Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, two milestones in one day. "There ain't no live and let live with bugs."

Wyatt! Wyatt! They hit Clum's house too, shot up his wife. His wife! Whoever heard of that? They're bugs, Wyatt. All that smart talk about live and let live. There ain't no live and let live with bugs. -- Tombstone, 1993.


When I opened the mail today, I got a surprise. An Easter card with what was apparently dried birdshit in it, i.e., an unidentified brown and white powder that had been placed in the card when wet.

I was careful opening the card, figuring it was a threat. Didn't figure on that though. If I breathed any of it it was only a particle or two. So, having consulted the experts here and after two hours having experienced no ricin symptoms (and I immediately began taking Cipro in case of anthrax), I will simply turn over the letter tomorrow to the local law along with the other death threats.

I was on my way to pick up my daughter at school. If this was weaponized anything it might have killed her too. These assholes didn't care whether they killed or terrorized her. Bugs.

I could panic and hit the emergency room, but I don't have the co-pay and that would be giving the filthy collectivist prick a victory. I must admit that I am starting to develop a healthy hate, one that I must guard against if I do not want to become the same kind of beast that collectivism apparently manufactures so easily out of these godless assholes. Acting like bugs, they've just about got me convinced of their absolute lack of any humanity.

As I have written before, when you can think of them as bugs, as they think of us, it makes it easier to kill them. I am now to the point where I almost DO think of them as bugs. Like Zander to the Brain Bug in Starship Troopers, I want to scream,

"One day, somebody like me is going to kill you, and your whole fucking race!"

Collectivism has finally convinced me that it is a race unto its own. They have also demonstrated that this is an existential war of extermination, one way or another.

Them or us.

I vote them.

They still have to shoot first. But it will be the last temporary advantage they get.

There ain't no live and let live with bugs.



angry settler said...


Let's hope to god they don't burn down the house to force them out!

shiloh1862 said...


A damn shame. I guess you have really scared the collective. I suspect this will radiate from here. Well, we know it would come. We used our 1st amendment to avoid using the 2nd.

May God protect you and your family.


inyourface said...

Randy Mack: alarm and muster just activated again. apparently fbi are hitting another group in harding MI and in Washington parrish LA [4:52:53 PM] Randy Mack: MI Militia have answered and activated to support this group [4:53:26 PM] Randy Mack: apparently the small group that is being hit, got word, sent out a call for assistance, and MI Militia

angry settler said...

More update :

Randy Mack: alarm and muster just activated again. apparently fbi are hitting another group in harding MI and in Washington parrish LA [4:52:53 PM] Randy Mack: MI Militia have answered and activated to support this group [4:53:26 PM] Randy Mack: apparently the small group that is being hit, got word, sent out a call for assistance, and MI Militia

Who is that RANDY MACK?

Anonymous said...

Mike we are all pulling for you.

It would be more than intersting to see the cross section of Sipsey fans from a demographic standpoint.

Down here in south fl we surf, go to techno clubs until dawn, shoot guns and think about what it be like to live in a free country once again...

God bless and try not to pay those bastards any mind.

We will take high road. Think of their tactics from a psyop perpective and don't let them wear you down.


Anonymous said...

angry settler is very obviously an agent provocateur. He's been posting nonsense about musters and militia retaliation for two days now. Not one of his statements has proven true and they've all been designed to get people riled up and eager to start shooting.

Please ignore this federal troll. He brings the whole site down with his idiocy.

Anonymous said...

"A man like Ringo has a hole in his heart so big that no amount of hurt he does will ever fill it up."

Dakota said...

I just got one thing to say Mike and I pray that you will post this little rant of mine.

Why haven't any of you "heroes" volunteered to provide security for Mike and his family so maybe he can get some sleep etc. This is the obvious gentlemen.... are there no commanders worth a damn in Alabama?

If you can't do that little op I don't hold out much hope of straightening out this Republic with a bunch that can't provide security for 1 family.

Man up and get it done TONITE~!!!!

Jay21 said...

