Friday, March 19, 2010

Billy Beck, on target as usual: "This is it: this fight, in our time."

Found this comment of Billy's to chest-thumping collectivists over at

I would just point out to the commie boot-lickers around here that some of us don’t have anything to lose, anymore.

This is it: this fight, in our time.

Be goddamned careful what you wish for, kids.

Be sure and make his blog a regular stop. We disagree on several things, but not the really essential things in the present crisis.



Anonymous said...

While Exordium, (found through the link) and his kind are busy writing "Progressive" across their foreheads with the red markers they borrowed from their mothers, we are busy cleaning rifles.


Anonymous said...

He seems to get it.

TPaine said...

If a rag-tag bunch of Afghanis, or Iraqis, or Pakistanis can hold off the most powerful military in the world, then a well-organized bunch of several million armed American patriots should be able to hold their own. Don'cha think?

sa said...

NO, TPaine, I don't think. If we were going to stop them we would have done so a long time ago. Now all the effort seems to go into explaining why we didn't and/or couldn't.