Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh, yeah, one other thing.

The collectivist bloggos are making much of the fact that after suffering congestive heart failure, diabetes and hypertension, that I fell back on Social Security Disability. They feel that I am hypocritical for taking government pennies.

I must admit that this question caused me a lot of heartache when I fell ill and couldn't return to work. I, too, felt that it was hypocritical. Now my wife works and we have Blue Cross/Blue Shield through her employer. I never accepted Medicare because we could afford not to. Of course, given the realities of the new "Intolerable Act" it is anybody's guess how long we will continue to have insurance from her employer when there are such incentives in the bill for employers to drop plans and for providers to go out of business.

That said, at the time of the application for Disability several of my friends argued that I was being ridiculous, that I would never get back anything near the amount of what I paid in (and at $1300 per month, they're right about that). But it was my adopted brother, a current-serving Army LTC who made the most persuasive argument.

"Look, Mike," he told me, "what is the prime method by which guerrillas handle logistics?" "They take them from the enemy." "Right," he said, "so what is so very wrong with living off the substance of the tyrannical government you oppose? Especially since it is your money to begin with?"

Good point.

So if the collectivists wish to call me a hypocrite, I can only say that height of my hypocrisy does not rise to theirs, so eager are they to subject me to Guantanamo, the PATRIOT Act and prison rape that they would not wish on the guiltiest of Al Quaeda terrorists.


Smince said...

Don't let them beat you down. I don't feel the least bit bad about getting back what amounts to a fraction of what I've put in, especially when over a third of the electorate puts *nothing* in. Besides, we'd all do well to do everything in our power to bankrupt the Fed as quickly as possible. The faster we can expedite the inevitable, the sooner we can get this over with so our kids stand a chance at least.

Welshman said...

Mike, I hope you can stand firm and remain strong under such inexcusable attacks.

As you know, the hypocrisy of the Left is far and away more serious and insidious than anything on our side. You would think they would be very happy that anyone with a disability would wish to go on the government rolls, which they force us to pay for with our tax dollars anyway.

Their hate, name-calling, and vileness only shows that for all of their talk about 'compassion' is all a ruse, a game. They are anything but compassionate, except when it comes to giving away OTHER PEOPLE's money.

So, the most compassionate thing I can say about your detractors is that the putrid projectile vomit they spew emanates from the very depths of Hell itself.

Take comfort in knowing you fight for what's right.

Newbius said...


I do not begrudge you the benefit in the least. The system has been gamed to the point that it is unrealistic for a sovereign individual to be able to survive if disabled. Until the arcane rules and regulations which constrain free trade are reversed, and the limitations that Leviathan has imposed are removed, you have to work with what you've got.

Far better to grudgingly accept a legal benefit whose system you've paid into, than to die on the street or commit crimes to survive. I find no hypocrisy in continuing to work to dismantle the tyrannical system, while at the same being forced to avail yourself of it. One is an act of principle, the other an act of survival.

If you need clarity on this, look to your motivation in accepting, and your desire to be rid of it as soon as possible. Unlike, say, someone who does all he can to game the system to maximize a social benefit in lieu of working as a productive member of society.

I would much rather support (preferably through voluntary acts of charity) someone who is truly in need and striving to improve and throw off the burden, than I am willing to support indolence through forced theft of my earnings by an ignorant and unfeeling bureaucracy.

Rest easy on this one.



Justin said...


You're really on a roll tonight, Mike. I'm trying to do homework here, you know. It's hard enough to get back into the school thing after being out of it for sixteen years, and then this bit of fun distracts me all night long. It's worth it though. They're hearing. If not understanding or being won over, they are hearing.

Why am I going back to school now? You're right on with the guerrilla logistics bit. Thank you GI Bill.

Reason Number two- Since, by associating with you, I am now a hatefulracistrednecknazi inbredhillbillyhicktraitorterroristscumbag *gasp for breath* who deserves worse punishment than the people who kill 3,000 Americans at a time , I figured I could break the mold and get some edjumicashun.

I look forward to a late night as I watch the Sipsey Street goings-on and try to finish my papers.


SA said...

I never had any misgivings about collecting SSDisability benefits. I worked a very long time. I paid in from the age of 13, I had already worked 6 years by then. Yeah, I know some won't believe it, piss on 'em. I paid both sides of it for a long time. I will never live long enough to get back what they took.

You will notice I said "what they took", because I would have been much happier having that money to invest. My contributions were not contributions, they were bribes, for without paying those bribes, I couldn't work or own a business. The recipient of those bribes also raised the "vig" at his whim.

