Monday, March 15, 2010

There can be no "reconciliation" on the "Health Care" tyranny short of the grave.

These men refused to pay their "Health Care" premiums. They are being shot for their own good.

Reconciliation (noun)

1. reunion, conciliation, rapprochement (French), appeasement, d├ętente, pacification, propitiation, understanding, bringing back together, reconcilement The couple have separated but he wants a reconciliation.
reunion break-up, separation, falling-out, alienation, antagonism, estrangement

2. harmonizing, balancing, squaring, adjustment, synthesis, harmonization a reconciliation of the values of equality and liberty

3. accommodation, settlement, resolving, compromise, remedying, rectification the reconciliation of our differences -- Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002


FreedomWorks, the Dick Armey bunch that is desperately trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement, is currently pushing a petition drive called "No reconciliation."

Now I suppose that petitioning for redress of grievances, while a waste of time at this point (for the domestic enemies in control have made up their minds), is otherwise not a bad thing. But as I looked at the slick ad linked above, I realized that the ad was truer than its designers knew. They truly have NO idea how right they are.

We are finally, after a hundred years or so, on the cusp of deciding the Founders' question, the eternal question:

"Which is to be the master, the federal government or the people?"

We have finally split into two unreconciliable camps over an issue that cannot be finessed, striking as it does in its arrogant, dictatorial presumption, at the lives and liberties of every single American. Unless I miss my guess, this will not be decided by anything less than an exchange of shots and a subsequent spasm of violence that can only properly be described as civil war.

How, indeed, can we be "reconciled?"

They are passing a law by the "Slaughter process" (again, how unknowingly right they are) that will force us to do something patently, on its face, unconstitutional. If we refuse to participate in our own oppression, we will be fined. If we refuse to pay the fine, we will be arrested. If we refuse to submit to arrest we will be killed.

These are our choices, forced upon us by the tyranny of the power of a legislative majority. A majority, I might add, whose legitimacy is no longer recognized by the majority of the population.

There can be no "reconciliation" between tyranny and liberty, there can only be war. There is no "reconciliation" between those who say, "You will or we will kill you" and those who say "We will not cooperate in our own enslavement." There is, in the end, no "reconciliation" between good and evil. One wins, the other loses. For a time on earth or forever in eternity.

Nancy Pelosi and all her ilk should remember this: People who are willing to die for their principles, or their country, are most often willing to kill in defense of them as well. This is something they should think about now, while they still have the ability to change their fate.

Folks, I tell you now with absolute certainty that after these tyrant wannabes pass this law -- failing some atypical, miraculous intervention by the black robes -- the only way it can be "reconciled" is with the muzzles of three million rifles.

You, the Three Percent, own those rifles.

They sit, most of them, in your closets and gunsafes, gathering dust.

The time has come and passed to take them out, clean them, re-zero them, touch up on your marksmanship skills . . . and wait for their next deadly move upon us.

For the Gramscian collectivists are coming for our God-given liberty once again, this time threatening the entire weight of the federal enforcement Leviathan upon us if we do not obey -- if we do not, once more, back up grumbling.

It is ironic, but strangely fitting, that they should wrap their tyranny in the allegedly soft "good intentions" of so-called "health care." In truth, this is just the latest in a long string of tyrannical lies told by an ideology with an insatiable appetite for the liberty, the property, the money and, in the end, the lives, of all of the rest of us, including our children.

Only this time, we must be ready to give them a different answer -- the Founders' answer at Lexington and Concord of sacred memory.

We will not back up.

We will not go away.

We WILL resist.

They have given us no choice.

The die is being cast this very day by a tyrannical national legislature.

There can be no "reconciliation" short of the grave.

Get ready.

The rough beast, its time come 'round again, slouches toward Washington City to be born.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters


d3vnull said...

Damn straight! Also, it's important to remember that we need to look out for our neighbors and help them if they come under siege for not buying healthcare.
Sam Adams has a fitting quote: "If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

kenlowder said...

I plan to be on the range tomorrow, just like I was last week and three weeks ago before that. Does the health plan cover heavy metal poisoning?

Anonymous said...

Kenlowder: not for right-wing extremists. Why else did you think they put that list together?

Anonymous said...

It's just like Homer said, "There are no pacts between lions and men."

President George W Bush, on September 12th, 2001, said, "Everybody who wears the uniform...get ready."

March 18th is the deadline Obama's admins have given to the House to get the bill passed.

Just remember, "Do not fire until fired upon."

atexan said...

+ 1 d3vnull

We will have to look out for our neighbors and they us.

Parrothead Jeff said...

The range reopens on Wednesday and I'll be there to sight in the AK and for practice with a few other guns as well.
Keep your powder dry and your knives sharp, folks.

Anonymous said...

Here's my prediction: Congress will pass this bill and the President will sign it. Americans will grumble about the incredible tax burden, but no one will take up arms.

The new tax will be taken out of all of our paychecks and we won't be allowed to "opt out" to prove Mike's point UNLESS we are self-employed.

The few self-employed folks who fight it will likely be arrested and try to seek their freedom through our screwed up court system. They will lose. When they do, it will keep the rest of the sheeple in line....all the while the media will harp on about how these people are tax cheats and un-American b/c they don't want to pay their taxes to support the troops or the education system (nevermind that the Grace Commission stated that none of our taxes go to that stuff anyway....just to the interest on the debt).

Anonymous said...

The U.S. currently uses the DEFCON system to describe our current Defense Readiness Condition. In a similar way I use it to describe the readiness of Patriots to "Defend the Constitution".

