Monday, March 29, 2010

I am now a blacklisted enemy of the people. Can unpersonhood be far behind?

A blacklist (or black list) is a list or register of persons who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition. As a verb, to blacklist can mean to deny someone work in a particular field, or to ostracize a person from a certain social circle. -- Wikipedia.


Today I made the blacklist.

After I became disabled thanks to congestive heart failure some years ago, I tried to find something to do that would allow me to remain active. Because I had a knowledge of history and a gift for telling stories, I was asked to help with a living history program at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve.

With my re-enactor friend Eric (who did everything from Alabama Creek War through to World War I), we would put on historical programs for homeschoolers and inner city kids. Eric would do first person, I would tell stories from Alabama's history -- stories like Sam Dale and Caesar at the Canoe Fight, Aunt Jenny's Soapdish, or the fighting rearguard action fought by Bouton's Black Brigade of United States Colored Troops after the battle of Brices' Crossroads.

I never asked for a dime for the time and effort and neither did Eric. Eventually, we began doing the same thing for Pinson High School history students as well. We both love seeing kids open up to history and we were looking forward to this spring, when I got word that Taylor Steele, the director of the park for Birmingham Southern College which runs it, wanted to see me.

I was informed this morning that the park must "distance itself" from me. These orders came from Taylor's higher ups at BSC, so I don't blame him. He obviously hated doing it.

So, I'm fired from a job I never took a dime for.

It was perfectly predictable and I am actually amazed the collectivist academics took so long.

Still, it hurts.

It hurts a lot.



Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. Life ain't pretty, especially when certain people make it all the more difficult. At least you still have your friend.

Anonymous said...

When one runs afoul of the "No Child Left Unbrainwashed" department, one can be assured of having done our youth some good.


typeay said...

I'm so sorry, Mike.

FWIW, I think what you do HERE is darn important, but I do understand that it's probably not as much fun as you and your friend had sharing living American history with the school kids.

I'm at a loss for words.

Prayers headed your way, Typeay

J3Maccabee said...

I quote, more or less, a line from Joe Pesci's character in 'My Cousin Vinny' - ( sotto voce)

"What a f*ckin' surprise."

The leftist bastards at Birmingham Southern - the aptly acronymed "BS" have been known for their socialist tendencies since I was in high school. Really. They've never met a pro-gay, pro-abort or pro-Marxist campus speaker that they didn't welcome with open arms and empty brains.
Two of my friends, in fact, left their alum association due to their ever growing , openly socialist agenda.
You have my full permission to tell your " I don't blame HIM" pal that I said he is a spineless suckup for 'just following orders', and as usual, the ONLY people who will suffer from the limp-dicked efforts of Southern to appear powerful, will be the innocent and mentally vulnerable kids - who will now be left to the revisionist devices of the government's propaganda machines, and who will undoubtedly have NO knowledge of any American history prior to the death of Tupac.

Steve K said...


I'm sorry to hear this news. I know that rejection based on personal beliefs is something that is difficult to deal with. I had a number of friends who are no longer friends because I was adamant about the coming evils of this administration before it recieved power. At that point I came to terms with the idea that these "friends" wanted what all Collectivists want, a share of the fruits of my labor. I came to realize that they were very willing to take from me at government gunpoint and that allowed me to no longer care about the loss of their friendship.

I can understand how this is a different matter because it was an outlet for you to share with coming generations and build into your legacy, which is something that all men in their 'Sage' phase of life desire. I hope you can find another means of teaching and sharing the local history and culture with the youth so that it is not lost in Federally installed curiculums kids are indoctrinated into today.

I would suggest looking for a local homeschool group and offer them the advantages a living history teacher. They would probably welcome you with open arms.

Brock Townsend said...

Sorry, man.

theaton said...

An honest, law-abiding American gets blacklisted from doing free work while a dishonest, law-breaker is in the White House destroying America. One recounts history while another re-writes it. One upholds the Constitution of the United States while another violates it with impunity. I must ask, how much longer?


Anonymous said...

That sucks Mike! Sorry to hear about this.


Anonymous said...

We will always have choices to make. We will all be tested too. As to which side of the line one will be standing on. Nothing is easy.

For me..... God, country and family. It will all work itself out in the end.

