Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"We have to be, as the Founders were, reluctant about the use of violence."

A pertinent portion of my recent interview on Freedomizer Radio.


jon said...

one slightly amateur interviewer. doesn't shut up while you're talking. states we have an individual responsibility for events that took place before i was born.

definitely a good talk altogether, though.

Anonymous said...

Excellent as always, I listened to the whole show that day. We ARE reluctant, but our political avenues are slowly being taken away...

Spitnyri said...

One third supported the king, one third supported doing nothing, ..3% stood.. that should explain who we would defend ourselves to here.

There is no need to defend that which is right and just.

We cannot allow ourselves to be caught up in the rules of the unjust society written by the domestics. That is to road forced upon people by political correctness and diversionary tactics.. it allows them to control the topic and its substance where you always end up responding to them instead of them responding to us.

If we hold the moral high ground, and we do, we need to start acting like it and stop responding to the evils of totalitarianism.

How often do you see leaders in discussion with their opposition but to set terms of surrender ?

Are we surrendering ? Are they ?

Its time we put our breath and efforts to better uses.

Yank lll