Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trying to help out Nancy Pelosi, the North Koreans celebrate socialist health care's "Macrobians." Say what?

The couple, still as well as those in their seventies in spirit, activity, speech, appetite, etc. owes their longevity to the advantageous socialist health system. -- North Korean News Agency.

"Maclobians! MACLOBIANS! You stupid Amellicans! Maclobians!"


Looking for something else in the Absolved editing process, I found this from the North Korean News Agency. It seems the lackeys of an interstellar cockroach (Kim Jong Il) are trying to help Nancy Pelosi get her bill passed by celebrating "Macrobians." Macrobians, for those who do not know (and I sure as heck didn't) are people who live to extreme old age. The term is so passe it is not even found in most modern dictionaries. Ambrose Bierce's definition in The Devil's Dictionary is found at the end of the North Korean article below.


March 19. 2010 Juch 99

Number of Macrobians Increases

Pyongyang, March 19 (KCNA) -- Jo In Gak, living in Okryu-dong No. 2, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang celebrated his centenary birthday with his wife, 92, in January.

The couple, still as well as those in their seventies in spirit, activity, speech, appetite, etc. owes their longevity to the advantageous socialist health system.

Since a decision to enforce a free medical care system was adopted in the country on November 13, Juche 41 (1952), the state has taken care of the lives and health of the people in a responsible manner.

A medical service system and section doctor system are working well in each province, city, county and ri.

Some time ago telemedicine service began in the country, making it possible for hospitals throughout the country to give medical service to people in a quick and accurate way, interconnected with each other.

The DPRK, which turned the Korean Association for Assistance to the Elderly into the Federation for the Care of the Elderly of Korea in February 2006, has considered the protection of the elderly as one of the important state policies.

Law on Protection of the Elderly was adopted in April 2007 to provide a legal guarantee for protecting their rights and interests and ensuring their worthwhile and happy life in their concluding years. And an orderly system for the elderly protection has been established in the Cabinet, provinces, cities and counties.

The Korea General Red-Cross Hospital has a special department and research institute for the elderly, including macrobians above 100.

Meanwhile, a close attention has been paid to strengthening the material and technical foundations of homes for the aged.

Prevailing in the country are beautiful traits of respecting and treating the aged preferentially and taking care of those with no one to depend on like their parents.

Sin Jong Suk in Tangsang-dong No.1 and Yun Nung Bae in Phalgol-dong No.1, Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang and Yu Nam Ho in Phyongwon County, South Phyongan Province celebrated their centenary birthday this year.

Choe Pu Yong, 113, residing in Samsong-ri, Samsok District, Pyongyang is still well enough to tend her family garden and do some domestic chores.

Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary definition of Macrobian:


One forgotten of the gods and living to a great age. History is abundantly supplied with examples, from Methuselah to Old Parr, but some notable instances of longevity are less well known. A Calabrian peasant named Coloni, born in 1753, lived so long that he had what he considered a glimpse of the dawn of universal peace. Scanavius relates that he knew an archbishop who was so old that he could remember a time when he did not deserve hanging. In 1566 a linen draper of Bristol, England, declared that he had lived five hundred years, and that in all that time he had never told a lie. There are instances of longevity (macrobiosis) in our own country. Senator Chauncey Depew is old enough to know better. The editor of The American, a newspaper in New York City, has a memory that goes back to the time when he was a rascal, but not to the fact. The President of the United States was born so long ago that many of the friends of his youth have risen to high political and military preferment without the assistance of personal merit.

OK, so now do you get it, Team Amellica?

"Hey, quit picking on my hero, Kim Jong!"


CorbinKale said...

Is it the socialist health care, or is it the diet of tree bark and dirt that makes them live so long?

Shy Wolf said...

LOL- Mssr. Gak and his crone are far from Methuselah's age... by about 810+ years... so if Mz Peloshit wants to use him as an example, she's got a long way to go. Though I DO have to admit she looks to be about 20 years older than Methuselah.

Anonymous said...

They have Bricks over there ?


MamaLiberty said...

Hmmm, all those old people must be wise enough to avoid doctors like the plague and take care of themselves.

A good tactic for anyone, actually. :) I'm 63, have no medical problems and take no chemical medicine. I'll probably live a long time if I can avoid being shot. [grin]

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't say I'm surprised, we DID give them a Michael Jordan autographed basketball...

Crustyrusty said...

"Some time ago telemedicine service began in the country..."

In other words, they have telephones now.

Awesome :)

WV: shiazu - what happens when you let your yappy little dog walk on your back to relieve the stress of listening to Ear Leader 24/7...

chinasyndrome said...

North Korea,ahh thats a perfect country for obama,pelois,reid et all.There they wont have to change things,they will fit right in.Once my fellow Americans get FED Up,Pelosi and crew are not gonna like it here much.


Anonymous said...

It's well known in health circles that calorie restriction extends lifespan. No wonder North Korea has centenarians, no one there (except the political elite) is able to eat all they want!

Unknown said...

One of the best accidental discoveries I've had in a while. I enjoyed your blog!