Sunday, March 28, 2010

Threepers (and Rand Paul!) at the Open Carry Rally in Frankfort, Kentucky

"Speakers stressed the importance of guns for self-defense, drawing cheers from about 300 people at the rally where American flags were plentiful." This is the photo that accompanied the FOX News story below.

My sincere thanks to a several Irregulars for forwarding me
this story:

Updated March 27, 2010

Gun Rights Supporters Tote Weapons at Rally Outside Kentucky's Capitol

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Gun rights supporters unabashedly toted weapons at a rally outside Kentucky's Capitol on Saturday in a show of political muscle aimed at sending a message to policymakers to protect the Second Amendment.

Speakers stressed the importance of guns for self-defense, drawing cheers from about 300 people at the rally where American flags were plentiful.

Many in the crowd had weapons holstered at their sides or strapped to their backs while attending the Kentucky Second Amendment March. The event is part of a national, grass-roots campaign culminating with a planned rally next month in Washington.

Rex Bartley, state coordinator for the march, said bearing arms is a "God-given right," and said gun rights supporters are a "silent majority" who need to speak out.

Bartley said gun ownership is the "one right that protects all others," and said it's invaluable for self-protection.

"A well-trained man or woman with a firearm in their hand, when they encounter a criminal, it makes a difference between going home to your family ... or going to the morgue," he said.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul said he would never waiver in his support of the Second Amendment, pledging that if elected he would oppose any federal regulation of firearms.

Paul called guns a "great defense," telling the crowd that "had we had one armed teacher or student at Virginia Tech, we might not have had a massacre." He was referring to the 2007 shooting rampage that left 33 people dead, including the student gunman.

Nikki Goeser, whose husband was fatally gunned down at a Tennessee restaurant in 2009, told the crowd that police have a difficult job and cannot be everywhere. "No one can take care of you like you can," Goeser said.

She urged people to be equipped to defend themselves if ever confronted by an assailant.

"If you don't have a handgun carry permit, get one," said Goeser, of Nashville, Tenn. "If you don't have a firearm for self-defense, get one."

In the crowd, Rob Lotz III of Georgetown said he worries about efforts to chip away at the Second Amendment. He said the rally sent a strong message to politicians to preserve gun rights.

Eric Nichols of Berea said he values the Second Amendment, even though he's never owned or fired a gun. The closest he's come is firing a paintball gun.

"Every person should have the right to defend themselves," he said. "We don't have one police officer for every citizen in this country."

In Kentucky, the gun rights lobby has been a powerful force in a state where hunting is a cherished tradition.

Recently, Kentucky House leaders balked at a proposed rule change that would have barred visitors from carrying guns in the Capitol. Some House lawmakers pressed for such a ban after a man wore a holstered gun into the House chamber and sat through an afternoon session.

And to ORD for forwarding this link to these images:

These guys were pretty typical of the OC advocates at the rally, right down to their Rand Paul stickers.

And here's a Rev War re-enactor with Rand Paul.

And it figures that the most serious OC advocate there would be a Threeper.


Anonymous said...

Who can you trust in central Michigan, I'm wanting to join a group but dont want to make a mistake. After events of today who would you contact.

Anonymous said...

Are you still with us Vanderboegh, or did the ATF capture you in that raid on militias tonight?

God, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes for anything--what a piss poor week to decide to publically call for sedition and violent overthrow of the US government! The bottom line, they will ALWAYS have you outgunned.

j3 said...

I LOVE that last photo of the threeper.
And I wonder, if TSHTF, if we might not see a few hundreds of those emblems velcro'd on the gear of our own military.

dennis308 said...

is that athreeper flag and where can I get one. anyone know would like some help here.

Anonymous said...

I tried sending e-mail - but this is urgent:

Dear Reader just quietly introduced currency controls!


Which references (but oddly does not link)

History shows this is a prelude to something HORRIBLY ugly.

Time is short - if you ain't ready, you better get that way in a hurry!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone is keeping up with Sgt. C, but here is his last comment entry:


Looks like you are making the rounds.

Thought you should know.


Thanks , it's amazing how often people read and hear only what they want to hear...

"Us Marine says he will fire on U-S" That MIGHT qualify for a libel/slander/defamation of character lawsuit... I'll have to check that out.

I'm already planning on going to visit NCIS tomorrow to discuss the threats that people have issued to me and my family.


And it looks like this "christopher-calbat" AKA "Sgt. C" has been busy posting his many thoughts on Newsvine:

J. Travis said...

What is with this urge to "join" some "group"?

I have assumed ever since OKC, that any so called militia was infested with FBI informants or provocateurs.

If you don't know someone, DON'T TRUST him.

Back in the Viet Nam era, anti war groups learned to identify the FBI plants, because they were always trying to instigate going out and blowing stuff up.