Keep fighting the good fight Mike III. We are still some time away from a conclusion. Good always wins in the end.

God bless you & yours sir.


jeff said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Mike. Those future kids will never know what they're missing, what they've been forced to do without.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mike. I can imagine that it does hurt. Unfortunately, it is their loss more than yours.

dennis308 said...

colectivists don´t let it bring you down you´ll not be blacklisted here.

James said...

Mike, I have a lot of empathy regarding this unfortunate situation. It's a shame the youth of Alabama will lose out on your insight and knowledge of history.

Take some solace in the work you do on the blog, the wide array of historical facts you've expounded to thousands. There are many who continue to be enlightened with your posts on the events that shaped the country. You can't see it in their faces, but the amazement is there, I know it.

Bonus Army? My kids were astounded.
Praxis? For the vets among us who weren't infantry or on the battlefield - priceless info.

I'm not a blind, Mike Vanderboegh groupie, but I sure am a IIIper have learned a lot. You're making a difference in other ways now. Thanks Mike.


Dakota said...

Our enemy is a hurtful enemy. All is rosy as long as we hold the "party" line and hold collectivism and Che close to our hearts we can all be a member of the "enlightened" people.

However we were born with brains and a love of freedom. We have all sacrificed for this cause .... this idea, called freedom. We can accept no other substitute, for there is no other one thing that we can ever be satisfied with .... but freedom!

You are as always in my prayers Mike, you and your family. You have but to ask and we your family will do whatever in support of you and ourselves with you. Our woes lay before us, but we knew that.

Weaver said...

They can never take away what you did for those kids. I would be surprised if at least one of those kids did not grow up and someday teach another generation of kids the history of what he or she learned from you. Hang in there, tougher times ahead.


ScottJ said...

I wonder what sort of madness might ensue if you were to attempt a 4473 purchase right about now?

I'd be worried doing one myself and I'm little more than a fanboy at this point.

I know it sucks. Just turn that teacher outlet elsewhere.

If Glenn Beck can do seminars then so can you.

Anonymous said...

My personal experience is that the majority of paid managers who use (free labor) volunteers either undervalue the volunteers or do not appreciate their work because it is free.

Your time is better spent elsewhere. You provide more value for the country running this blog than you do giving free lectures on history that the collectivists would rather not have taught.

MamaLiberty said...

I'm so sorry, Mike. I know that hurts.

But I'll bet you anything there are still some off the record homeschool groups that would love to have you talk to their children.

Look for them... they need you.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't want you influencing those young minds with the truth, now would we?

As much as it hurts, try to wear it as a badge of honer, friend. We have a long road before us and our enemies are legion. Still, we can prevail! Just keep puttin' the truth out there.

Good work!

Anonymous said...

I suppose it is not enough that you made the DHStasi list. You and probably don't care about that. But leave to some boneheads who have their faces in Obamas butt crack to tweak it.

DB said...

It is sad that they dismiss you on the grounds of something you do in your personal (private) life just because they disagree with your views. Finding good help is very hard to come by these days, and good free help is damn near impossible. No matter what private view points the person has my view is if they do the job well, I don't give a shit if you dressed like Madonna and claimed to be Jesus on your off time!

Anonymous said...

The hurt you're experiencing is nothing like the hurt you will experience should you continue on the self-destructive path you've chosen. You will become a walking self-fulfilling prophesy, like the boneheads Koresh, like the Hutaree, like them all.
Renouce violence and find the ways of Jesus and Gandhi in your heart.

Mike Z in CT said...

Having read your blog for sometime now, and having met you and Pete last April on Lexington Green, I can only say that it is their loss. I can only hope that those children that you have impressed with a bit of history stay with the subject, for we will need them in the future.

Matt Damon said...

Mike -
RE the Nonny at 3:05 - couldn't you find something more worthwhile to post, to take up empty space ? Maybe the alphabet, or a limerick about Nantucket or something?? Why waste space on nameless idjits?
Or is it "Be Kind To A Cretin" Day?

J3 said...

