Saturday, March 27, 2010

Obamanoids want to put us all on bicycles. Good luck with that.

Rush hour in Beijing.

Can these collectivist idiots manage to piss off everybody but the deaf and blind serfs? Keep doubling down, boys. Keep doubling down.


Anonymous said...

What a wasted program. I mean, with everything else they're doing it won't be long before we'll have to ride bicycles everywhere we go anyway.

Can't help but notice the irony here. In economic terms, China is turning into America and America is turning into China. (We're also regressing on the whole freedom thing to be more like China. I'm not sure why they aren't reciprocating.)


pdxr13 said...

Si, Senior.

Bicycle infantry and bicycle logistics don't use fuel. Bicycles build strong legs and strong lungs.

Run quiet, run cool.

After we win, we'll be rolling behind a small block V-8, burning US-made fuel, just as God intends.


pdxr13 said...

The City of Portland just stole $20M from the sewer fee account (4th highest sewer charges in the nation) and gave it to a "bicycle collective". Part of the "Plan for the Future" includes an approved 650 miles of bike-only streets that are estimated to cost $1.5B over the next decade. I was wondering out loud if these were all to be covered bike-ways?

Of course, the next step will be a program of licenses and fees for human-powered transport. "If you walk the street, we will tax your feet".

At this rate, I will not be able to afford to live anywhere but in a 35 year old RV parked at different curbs every night in the city of my birth.


jon said...

i have two words for this.

they are the same two words samuel clemens used to describe theodore roosevelt.

"clearly insane."

Sedition said...

That would make games of "drive by hippie slapping" kinda fun.

Anonymous said...

Expanded from own thoughts and comments from the linked article:

=Less cars, less taxes collected from gasoline sales to maintian the existing roads & build more roads (this is already being seen via the more fuel-efficient-sipping cars, with the Unintended Consequence that states are now scrambling to cover their losses some-damn-how). Are bikers willing to cover the difference?
=Are bikes willing to pay a tax at time of purchase, as well as an annual tax & fee, to maintian the roads that the cars are no longer using?
=Are bike riders willing to purchase gov't mandated annual insurance for themselves and their bikes, the same as cars?
=Are bikers willing to wear gov't mandated safety equipment (the same as cars) & to pay for tickets if they're caught out not wearing said same equiopment?

Funny how it's not so funny when the situation applies to you.

B Woodman

Rhetorical Taoist said...

Hypocrites again - riding a bicycle produces more CO2 per mile than a car. I'm all for voluntary riding of bikes, but these proposed mandates are just another power grab. For all the hand wringing about CO2 the policy makers are ironically malign in their actions.

Paul X said...

I don't know, I kinda like bicycles. I'd like to see a parade of bicycles going through town some day, all riders with M1As and AR15s on their backs. "Green patriots." Heh.