Friday, March 26, 2010

Corruption, sweetheart deals, and using the militia boogeyman to restrict the reloaded ammunition market.

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Justin said...

Brass? Billions of rounds of loaded ammo sold in '09, and they're worried about empty BRASS?

If they wanted to avoid trouble with the citizens, they would quit sticking their fingers in our chests, pushing us further and further. Crossing and erasing line in the sand after line in the sand.

Keeping brass off the market won't help. Stopping their intolerable acts will.

They can take all of the brass away, heck, they could try to confiscate/ban military rounds altogether. It wouldn't help. People will fight for their freedom with what they have. Enter the liberator pistol.

This burns me for purely financial reasons, for sure, as I reload for the .223. It won't stop what they are bringing on their heads though. The only way to prevent that is for Leviathan to take a few steps back.

That'll NEVER happen.


John Richardson said...

As a shareholder in ATK, it burns me because one division of the company is hurting sales of another division. To wit, ATK owns Federal, CCI, RCBS reloading equipment, Speer bullets, and Alliant powder. I have written the CEO letting him know in no uncertain terms that this is not acceptable for a variety of reasons.

Toaster 802 said...

"Assurability for the [military] installation, that no one can use this cartridge against law enforcement or our military personnel, by reloading the case."

ATK owns Federal, CCI, RCBS reloading equipment, Speer bullets, and Alliant powder.

So these "people" feel that their MAIN CUSTOMERS could be "Domestic terrorists".

Time to hit these fuckers in the wallet post haste...



Uncle Lar said...

ATK gets scrap brass at bargain prices and cripples their competition for retail sales of loaded ammo.
Base commanders get a nice infusion of cash into their contingency slush fund accounts.
Looks like the only ones losing out are the consumers and taxpayers. Why would anyone have a problem with that?

ScottJ said...

It would seem an appropriate amount of heat was applied.

Check out the statement at

Justin said...

A statement from ATK's website:

"ATK Statement Regarding Once-Fired Brass Cases

ATK is a strong supporter of our armed forces, the shooting sports industry, second amendment rights and all of our customers who choose to reload ammunition. In fact, ATK is a leader in the reloading market. A dated brochure and presentation have caused confusion in the marketplace and do not reflect the views of our company and will be immediately withdrawn. As a service to our military customers, we routinely handle demil operations for various munitions and respond to requests from military installations for reclamation and recycling of military items. Each contract is awarded through the military installation’s procurement process. The installations received fair value for the brass.

ATK fully supports the provision passed by Congress last year to ensure that demilitarized spent brass casings remain available for civilian use."


I'll follow up to see if they mean it. It would be a shame to have to quit buying the hundreds of 180 grain btsp speer bullets I use in my .30-06. For a BTSP, they are amazingly accurate.

Like any company, ATK will follow the money. If hosing citizens in favor of the .gov is where the money is, that's where they'll go.


Patrick Henry said...

I WISH I could say this surprised me.

Am I the only one who's reached such a point of boiling, frothing RAGE that it's now become a sort of malaise instead?

Where - just a few days ago - each new outrage made me want to break something, now I find myself just closing my eyes, pursing my lips, and shaking my head.

Having given this a lot of thought, I've decided it's a lizard-brain defense-mechanism - if I stayed forever at such an elevated level I'd have burst into a brain-bleed long ago, so my hind-brain is protecting me by shutting it down.

I've seriously wondered if their goal is to bombard us with outrage after insult after injury - day after day after day - in order to introduce battle-fatigue and FORCE our D-Ms to kick in...

If so, they really don't understand the hearts and minds of REAL MEN, because THIS is the point where my Cherokee ancestry begins to come out.

That cold, razor-sharp determination which has replaced the frothing, shaking apoplexy is much more useful, and much more dangerous to The Enemy.

We're not the type to crawl into a fetal-position with our wooby, unless by "fetal position" you mean "fox-hole" and "wooby" you mean "weapons and gear."

I still pray they'll quit, but no longer get more outraged with each new offense.

I think I've finally reached the point of "Zen-like FURY" - when time seems to slow, vision and hearing to sharpen and everything suddenly becomes very clear.

I've been there a few previous times in my life - always right before some really bad sh... uh... ShTuff went down.

God help us - and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!