Monday, March 1, 2010

Still off the Net at home. . . and the WVTM Interview.

What you see and what comments are being released are either done using my daughter Zoe's laptop using WiFi late at night (bought courtesy of Uncle Sugar's tax refund) or the library computers (one of which I am on now). Have put my wife on the job of jawboning ATT. Expect their surrender shortly.

The WVTM interview went well, 50 minutes or so. The Montgomery castrato (Mark Potok of the Southern Preposterous Lie Center) will be on Tuesday night and they will follow with my segment (all 3-4 minutes of it) on Wednesday. Zoe, who came along as bodyguard (without her Panzerfaust), took some video of the interview and although we ran out of memory space I will post what we do have on the site (maybe tomorrow).

I appreciate all of you sticking with me during this outage.



drjim said...

We're all in this together, Mike.
We WILL stick by you!

milkorder said...

Thank you for the posts and the info that you make available.

Keep your tool cool and don't let your meat loaf.

Moe Death said...

You let your daughter walk into that den of iniquity without a Panzerfaust? Good heavens, man!


MPA dragon said...

Zoe shoulda brought the the panzerfaust.

That might have made an impression on the TV moguls... Oh well. I can't wait to see the video though.

Actually this time sans internet should allow for more time for that book, ya know?

Anonymous said...

WVTM?? I googled that and got Milwaukee tv, is that what you are referring to? Sorry, I've been out of it for a few weeks. My heart decided to get my attention. Some body parts can be ignored, some can't. Still above room temp, though :)