Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Window War Update: We passed another milestone today.

Well, folks, we passed another milestone today. I received via US Postal Service at my home address my first snail mail death threat. It mentioned the legal description of my property and its precise location, my wife and shooting me at 500 yards. It was postmarked Arizona and was anonymous, of course. Brave, brave collectivists.

My daughter is the one who brought it from the mailbox, and it reminded me that we will have to go back to the SOP that I used during the 90s. Only I will be picking up the mail from now on. I have forbidden the rest of the family to do it.

There is discussion locally about providing me with a militia security detail. I have resisted this up until now. There is also talk of a legal defense fund, as I lack the funds to retain a lawyer. This too I have resisted. If you want to send money to somebody, send it to David Olofson or Wayne Fincher. They are the "men behind the wire" already.

There is further discussion of lining up competent Alabama legal counsel for me. We are awaiting suggestions from folks more knowledgeable and competent than me. I expect a decision on that no later than Monday afternoon.

I have yet to inform the Jefferson County Sheriff of the various threats -- freelance and federal -- as I understand them. I will remedy that Monday morning.

Anyone who reads this with felonious intent may see in it an opportunity for the weekend. If so, they have not studied my thoughts on the tactic of gambit.

There have been no more confirmed reports of broken windows since the Hamilton County, Ohio, incident. I have almost two dozen other reports, none confirmed to my standard of proof, some of these undoubtedly false. I have received reports from two different sources, at least one of whom I know and consider highly trustworthy, that the Democrat party is now telling its affiliates not to file police reports on broken windows, but to have them fixed as soon as possible, as quietly as possible.

There are also a number of verified reports that in some localities, especially those controlled by Dem politicians, there are stepped up police patrols and surveillance of Dem offices -- often to the irritation of street cops who believe they have better things to do.

So, in sum, we have four incidents that might be laid at the doorstep of my blog at Sipsey Street, and much anguished howling by the Dems and attempts to tie me to the Tea Party movement (which they cannot factually do) and the GOP (an even more ridiculous allegation given my record during Dubya's reign and my frequent and loud denunciations of the stupid party as not "republican" at all).

Of course facts have nothing to do with it when Dem propaganda is cranked up.

Here's an interesting thing: I have been denounced as an Orwellian "Enemy of the People" by NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NPR and even FOX (Glen Beck). In addition, late in the week I was further denounced as a threat to the Republic by so-called "conservative" radio talk show hosts like Medved, Prager and Hugh Hewitt. But here's the common thread.


You have to ask yourself, as I did, why is this so? Are they that afraid of what I have to say? Are they that frightened that they might not be able to discredit me, to defeat me in debate? Are they that nervous about the prospect that I might be able to win other converts to the notion that tyranny is here and must be resisted by any means necessary, including those used by the Founders?

If in fact what I say is that evil, why have none of them taken the challenge of someone they believe can be so easily discredited?

Good questions all.

Still, there is one thing that I can say, even at this early day, just a little over a week into the Window War.

This piddling vandalism, these four incidents of broken windows, has scared them to the core. They denounce it because they want to see no more of it.

Whether the windows continue breaking is not up to me. But I think I can safely say we got their attention. And that makes the risk of the exercise worth it to me. Certainly it was a success. We merely pinged them and they screamed bloody murder.

That being the case, I would like to thank those who threw the bricks and wielded the slingshots. I do not know who you are, but please accept my most humble thanks for the risks you took.

In the end, they may not have prevented a civil war as I intended, but they certainly alerted the opposition that there are unintended, perhaps personal, consequences, to pushing tyranny any further down our throats.

Midnight Irregulars of the Republic -- Window Warriors -- I salute you!



Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt any of the usual loud-mouthed critics are capable of committing murder, but be that as it may, PLEASE take whatever precautions you feel necessary.

j3 said...

Well - at least that's ONE jerk you don't need to worry about; the men I know who are good at consistent 500 yard hits would never in Hell tell a target that they had any intent. Still, I do know how bad that can make a fellow's family feel, and of course, that is the gutless bastard's only real intent, to upset your family. All mouth, no balls.
Of course, I have NO doubt that Glen Prick, Chris Matthews and the rest of the circus will mention this death threat and condemn it, as will Obongo and Scrote Pelosi... and I suppose Jesse Jackson will be in town to lead parades in your neighborhood protesting such threats against you and demanding that Hate Crime legislation be enforced.
Dees and Potsuck will hold a news conference announcing their efforts to track down the person responsible.

Brock Townsend said...

"It was postmarked Arizona and was anonymous, of course. Brave, brave collectivists."


Patrick Henry said...

I am personally quite disappointed at the low turnout, though I too have back-channel info that things are now being covered up as to avoid any perception of success.

One need only see the fear on Stinky Whoo-ers face to know the message was received, not to mention all the howling like scalded dogs.

