous said...

The calm before the storm.

Deja vu all over again.

Good luck Mike, all III's.

jon said...

well. that definitely goes beyond the realm of theory into that of the uncalled for.

i'm still working on a constructive argument on military socialism. gustave de molinari wrote the production of security in 1849, and i'm still waiting for a modern scholar to take the next step. hans herman-hoppe has one little journal article from 1989 that gets the ball rolling, but it is not complete or concise. i have only seen a few whitepapers from ex-defense contractors and those who have interviewed them on the makings of a business plan, and that's not going to cut it, either.

there's also edwin viera's "committees of safety" but again this is not privatization theory but a vounteer political effort, entirely centralized through the one website. seems kind of hypocritical. anything that takes certain responsibilities away from the man in the field also strips him of authorities he needs to make instantaneous life-or-death decisions, often rendering him useless or counterproductive.

someday, the "battlefield general" will return, maybe purely by chance. until then the search continues. i hope this illustrates the difference between the peanut gallery and serious opinion.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAOFF! Just like throwing holy water on a vampire, baby! You done us proud, Mike!

Chuck Martel said...

Mike, you will know you have really made a difference when they start burning you in effigy. That will be a proud day. Savor every moment of it.

straightarrow said...

Hey Jonathon Hendry, Mike's son will probably be busy trying to enjoy some normal life for himself, you know, that normal life he and his kind have been protecting for you and yours.

So, I offer to stand in his proxy. Come fuck me if you dare. Please answer here. My address has been posted here and other places, but guess what? none of you badasses ever showed up. Some of you even claimed I didn't live here. So unless you request it, I won't post it again. However all you must do is ask.

Come Jonny Jumpup, await your pleasure.

In the interest of full disclosure I often just use SA as a handle, when my arthritis is really bad usually.