Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Violence is not the answer." (?)

Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and others have been bleating, "violence is not the answer."

Perhaps not.

But it DOES help frame the essential question, doesn't it?


angry settler said...

Yeah they are controlled opposition.

Beck and Palin are government shills, just from the other side.

In other news...

[04:13] mark_Koernke_ I just left a shouting match about 20 minutes ago with a little over a hundred militiamen who are on the move right now. The arguement was over not if but rather where to hit them. Trying to calm them down was useless and they are not going to let this lie. They will identify the straglers or pickets first and wipe them out. By what the radiio crew said the recon teams have all of the hiddy holes
[04:14] mark_Koernke_ …IDed for those they moved in and the group is infiltrating to site as we speak. I hope the locals are smart enough to step out of the way.
[04:16] mark_Koernke_ this is interesting for we may have live vids from the epicanter as it developes.
[04:16] mark_Koernke_ …epicenter…
[04:34] mark_Koernke_ sorry about that , just got off one of our back up phones with another militia unit commander. His first comment was “Well Mark, I guess that we aren’t going to chirch this morning.”
[04:35] mark_Koernke_ He then told me that as he was packing up his LBE and weapons into the armored truck he has that he asked his wife to bring the congregation together to say a prayer for the militia that may be going to war this sunday.”
[04:37] mark_Koernke_ His wife was crying in the background(I could hear her) and he said he had kissed his children good by and was now going out the door. He is a two war vet and young. He has killed many times before and she knows his moods
[04:39] mark_Koernke_ she is a good woman with two young sons. they are all supportive of the militia.
[04:40] mark_Koernke_ By what I understand the unit commander on the ground and the coordinator is the 4th RCT CMM second company commander. Good man and level headed.
[04:41] mark_Koernke_ He put out a notice that if they decide to attack they will not talk to the other side before hand or try to “talk things down” He is a good warrior and a BULL HEAD. I do not think that he will take ANY prisoners either
[04:42] mark_Koernke_ He was there in 1972 for the second tet offensive
[04:51] mark_Koernke_ We are starting to pick up some of the MIloitia Battle Chatter on the marine/CB and other freqs
[04:51] mark_Koernke_ …Militia..
[04:52] mark_Koernke_ by the meter readings I’d say they are fairly close to the area of interest

And just after there was FBI raids on Michigan's militias... Koernke probably works for the FBI.

angry settler said...

"if there are any Federal Employees watchings this chat, you can relay to your supervisor that the Alarm & Muster has been activated nationwide. Thousands are receiving the call to alert to whatever actions have been taken last night. They are being instructed to be polite but to be watchful."

This is militia like group in NC

The North Carolina Ranger Corps website is down until further notice. On Saturday, March 27, 2010, the site was compromised when critical files were affected rendering the site unworkable. It is unclear what caused the shutdown at this point, and I am working with the hosting company to resolve the matter. Last week there was an issue with cron tasks that may have affected the site. It should be noted that regardless of the cause the site may be down until mid-week. I will make every effort to restore the website to prior state. I apologize for this inconvenience.

I have from a very credible source that this is in reference to WMD's and about groups coming over from Ohio, which is why there were reports of helicopters with search lights in Lenawee County last night. I also heard the above that the militia groups were being raided and there are numerous warrants issued and many more raids to be done all day today up till about 2000 hours tonight.

BTW....the FBI, and H/S have been chatting on the radio ALL DAY but all their traffic is encrypted and cannot be heard....I wonder what they really are hiding??

Concerned in Ypsilanti, just 3-4 miles from Ann Arbor and the County sheriff office in Pittsfield Twp......

It seems to me something is really going down.

Anonymous said...

The time has not come for the rifle, but we must be honest with ourselves about all possible options.

Sedition said...

