Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MSNBC continues its "Ten Minutes of Hate" Campaign and Glen Beck picks up on the Window War.

Got this for an Irregular today:


Driving between work efforts this morning I had the radio on and heard some of Glen Beck's show. (I'm not a huge fan of his, but sometimes he gets it right and that's good for folks to hear).

Anyway, between about 9:35 and 9:45 or so he had a segment where he essentially said what you've termed a "No Fort Sumter" approach.

In essence, he said that Obama et al learned from the 60s radicals and the Howard Piven types what works and what doesn't. They needed to institute their Revolution from the inside, once they had become "The Man" from their past. Thus they would collapse the government/society/culture, but collapse it onto THEIR infrastructure.

OK, nothing too new here so far. However, he pointed out that the failing of the 60s bomb throwers was that American society as a whole did not approve of their violence, hence they were easily cast as negative loonies and marginalized. "Americans do not stand by people who are violent" The media could paint them as fools to be disdained.

Therefore, Beck pointed out that the Obama folks now want US to react violently to the Health Care followed by Immigration followed by whatever is next series of attacks. They WANT us to be the William Ayers 60s bomb throwers, they WANT us to lash out so that they can marginalize us, with their lapdog media. (Beck thinks that Americans have disdain for ALL violence, which may be a miscalculation based on the motive, but that will remain to be seen.)

Hence he warns that Obama and the media want to paint us as Nixon and the media did for the 60s radicals.

He is supposed to have his 5pm FOX News show focus on this today. It may be educational in some ways. We'll see (well, not me as I'll be working and don't have cable anyway).

FWIW, this is just a general heads up. I think he's right in that they want us to "misbehave" to steal from Brown-coat Mr. Reynolds (Firefly/Serenity reference).

Thought you ought to know.

Keep your powder dry,



tgp42rhr said...

I hate how Glenn paints anyone who upholds the 2nd Admendment as violent freaks. And then he'll invoke the Founding Fathers...who were prepared for the worst while working for the best.


typeay said...

Keith, respectfully...what do you suggest? You're dealing with dyed in the wool COMMUNISTS. Historically, they kill people. That's WHAT they do. We can no longer vote them out, simple math... we don't have the numbers. They own the corrupt courts, and so The Rule of (fair) Law for Constitutional suit challenge no longer exists. can yell and stomp your feet, hurl bricks, or "go John Adams on their @$$". Those are your three choices. THAT'S IT. We have passed the effective "voting window" time frame at this point in American history. It sucks, but much like gravity, it's HERE, and doesn't care what you think.

Anonymous said...

Surveillance RFID microchip with your medical records, coming next:

gkemp said...

I like Beck, but he really needs to dry the tears.

Anonymous said...

I watch the MSNBC lefties several times a week. Know your enemies I say...

Anyway, the Maddow show led me to your sight. Also, made me aware of the march on 4/19. I live in northern VA, so I'll see you there.

Plan on spreading the news to some of my "gun totin'" buddies as well...

d3vnull said...

On Maddow's show the only thing I heard her mention that was either not a bad thing or BS altogether was the advocacy of throwing bricks into windows. That's property damage son, and you don't do that not only because it's wrong, but because it's a crime.
Defending yourself with guns against criminals trying to make you buy something you don't want? Protesting and openly carrying? Waco being FUBAR? You're d@mn right! :)

Anonymous said...

But doesn't Obama have to make himself look good as well? No sense in marginalizing someone if you aren't seen as a suitable alternative.

ScottJ said...

You are free to share my e-mail to Beck I Cc'ed you on.

TypicalClinger said...

At some point we will have to "misbehave". Won't we? Otherwise they will just keep going. I saw a story on Drudge were House Republican Leader John Boehner said that violence "is not the American way". Well, our history says that sometimes it is. Threaten families? No. Tar and Feathers? Yes. Sorry, but we folks out here in fly-over country, can sense the wall coming up behind our backs. We are about out of backing up room. Some of us will turn and make a stand.

Anonymous said...

No matter who throws the brick - the right will be blamed.

Spitnyri said...

Tonight Beck is 100% dead on target.. pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Worth noting here, main headline from Drudge, actual link below:

1) Dems are scared!!
2) FBI, Capitol Police and Sergent at Arms briefed all Dems today.
3) Additional steps are being taken to protect members of Congress.