While the U.S. may be at DEFCON 5 (the most relaxed) level, the Patriots have been under DEFCON 2 for quite some time.

If the Feds go through with this Slaughter Process I'd say we just moved to DEFCON 1 (maximum readiness). It doesn't get any more serious than that folks.

Unknown said...

Reading this piece further sustains my belief that this nation is circling the drain at a speed and downward velocity that makes it inevitable that there will be conflict.

While watching the Fox Business Channel this morning, I heard a man explain the relationship between the Whitehouse and Wall Street Bankers, brokerage houses and other “bigs” in the financial world.

It was his contention that no matter who is in the Whitehouse, no matter which party controls congress, the above mentioned folks will pay for protection. It’s what they do. It’s a purely business decision to pay off –through campaign contributions- whomever they have to. Reciprocally, politicians, careerists all, need the banks, etc. to stay in power. This symbiosis is at the heart of our national problems. Have you noticed how often politicians and reporters refer to their “careers” in politics? The heart of evil in government is the careerist, who does and says whatever he must to stay in office. We, the people are saddled with an autocracy that first and foremost serves itself. That it serves the people at all is merely coincident to its true purpose. The DC based bureaucracy supports them in this process by saddling the tax payer with sufficient debt to keep them busy trying to make enough support themselves and their families. Keep them busy and they won’t have time to bother learning what the scam operating is. It’s a con, just like portrayed in the movies where a team of grifters sets up an operation to fleece some unsuspecting mark.

The problem is us. By us, I mean those who have decided to be pushed no further. Those of us who have our backs up and are willing to accept the inevitability that some of us won’t be present to see the outcome of the contest.

Truthfully, it’s easy to conceptualize some sort of sharp collision between the agents of the autocracy and us. But the truth is, that we do not know what twists and turns the campaign will take. Will there be simultaneous breakouts in widespread parts of the country? Will there be sweeps? Will there be the sudden and simultaneous withdrawal of credit? Will the IRS suddenly decide to audit and fine those whose heads stick out above the crowd? Can we expect our credit to be suddenly withdrawn? Do we have enough cash and supplies to sustain us until we can band together and organize effective resistance?

These and many more questions as yet unspoken must be examined.

Three Percenter’s, Oath Keepers and preppers are most certainly a start. But make no mistake: When the full weight of the federal government begins to bear down on us, it will hurt.

Anonymous said...

The giant stirs.

Anonymous said...

Just took up shooting again after 30 years of working places where I couldn't. Nice to know the Colt 9mm looks to be able to shoot better then I can(at the moment).
And I got enough ammo to overcome that problem...

Spitnyri said...


Yank lll

Anonymous said...

If there are weapons amongst the III%'s sitting in their closets and gathering dust ... we are in trouble.

This weekend, pull them out of their dark dank holes and CLEAN THEM.

AFTER you field strip them.

Otherwise, I'll be more than happy to take those weapons off of anyone's hands and will keep them clean and functioning.

Anonymous said...

Those lists must be getting larger as the days and bills pass.

God help them because I won't



Skip said...

Range once a week alternating through the arsenal. Clean, adjust/repair same day.
Reload the rest of the week.
d3 has it. If you are the block captain you should overwatch your neighbors or have good comms set up.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see thought terminating cliches like "ordered liberty" discarded in favor of plain speaking: Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Given that understanding, how can you justify forcing a "Constitution" onto other people who did not consent to your government? This all sounds to me like Republicans fighting with Democrats over who will hold the whip.

Anonymous said...

You have money for guns, to hurt, injure and kill your fellow countryman, yet no money for healing them. Somewhere along the line, you've lost your perspective. Don't you have enough enemies in the world to keep you from having to shoot your neighbors. Inciting a war in your own country does not promote the welfare of US families, but instead puts them in greater jeapordy. It's like you're dying to save some money in taxes. Yet taxes have been a part of our country since it's inception. And there have always been taxes that people didn't/don't believe in paying, but only now do you cry for civil war. We haven't had a civil war since then because of the atrocity it was. I guess enough people have forgotten what a tragedy that was for everybody that now it seems ok. Well it's not! Do you want the US to become a war zone like the middle east? There's enough problems already without the escalation in violence.

DC Handgun Info said...

I appreciate your essay on healthcare, a "tipping point" issue, but, with all due respect, how do we fight (i.e. apply the Second Amendment) an amorphous Blob like the FedGov?

We may have the correct philosophy, heart, and gear, but how and when do we apply the new precious metals of steel, brass, and lead? After buying more ammo, web gear, MREs, and batteries, then what? I grasp in the dark for an answer. God bless this republic.

d3vnull said...

Anonymous, if the government wasn't making me offers they say I can't refuse, and did not threaten me with arrest (i.e slavery or death) then there would be no violence. Let's hope there never is any, but prepare just in case our hopes never come true.

Anonymous said...

to those that preach peace and question the comming of a encroaching ¨CIVL WAR¨ and ask why we would rather have our arms than to help/heal our fellow countrymen it is because is our RIGHT and OUR DUTY to be ready to Protect our Country and Constitution. And 2.The Ones that You speak of have already had all the help that WE can tolerate. The Monster that our Goverment has become will NEVER be satisfied untill they have ALL people under their ¨ABSOLLUTE CONTROL¨in all areas of life. Well I say NO MORE! My children and my grandchildren will not be denied their future to provide for those that Will not provide for themselves. So hide in your house and don´t get in the way or Join One Side or the Other it makes no difference to me. but be aware that I don´t want a man that is WEAK of heart at my side and MUCH LESS AT MY BACK