I'm tired of this horseshit quote "violence is not the answer".
This country wasn't founded on rainbows and unicorns, it was formed by kicking the hell out of the redcoats.
WWII wasn't won by thoughtful debate, it was ended by the 2 biggest acts of violence the world has ever seen.
If violence isn't the answer, then why do we have armed forces?
Why do our cops carry firearms?
I will be the first to admit that violence is not the PREFERRED method, but when all is said and done, it is the final answer.

Anonymous said...

The flaw with words is that they always make us feel
enlightened, but when we turn around to face the world they always
fail us and we end up facing the world as we always have, without
enlightenment. For this reason, a warrior seeks to act rather than
to talk, and to this effect, he gets a new description of the
world—a new description where talking is not that important, and
where new acts have new reflections. (Don Juan)


GunRights4US said...

They're a couple of Judenrats. No other way to see them.

Bawb said...

Dear so-called conservative RINO's, being nicey-nice, trying to accommodate the left, and playing by the rules which they gleefully ignore hasn't exactly gotten us anywhere, has it?

Phred Phlegm said...

SEDITION - I like your line of thought. we should immediately disarm all cops and all federal Rambo-wannabe agents and give them each a bouquet to carry in a holster, and a chest rig with MOLLE'd volumes of poetry by Walt Whitman, Kahlil Gibran, and Maya Anjelou.

Dreaming West said...

"Violence is not the answer!"

Oh really? Then go ahead and see what happens when you decide not to surrender your property or person to the jackbooted agents of the state.

Violence is the only thing they know. It's called a police "force" for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Actually, violence is the answer when ever non-violent methods have proven ineffective.

Those who claim otherwise, are either pysops for the other side or clueless "useful idiots" serving the other side through their own ignorance.

root@localhost.localdomain said...

Donning an asbestos suit here:

In Beck and Palin's defense, the second they even inferred "prepare to pick up your rifles" or anything of the like, they'd be pulled off the air and you'd never hear anything from them ever again.

Anonymous said...

March 28, 2010 6:57 AM
Blogger Bawb said...

Dear so-called conservative RINO's, being nicey-nice, trying to accommodate the left, and playing by the rules which they gleefully ignore hasn't exactly gotten us anywhere, has it?

March 28, 2010 9:08 AM

I agree, NO "Bawb" it hasn't and it won't. Many do not understand......THERE ARE NO RULES when engaged in Mortal Combat (not always physical)which is what we are and have been engaged in for many years. The Socialist understands and uses the honorable sentiments of good people against them while The Good Guy's finish last IF they finish if they play by the Socialist's rules. The Socialist will use every trick and lie to have IT'S way, IT will even eat its own if it serves It's purpose. We must take of the gloves and kick'em in the SLATS!

To the Socialist Statist "The end justifies the means."


CorbinKale said...

Beck will do whatever Beck thinks is in his best interests at the time. He has a vested interest in the status quo, writing a book every three months and interviewing guests who write a book every three months.

As for Palin, I just saw her stumping for John "suspended my campaign to vote for pork" McCain. IOW, she just shit the bed. Someone must have gotten some serious dirt on her, for her to sell out the TEA Party like that.

Anonymous said...

angry settler mentioned Alarm and Muster sending out an alert. Funny, my phone has not rung once with an Alarm and Muster call since I joined more than four months ago.

Not for an initial "Hi how are ya?" call from a regional coordinator.

Not even when they supposedly have regular drills.

I would not rely on the idea that Alarm and Muster got any message out to more than just the regional reps.

a concerned citizen in Ohio

Oldfart said...

Violence is like penetrating oil. If a little doesn't solve your problem use more.

Ahab said...

I concur with what Anonymous root@localhost.localdomain posted at 9:56 am today. I believe, specifically Beck, that he has been preaching "revolution" for a good while. Everything he says about the insidiousness of the progressives, their policy of "evolution" in turning America into a socialist country over the period of 100 years is correct. He, Beck, points out the differences between them and us by citing what the founders concluded over 200 years ago, that nothing was left to them but "revolution."