If you really believe that when one door closes, another one opens - and if it doesn't, you take a brick, knock out a window and go in that way - then how about this thought?
AFTER you finish Absolved ( and I know you have two more books for the series) how about you take a break and use that outstanding God-given talent of yours for writing, teaching and storytelling, and write an actual Alabama / early American HISTORY book?
No, not one of those dull-ass books we endured in school, but a book filled with historical events and accompanied by Paul-Harvey / MBV anecdotes to flesh out the events?
People actually pay money for things like that, you know? Check out Amazon to see what I mean.
A writer of Southern fantasy fiction and sci-fi, whom I loved - Manly Wade Wellman - also wrote regional history books, and he was widely known and respected in both fields. Why not you, too?

Jensko said...

I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you Mike. I must say, It's a sure sign that you are doing something right. What you do around here is very important to say the least. You are the salt of the earth Mike and what you do, makes the collectivists burn.

Anonymous said...

No good deed goes unpunished. At least you can sleep well secure in the knowledge that your soul is yours to keep and theirs belongs to "something" else.

Be vigilant, be safe.


straightarrow said...

I haven't read all the comments yet, so someone may have already said this, but in case they haven't, here goes.

Pay attention to history you know so well. Someone has dropped a word in an ear at BSC. You know enough history to know that this usually happens just before the killers come to "adjust your attitude". At which times claims will be made of your violent response and they "had no choice, in the interest of officer/agent safety".

Take appropriate measures.

Unknown said...

To be expected from anyone involved in any capacity with BSC. One of my best friends and his wife are alum of the school, and I've dated chicks from there, and they are all ideological liberals. Good folks, just pussies.

Uncle Lar said...

Hey anon 3:05 have a couple of quotes from the folks you cited.
Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Luke 22:36
"History will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest." - Ghandi
And for good measure:
"If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun." The Dalai Lama
So take your lame a$$ threats and stick em where the sun don't shine punk. Uncle Lar

Jerome said...

Keep your head up man. You did right by the children you've taught and you've done right by all the people who read this blog. Don't worry about what the idiot leftists think or say, just laugh at them and move on. Your teaching days aren't done yet. Every day more people wake up and with the MSM bashing you left and right more and more of the newly awakened are finding their way here. Watch your 6 and I'll be praying for you and your family.

Diogenes said...

That sucks Mike.

I wanted to be a teacher and even went to college for it. Then I saw how the lines were changing from teaching to 'brainwashing' and I chose to not pursue it, at least not in public.

I can understand how losing that 'job' really hurts. I still ache at seeing the ignorance of todays youth, knowing that it only takes someone with the right attitude to make a difference in one kids life.

At least you had some time to make that difference there. Keep up the great job you are doing here so that you can make a difference in A LOT of peoples lives.


^Hawk^ said...

Sorry to hear this Mike.

The work you do here though is so important to all of us. Keep your head up.


Anonymous said...

Will you be allowed to do your histories and re-creations in a public park near the schools, after school and / or Saturdays?
The school board can't say jack then.
Also to echo another posting, try the home-schools. I'm SURE they'd love your live-action history. So much better then just reading out of a book.

If nothing else, this will free up time to finish writing & editing the first volume of Absolved. [I swear, I'm going to be dying in a nursing home before this gets published ;-)]

B Woodman

Dr.D said...

Sorry to hear about your being stabbed in the back,. But on the plus side you have more time to finish "Absolved".

When the history of the restoration is written you should have your own chapter.


sonofliberty said...

such a shame. sorry man, i know its gotta suck. losing a paid job for whatever reason sucks, but its easy enough to deal with. losing one that you voluntarily took nothing in return for other than self-gratification for doing the right thing? i can only imagine your hurt.

and the one ever thinks how their actions will affect the children, our future.

i hope you find another outlet to continue your good deeds.

johnnyreb said...

Mike, I'd like to say "Screw 'em, it's their loss" but we all know it's a hurtful loss to you too.

However, take heart in the fact that you're getting the message across, and they're scared.

Like a great man once said,

"You surround us, you poor bastards"


JR said...

I know that God causes all things to work to the good for those that love him, so keep looking for the good that will result from this, if only a strengthening of your resolve.

But even though good will come of it, it still sucks.

parabarbarian said...

Semper in merde. Sole profundum qui variat.

(Damn! verification word is "codeared"!)

Happy D said...

Perhaps someone could film you and Eric. And put in on YouTube for us to watch? I would bet the homeschoolers would be able to find it as well.