The window of opportunity is not necessarily closing, but risks are increasing.

Anonymous said...

The Window War made Fox News' home page. They mention Mike indirectly.

Anonymous said...

I may have this wrong, I can only remember three boxes, there may be four? But . . .

First, the soap box . . .
Then, the ballot box . . .
As a last resort, the cartridge box!

See all'ya'all around the campfire
B Woodman

Anonymous said...

typeay said:

" can yell and stomp your feet, hurl bricks, or "go John Adams on their @$$"."

Doncha mean "go SAM Adams on their @$$"?

Sam was organizer of the Sons of Liberty, not John.

Keith III said...

To typeay:

I never said I agreed with Beck, I just pointed out how he was essentially stating a similar No Fort Sumter stand to what Mike has done. Also some specifics on how the BO types view things. Know your enemy, indeed.

To Taylor H:

No, Obama does not need to convince the sheep that he is better, only that WE are BAD - as "the government" it's his job to punish the bad. It's an easy and time tested method. Just ask the American Indians, the CSA, the Japanese Americans during WWII. You get the idea.


Unknown said...

Really, keep asking people to break the law and throw rocks thru people's windows. That's vandalism. How would you like it if people who disagreed w/ you showed up at your house and threw rocks. Let's tone it down on both sides.

Isn't it ironic that we're fighting about health care for people?

Anonymous said...

You are on InfoWars too!

johnnyreb said...

Violence not the American way?

Wonder what Randy Weaver and the Burned-alive children at Waco would say to that.

James said...

I respectfully disagree.

There are 2 problems with Keith's comments and Glen's thought process:

1) The reason such actions were rejected in the 60's is because they were being foisted by the same group that is in power today. The country is again negatively reacting to their communist plan 50 years later. We didn't want their stupid communism then, we don't want it now.

The nation's resistance in the 60's is the same as it is today, it's just that the good guys don't hold all the cards this time. The struggle is still good vs. evil no matter where the evil comes from - top or bottom.

2) I'm sorry Keith and Glen, but what the &$#* else are we supposed to do? You think it's going to get better from here? Let me ask that you think it is going to get better from here?

Americans disdain violence when it isn't needed. To everything, there is a season...

There will likely be more than brick throwers to marginalize if the Supreme Court doesn't over-turn this crap...I'm just sayin'.


Lucian Ward said...

The Left is trying to paint us into a no-win corner and people like Beck who are usually on our side, are playing the useful idiots.

On the one hand, if we strike back, we are violent radical "bombers" like Aires. And the media will amplify the argument for the Left, with people like Beck chiming in from the right.

On the other hand, if we simply remain polite, law-abiding, quiet dissenters, always remembering our place in the presence of the Elite Ruling Class, we are the useful idiots.

Since, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing," I WILL NOT BE THE USEFUL IDIOT!

So, if violence (towards property today) is necessary to prevent violence (towards persons tomorrow), then I have a rock, already tattooed with "III" and I'm going to warm up my throwing arm!

WP said...


In the second hour of the Alex Jones show today, he mentioned you by name, spoke of broken windows, and said if you are not arrested, then you are a government agent. Just thought I would pass it along.

Anonymous said...

THEY own the media.
THEY own pop culture.
THEY own education.
THEY own the government with all its creeping tendrils.
THEY can and will manipulate events with whatever spin they want.
THEY are not above manufacturing an event to pin on us if we do not react.
THEY want an excuse, and I wonder if we are playing into their hands by giving them time to prepare and propagandize.

In the end, we will be cast as the villains, no matter whether our cause is just or not. But the victor writes the history books.

I think we should all read Alinsky and take his words to heart, for that is their guide: Pick the target. Freeze it. Personalize it. Polarize it.


John H. said...

Just worth noting that the statement that the bill "requires the micro-chipping of Americans" is either a mistake or a lie.

It establishes a registry of all implantable medical devices - it says absolutely nothing about mandating RFID implants.

They might try that, but I don't think they'll have the opportunity.

Dan said...