When a dog howls like a scalded dog, odds are he's been scalded.

Nice work!

As to the threats, here's *MY* response:

Moe Death said...

God bless and keep you and yours, Mike. I'm not Sherlock Holmes, but the only asshat I know that lives in Arizona who dislikes you is Emmett. Of course, you knew that already...

Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Mike, the American Civil War II is already on, it's just not yet into the total shooting stage. The damned totalitarians currently in charge in Washington DC and those who support them will wish they had never started pushing the rest of us so hard.

BTW, late on March 27 the FBI was performing some raids in Adrian, MI. From the web site:
(WXYZ) - The FBI was conducting raids Saturday night at multiple locations in southeast Michigan.

Action News has learned Homeland Security and the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force is also involved in a major operation.

Federal officials would not say who they were targeting or where, but the FBI has set up a command center at the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department in Ann Arbor, where they have brought in two satellite trucks and a radio tower.

Agents have also obtained search warrants and multiple arrests have been made.


Uncle Lar said...

Watched Beck's show Saturday. He makes a fair case for how bad things are and how bad they're gonna get if the current mob continues to rampage unchecked. He had a studio audience and when polled no one would say they had any confidence in the DC crowd to get us out of the fix we're in. So Beck as much as said he had no solution either, then went into a speech on how we had to remain nonviolent. He said specifically that the powers in DC were ignoring the people, that they heard us and were choosing to marginalize the Tea Party movement and refuse to credit us with any attention except as right wing loons. That's when I started swearing at the screen. Beck is either a fool or for whatever reason is unwilling to admit that when calm reason fails a bit of creative attention gathering becomes necessary.
As for you and yours Mike, keep a close eye on your six and be very very careful. The left wing fringe is perfectly capable of rationalizing lethal force as necessary for the good of the cause. Luckily they are for the most part clueless and incompetent when it comes to actually carrying out effective violence. But there are always those like that nutjob professor in Huntsville, room full of eye witnesses pegging her as the shooter and she claims it's all a made up story since she has no recollection of being there. Clueless and incompetent to be sure, but there are still three wounded and three dead at her hand.
Stay safe old man.

Anonymous said...

We also learned something out of this exercise, as you mentioned once before. It certainly doesn't take much for them to over-react.

To think you got so many death threats and angry/abusive comments over a call to break a few windows, it's really quite silly how sensitive they can be. If we weren't such a threat they would have ignored us entirely.

It certainly would not be hard at all to get them to fire the first "shot heard 'round the world". I can't speculate what it would take to provoke that kind of response. Maybe a call to break TWO windows?
Regardless, it shows who has genuine control of the situation and who can be easily baited.

Anonymous said...

One word that this asshole probably isn't familiar with, but should know dealing with guys like Mike, in dealing with long-range sniper assassination attempts.


I'd say to keep that M1A well oiled, but we both know the answer to that.


Happy D said...

If they harm you can I take my leash off?
I promise I will be very quiet about what I do to the collectivist minions. I won't tell anybody.

Anonymous said...

Now you see what is behind the "conservative" media (and the mainstream "conservative" party)...

Ron Paul and the libertarian movement are the only hope for the USA and Western Civilization.

jon said...

"give me one ping. one ping only, please."

well done.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a good target for rifle practice if you don't turn the psycho elmo I'm going to kill you letter in to your local law enforcement.

suek said...

I listen to Medved occasionally. I've wondered about some of his positions - they seemed to be illogical considering other positions he holds. I don't watch - or listen - to Glenn Beck simply because the times are wrong for me. When I've seen his program on Fox, I've found it educational - though his style is a bit much for me. How long do you think they'd stay on the air if they started to talk about civil war type action as the only viable course? Not long, I think. It seems to me that they both are presenting material that leads people to an inevitable conclusion - and then say "...but whatever you do, don't be violent". Now that immediately raises the question of violence in everybody's mind, so it sounds to me a bit like "_PLEASE_ don't throw me into the briar patch!!" and "you know folks - this might be necessary, but it's a terrible step to take. Don't consider it lightly".

I don't know - you all might be right - that they'll fold when the going gets tough. I'm not sure - I tend to think they're walking a line...

Anonymous said...

"I have been denounced as an Orwellian "Enemy of the People" by ... even FOX (Glen Beck)."

"Even"? Why "even"? What gives you the impression Fox is any less a shill for the state than the rest of them?

Don't worry about death threats. They are a dime a dozen. What you should worry about is the guy who doesn't threaten.

As to legal funds, not sure that makes any sense. When they come to arrest you, is when your time has come. Makes no sense to be the object of a "Roman Triumph". Why give them a show trial, why be made an example of? "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?" Just take as many bastards with you as you can. That's my plan, anyway. I won't be arrested.