I don't think he'd last out the hour on any show if he counseled "now is the time, pick up your guns and revolt." You know this to be true! He'd be pulled off the air in the blink of an eye.

None-the-less, everything he has espoused for the past two years reflects his belief that the founders were right, that to overthrow the tyrant, George III, a revolution was necessary. He, like almost everyone else including you, Mike, understands what is entailed in an overthrow of the U.S. Government, a civil war of horrendous proportions, loss of life in the hundreds of thousands. Of course he preaches a peaceful overthrow, what else can he do? And, a peaceful overthrow is exactly what he preaches, a taking back of this country, restoration of the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land. I want that, too.

The idiot Marine who posted his stupidity spells it out clearly, lots of people will die, and the posted comments to his idiocy essentially say the same thing. None of us want a civil war, none of us want the death and destruction that is sure to result; but, we'll fight to the death if it comes.

I don't think Beck is a sellout. I think he just can not say on the air, "Go for Broke" even though that's exactly what he's been preaching. Sarah Palin is a politician, period.

Anonymous said...

Violence is not the answer huh?

Well, the government seems to think it is.

Resist being arrested for any number of the various laws, codes, infractions, public policies, statutes, treaties, executive orders, and etc. and find out just how quick the government will use violence on you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:56--

I didn't get the alert either here in IL.

Anonymous said...

Beck is a pundit, Palin is a politician. To pick on either or both is just silly.

They are not always right and they are not always wrong. Palin, for a politician, at least has pointed out some good anti-Obama things. Beck "outed" Van Jones and has taught a lot of folks about the evils of the Obama admin and the other Marxists and fools in it.

I'm not defending some other things they've both done, a lot of wrong things they've done, but sheesh, they are NOT the enemy. So they don't advocate violence?

What's so wrong with that? Do you really think they are defending the status quo and going along peacefully into socialist servitude?

I don't see it. You can disagree with their tactics, but they are not the ones pulling the country apart, or if you think they are, then you are just buying the leftists' meme.

Unknown said...

Glenn Beck is the John Adams of our day. Absolutely committed to nonviolent resolution up until the very last minute.

It took Lexington and Concord to convince Adams that war was the solution, as it was Lexington and Concord that made war inevitable and even morally correct. So it will be, I suspect, with Beck.

He's not a stooge, or a patsy, or a government shill. He just isn't a bloodthirsty psychopath like some in the Sons of Liberty were, and some here today are.

Dan said...

Certainly Beck and others can't come right out and call for armed confrontation. Many here are right in saying he'd lose his show.
However, he could say "not yet". At the very least, he should be aware that labelling those who talk the talk and aren't afraid to walk the walk as 'fringe' or other derogatory terms will not be helpful. Sticking w/ the pacifist tone so emphatically will only undermine any legitimate armed opposition later.
As far as I'm concerned, though, he has no business ever celebrating the 4th of July again. What does he think we're actually commending? What does he think fireworks represent?
Nobody wants it, but it is a recourse of last resort.
As Clauswitz said, "War is politics by other means."

On another, related note,is there anybody from MA around here?
Feelin' mighty lonely!

Pat H. said...

L. Neil Smith's essay, Tastes Like Chicken, from his online eZine The Libertarian Enterprise, addresses both Beck and Palin pretty well.

Any response, be it bricks or high speed copper and lead, is self defense from a government that has voted to force a huge increase in sociofascism, aka Transnational Progressivism, upon all Americans. The initial vote to use force has been made. That's over.

The US government and the thugs in it are not going to back down, the Republicans are not going to repeal anything (hell, they've proposed more than half of this dung before), the line in the sand is here.


Sedition said...

You A&M guys need to contact your POCs or go up the chain. Sounds like a weak branch in the communications tree.
I had 2 calls this morning myself.

Paul X said...

Beck and Palin are trustworthy only as long as their wing of the Boot-On-Your-Neck Party is out of power. Their message now is perfectly predictable, "Don't upset our applecart."