Earlier, you mentioned that you were happy at how easily the intentions and rhetoric of the "collectivists" was. I believe is was in the maddow post. That being said, watch your six... but keep a positive spin. Your earlier postings had similar rhetoric, but appealed to a larger mass since the III, and more importantly you as the vocal one, were making a logical and moral stand. Do not slip to their level, or we all get dirty FAST. Stay safe, remain positive and we can win. Sumter has many messages, keep the BP down the words flowing and the goals lofty.


Anonymous said...

The recommendation for warriors is not to have any material
things on which to focus their power, but to focus it on the spirit,
on the true flight into the unknown, not on trivialities.
Everyone who wants to follow the warrior's path has to rid
himself of the compulsion to possess and hold onto things.

Self-importance is man's greatest enemy. What weakens him is
feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men.
Self-importance requires that one spend most of one's life offended
by something or someone.
(Both Quotes By Don Juan)

Stay Calm Folks and just pay attention.


patriot_ohio said...

Mike, here's another smart @$$ solution.

There are a couple of caveats: Since the Feds want the power to snoop into everything from our emails, cell phone calls, fax transmissions and etc., without a warrant-

And since law enforcement basically isn't going to check out the substance in the Easter card for YOU-

just affix a mailing label over your name and address on the envelope and forward the damn thing to your Elected Representative.

That'll kill two birds with one stone. First, the FBI and Department of Homeland Insecurity will get a chance to read your mail without a warrant, AND they will happily spend forty or fifty million dollars testing the pigeon crap to see if it is laced with a WMD.

Sure, they are going to come knocking on your door and getting in your face about why you forwarded your mail... but what the heck.

You can't be too careful with the lefties and the collectivists on the warpath.

I like to think creatively of ways to deal with the unpleasantries that are forced upon us, no matter whether it is the sheer legality of heaving a brick through a window or dealing with layers of criminal incompetence and corruption.

Do as you will, but have some fun with it.


patriot_ohio said...

@angry settler

First thing... please post your provocations in comment sections that are dealing with your subject matter. Hutaree militia crackpots and pigeon crap are hardly the same topic.

Second... adjust your tin foil Admiral's hat. It is askew.

Scott J said...

Mike, don't take chances.

I don't have much spare money to dedicate to the cause but I think I could cover an ER co-pay.

You have my contact numbers from the gun show back in Jan.

Anonymous said...

"patriot_ohio said... just affix a mailing label over your name and address on the envelope and forward the damn thing to your Elected Representative."

Love it; great idea.

btw: Mike, getting you all riled up maybe is an easy way to blow your ticker and get rid of you nice and easy. I take it there has been a lot of stress lately and this incident was just one little straw too many. But hell, you gotta relax. Bird shit isn't anything, I've had snakes shit on my head from a tree I was shading myself under, and my wife came over in response to my somewhat profane mutterings and excitedly told me 'but it's good luck!' lol..

Another time, before I knew better, a cute little house lizard shit on my head while I was eating dinner one evening in a sort of open restaurant. He licked his ass with one eye locked on me when I looked up at him, the rotter... lol... the moral of the story of course is not to sit directly under the light as the little creatures, who are normally nice to be around, congregate there to catch the insects attracted by the light.

You do know don't you that by posting this you have just made a lot of pukes very happy and you can expect a flood of similar correspondence to be headed your way very soon now. I really thought you'd be beyond this level of upset, but life can play tricks on the best of us regardless of how well prepared we think we are, and the slightest thing can set us off.

And yes, the rabble is not human. It really is an issue of materialism (the selfish, egotism of the sociopath) versus those who actually feel a sense of empathy towards others (those who possess a sense of spiritualism if you will). The former are simply automations who live by conditioned reflex just like gut parasites or a Great White Shark. The elimination of either is no great loss. Strange you didn't realize this before, and I thought I had a sheltered upbringing...

Anyway, kick back, take a nice deep breath, and if you're lucky somebody might give you a nice relaxing neck massage - not I'm not insinuating you should be hung... too bad you probably can't indulge in a glass of your favorite beverage, but sometimes hot chocolate is just fine.


MamaLiberty said...

Don't let the bugs get you down. :)

W W Woodward said...

Attention Anon 10:06

Snakes AND lizards huh?

You just can't fool mother nature, can you?