I have known people who were involved in the drug trade. The rule was simple: deal only with people that you knew for a long time. People who did that stayed out of trouble, people who started business with strangers, or people they knew, who had suddenly resurfaced after getting squeezed by law-enforcement, got busted.

Same principle operates.

Anonymous said...

The latest from Sgt. C's wife:

Tara C

I have absolutely had it.My husband and I are two law abiding citizens who get up every morning and serve our country. He is a Marine for Marines. He reads the consistution almost nightly (really, I'm not making this up - look at his other Newsvine comments) and will uphold the Constitution, as that's what he swore to do. His articles were a wake-up call to make everyone realize that none of us want violence. You all read it perfectly clearly, so STOP trying to spin it out of control.

If you have a differing opinion than the one you read, GREAT, let's talk about it, but don't first skew the article so that you have a point to argue on.

Not only have you threatened my husband in this article, but you have threatened me. With the way this world sits today and the reason my husband wrote the article to begin with (all the radicals actually threatening people in their homes with whom they disagree with) it makes me very uncomfortable to think that any of you would threaten us.

I have now read versions of the original article on two different Web sites, other than Newsvine, where the headline has been changed to fit thier own adgenda. I worked in public affairs in the military and know this is illeagal, so stop it NOW!!!

This has gone far enough and I'm PISSED!!!

Reply#94 - Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:01 PM PDT

Anonymous said...

I just love the Bluegrass State. Andrew Jackson once said, "I've never seen an Kentuckian without a rifle, a pint of whiskey, and a deck of cards."

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures. Americans open carrying, (and not just pistols on the hip either). Those "evil black rifles" the NRA don't want displayed. Finally, some change I can believe in, (and support).

Anonymous said...

Come and do the same thing on April 19 in VA at the Restore the Republic rally.

jon said...

that photo of the threeper is amazing. that "open carry" in kentucky even includes "finger in register" tells you something about virginia's less fortunate rules. you know what he's missing, though... communications equipment.

Bander1643 said...

Texas RKBA March, Austin, April 17th.

Please spread the word after noting that:

"As for long guns, one of our attendees for the rally has informed me through a Austin police commander who is his next door neighbor that the A.P.D. will not allow us to carry long arms."

There is also talk of an "Empty Holster protest"

Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

In Pennsylvania (the part in between Philly & Pittsburgh affectionately known as the other Alabama) I got a visit from the local constabulary because my sons are discharging "firearms," aka bb guns or anything ELSE that "moves a projectile with force," according to borough ordinance. I move to Texas only to find that a RKBA protest will require NO FIREARMS to be legal.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Gather together, yes, gather, O shameless nation,
before the decree takes effect —before the day passes away like chaff—
before there comes upon you
the burning anger of the Lord, before there comes upon you the day of the anger of the Lord.
Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land,
who do his just commands;
seek righteousness; seek humility; perhaps you may be hidden on the day of the anger of the Lord.
~Zephaniah 2

jon said...

re: capital controls.

"History shows this is a prelude to something HORRIBLY ugly."

no more or less ugly than what you're used to. no more or less a slow-motion decline than you have already lived through.

if this is truly going to effect capital controls as expected, then "get out now" is a message from people who make a lot of money, to people who make a lot of money. and by "a lot" i mean owner/operator of a small business, or someone without an imposing contract who makes over $250,000/year.

is this you? no? then sit down, shut up, stay calm, and don't run like a bitch at every little decree that comes out of the mouth of mammon. if you can't handle even thinking those thoughts, how are you going to handle day-to-day life in a SHTF situation?

this does not end prosperity, it just makes another part of it illegal. the black market will continue to grow. soon it will be dragging your kind in. there are a lot of people there already who have habits you don't like.

better get used to it.

triptyx said...

Under what authority is the APD trying to bar legal carry of long-guns in TX?

Oh wait..."Only Ones", how could I be so dumb... :P

Goober Piles, UMCS said...

RE the whiny-ass bleatings of the supposed Sgt. C*nt and whatever creature was pretending to be its 'wife' -
( they were threatened after the 'sgt' threatened everyone else??? Ohh! Waaah. Maybe they should ask MBV what it is like to be threatened)- the quote that I liked was:
"I'm already planning on going to visit NCIS tomorrow to discuss the threats "

I wonder - would he get Mark Harmon's autograph for me? And say HI to Abby and Agent David?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I see, Mike, that the "Coalition to Stop Gun Violence" is once again giving you (and the April 19th festivities) some publicity (scroll down to #6--I think you should have a word with them about giving you lower billing than the others).

Anonymous said...

Tiger stripe camo, navy blue helment cover and black vest. What is the point on that?

Unknown said...

A bunch of fat hillbillies talking tough and packin their little heaters. Some goober is going to accidentally shoot off their popgun and after all the over reactions, some will lay dead. Fat dead hillbillies. Cool.