I do not mind taking back from them part of what they took from me, I just wish I could do it for 45 years, like they did.

Not a damn thing hypocritical about holding them to the terms of their own deal, the one in which they gave you no choice about whether or not to participate. The one where they set every rule without any negotiation allowed on our part.

It is however, hypocritical of people who bemoan the fact that they are held to the terms they set.

JokersWild said...

What they fail to mention is that your means (money) was stolen by the government in the first place by taxation and that the money you're receiving is rightfully yours. But I digress, I forget that the collectivists don't understand personal property unless it's "ours" and by "ours" that means what you're forced to pay while they sit on their asses and do nothing.

Jason Cato said...

If the government breaks your legs, and then hands you a pair of crutches, there is nothing wrong with using them.

JokersWild said...

And you want to talk about hypocrisy? I decided to peruse the collectivists blogs and I lost count of how many times I saw "Patriot Act" thrown around and "terrorism". It's almost as if there's no difference between Obama and Bush except where they want to spend their ill gotten gains.. oh wait..

For those that decried the Patriot Act under Bush to be so friendly toward it now when it suits you, just remember that eventually the tables will turn again and you'll likely get someone like Romney that will make Bush look like a boy scout.

Happy D said...

Because of them I can't even get a standard business license so that I can put some in.

Now they are increasing the tax on my only steady income.

So Fu(k em!

Anonymous said...

none of us have a choice about making our "contributions" to the social security system thru payroll deductions, unless you're a congressman or senator. the hypocrisy belongs to them.

illspirit said...

As a mental exercise, just imagine what the lefty protests would look like if Bush had signed a bill requiring people to buy insurance from the eeeeevil insurance companies or pay a fine (or goto jail). Seeing as they tend do stuff to flip over burning cars and throw cinder blocks at moving buses filled with cub scouts outside of political conventions and such, smashing the windows of a few uninhabited offices seems like a tame response in contrast.

While I'm not a fan of breaking things to prove a point, the hyperventilation from the progressives is hilarious.

Doc Enigma said...

I guess I could put in a bunch of well-constructed counter points to those liberals who are crying, "HYPOCRITE!", but I am too tired...so, I think the best thing would be this:

"FU@K 'EM ALL but six, and save THEM for pall bearers!"

That oughta do it.

jon said...

it's just the asceticism fallacy. see living in a state-run world, written by murray rothbard in 1987, on the exposition of the fallacy in a slightly different context (nonetheless applicable).

we must all suffer the system before us. but you can walk a middle path, and turn these resources into saved money, and turn saved money into writing and organization time, and turn those into unstoppable ideas of liberty.

that's why they hate it so much and harp on it at such a base level. it reminds them that they don't have any ideas of their own.

Fat, Balding Caver (ret.) said...

you are getting all of the usual gems:
I wish they'd post links substantiating their insults de jour, 'cause I haven't found any supporting evidence, and I've been reading your stuff since before Sipsey Street.

It's strange, I've not seen much about "funded by big business" because that's usually found in the same setting as the others.

I see what you mean about their obsession with typing in capitals, genitalia and male rape. Later this week, I'll be meeting up with a friend who has a bunch of degrees in differing aspects of psychology. I'll have to ask.

Perhaps they'll feel more at home if you allow them to comment with green text?

Oh well, such caring, tolerant, freedom loving, thoughtful, individuals the left and the third way so obviously are.

rexxhead said...

+1 for everybody, especially Smince.


Weaver said...

I know a great deal about what you are dealing with here Mike. I know all too well. Not much any of us can say will help, not even the words of your adopted brother or the thousands of us who also consider you our adopted brother. But please keep in mind how true his statement is. We have only one option and the best way to reach that outcome is to follow his advice.


MikeH. said...

+ 3...



Anonymous said...

Mike & brothers:

God bless you for your sincere Patriotism - your honesty in dealing with this question is admirable.

I'm forwarding this link to my buddy, who had struggled with your dilemma - saying exactly so to me as a reason NOT to read your blog.

I think we must avoid perfectionism, but that is just one ditch, into which we may fall.

Though this world now appears to be dominated by evil, it will not always be so.

Christ our LORD IS going forth conquering & to conquer.

Who is on the LORD's side ?

And what is our hope ?

There is a perfect place where Justice & Mercy kiss - and that is Heaven, where Christ now rules.

He's changing this world to be more like heaven - difficult though it may be to see thru the smoke of the battlefield !

If we combine the vision in Psalm 2, Psalm 110, Psalm 149 & Matthew 28:18, together, the battlefield smoke begins to clear.

We then perceive that Patrick Henry's speech & the Declaration of Independence (and Samuel Adams lesser known assertion on the newly crowned King of Liberty *), are but the working out of Redeemed men following the genuine Messiah.

Their exertions then, and ours now, on His behalf, crush the tyrants & set free millions who lacked the vision to free themeselves.

This Psalm 110 shows with poetic clarity.

(Quite the bold contrast to those secularist dupes following the Big 0 or GWB into their epochal dis-topia.)

Praise God that we're blessed to live in such exciting times !

How I've wondered what it would be like to look Tryanny in the eye and NOT blink, but preach, work & prep - for while the 'Battle is the LORD's' - the honor is ours to take part.

Our family remembers you & your families safety in our evening devotions - please know that.

Meet you in the middle, brother -

David Chaplain,
Texas Minutemen

*Samuel Adams, Patriot leader, declared upon the signing of the Declaration, that they had not just repudiated an evil King of England:

: "We have this day restored the Sovereign to all men ought to be obedient, He reigns in heaven above, and from sea to shining sea, may His Kingdom come."

Jesus Christ & His gift of Liberty, given to all men (though unacknowledged by many), will continue to transform all of History.

The works the Founding Fathers did 230 years ago resound to us today - If we possess the same Spirit of Liberty, under God, as they, the propitious smiles of Heaven will empower us, too.

We need not fear, but take Godly courage.

Psalm 78, the glorious recitation of all of God's work in History & our duty brought to light in it, gives examples of those who kept the faith & those who betrayed it.

The William Wallaces & Mornay's of two millenia ago...

Anonymous said...

One of Alinsky's rules (from Rules for Radicals) is "make them live by their own rules. Nobody - especially Christians - can live by all the rules to the letter"

They don't have any rules. They aren't bothered by any restrictions - but we who have rules are supposed to fight the battle with both hands tied behind our backs. Alinsky was a smart cookie. Devastatingly smart. The question is how do we fight this war? in war, most rules are set aside - temporarily at least. And that's what we're going to have to do. "All's fair in love and war" - and we are at war.

Dedicated_Dad said...


I too am now being forced to apply for SSDI.

I paid into a private DI plan for over 18 years, hedging against the chance I'd be forced to use it so I could avoid the .gov teat.

Now Mutual of Omaha is forcing me to apply for SSDI -- which they will KEEP as reimbursement for paying me -- while also attempting to cut me off themselves.

What amazes me most about all of this is the premise that if you opppose this fascism you're rooting for "evil insurance companies" - can these morons not see that the .gov just ordered every American to give their $$ to THOSE SAME "EVIL" COMPANIES?!

So much for "intelligent", huh?

Nathan said...

Mike, My mother worked and paid in to SS for 50 yrs. She used to get after me for working under the table now and then. "Pay your taxes" she told me. Some day you may need it and SS will take care of you. She worked til age 70 and the company locked the door and threw her out into the street. She filed for SS, collected 5 checks and died of a massive stroke, and a broken heart from not being able to work anymore. My dad tried to claim on her survivors benefits as he had severe heart trouble. Due to his receiving partial state retirement he got nothing except $255 burial allowance which wouldn't bury a dog. What a disgrace. I paid in for 40 yrs. But my under-the-table kept my payments down to around $28,000. I turned 62 last May and filed for SS. I get $792./mo. though I know it is a Ponzi scheme, and the money my mom and I paid in is long spent, much of it in SSI on no-accounts who are just drunks, but it has become my sacred duty to live long enough to get back the equivlent of what my mother and I paid in over all those years. If we help break the system in the process, so be it. It is a corrupt scheme at best, and will go bottom up soon enough anyway. I have nothing against anyone getting all they can out of it while it is there. It is one way to fight the man so-to-speak. Rather than feeling any sense of shame, I feel like a man on a moral mission, to get back that which was stolen from my mother and I in the first place.

Don't feel bad about your position. If you didn't take what you do from it they would just give it to some drunk who would spend the whole month walking the street drinking up his thousand bucks.

It is a scam and a disgrace. We must make the best of it we can, while we can.


Anonymous said...

They said the same thing to Ron Paul, about getting Federal money back into his district in TX. His answer is he same as yours, they took that money, and I'm just getting SOME of it back....

So are people who collect SS hypocrites? Of course not, and I for one would be glad to check out of their system....