The big difference is that in the sixties, as the poster pointed out, they were trying to destroy America from the outside and that now they're doing it from the inside.
We will be defending America from wherever we need to.
Beck doesn't get it.
Boehner doesn't get it.
When it's over, I don't even want them to applaud us or even celebrate another 4th of July, or Memorial Day, or Veteran's Day.
They've lost that right in my eyes. They have no idea what those dates commemrate.

Anonymous said...

Would you agree that a registry is the first step? After all they require us to register fire arms and continue to look for methods of tracking. Although the SS # is the very first registry of its kind.

Anonymous said...

We have been represented by legislative individuals who have been in office for over two decades on both sides of the aisle and now some appear to really give a dam? They should be all treated as criminals and criminals always have intent and motive which is counter to the will of the free majority. So why is it wrong to get their attention by means that actually work and to the point.

jack said...

"How would you like it if people who disagreed w/ you showed up at your house and threw rocks."

It's not that they "disagree" with us, it's that they are shoving their bs down our throats and threaten us with violence if we refuse to swallow... it's just a little remainder for them we can and will strike back.

Janet Incompetano said...

MARZ - trying to give you the benefit of the doubt - you must be a very nice, very innocent and very naive fellow if you think that the destruction of the Constitution has anything to do with health care. It doesn't. Nor does the coming push to allow illegal aliens to vote. Nor did the nationalization of GM. It is about consolidation of power. Do some research and become informed. And the people we disagree with are not throwing bricks. They are destroying a nation and threatening death to those who resist. A little more extreme than a rock through the window. IF you want to see how tyrants behave - like the ones in DC right now - when they are being disagreeable', look at Cuba, the old USSR, Nazi Germany.... they did not throw bricks.

TGP & James -About Glen Beck... he may or may not be useful, but he IS a fraud and an idiot. No more integrity than Stupak.

And to all - the headline 'Dems are scared' is hysterical. Those commie bastards, one and all, remind me of some imbecile who has poked and poked and poked a grizzly with a sharp stick until it rips his arm off, then goes whining and wailing like a baby that "It had no right to do that! Waaaah!"
Like those gutless, God-accursed dipshits in Waco whining, "They're shooting BACK! No fair! They aren't supposed to DO that. Waaaah!"
To paraphrase Mark Levin, they are to me, as dog crap is to my shoe.

Anonymous said...

The words, more specifically the chorus, to that old 1930's song "Which Side Are You On?" keep coming to mind, though it would mean something VERY different to us. It may have been popularized by the leftists of the 40's (the recording I remember best was by Pete Seeger), but it just seems so appropriate at this point in time.

Looks like the nation will be choosing up sides (again) pretty soon. And we'll probably have a lot of folk songs written about this time, as well, just as in all the wars before.

Keep at it, Mike!

Phelps said...

For the record, the four boxes are the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the ammunition box, usually used in that order.

Anonymous said...,2933,589943,00.html

I also have not been a Beck fan but watched today and he does have it. We need to rethink and make it know to all the 'New Plan' to win the heart and soul of America' back.

Randy P said...

You, sir, are a domestic terrorist, and you deserve to be shipped to GITMO forthwith.

Randy B said...

How pathetic and incomprehensible is Randy P's misunderstanding of what terrorism is?

Anonymous said...

I have seen several posts about particular individuals who entertain us and have the ability to speak their mind without anyone shouting back? Beck, O'Reilly, Larry King, Rush, Campbell, AC360 etc... are all entertainers nothing more and nothing less. They don't care about you, me or this country. IMO it is not just the legislative body that needs to change but more importantly it is the way we are falsely entertained that needs even a greater shake up.

Anonymous said...

The lefties are really beating the drum...*t-is-getting-scary

Remember that time when Homeland Security released a memo warning of "right wing extremism" and everyone freaked out and yelled about how ridiculous it was?....

•10 house members express fear of right-wing threats
•Brick thrown into Rep. Louise Slaughter's office
•Louise Slaughter receives threats of assassination and family being "snipered"
•Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' office window shattered
•Tea Party website tries to post Congressman's home address and encourages users to "drop by" and "express their thanks"
•Propane line slashed at Rep. Tom Perriello's brother's home. He has 4 children under the age of 8.
•"No to Obama" brick thrown through the window of the Sedgwick County Democratic Party HQ
•Glass doors destroyed by brick at the Monroe County Democratic Committee in Rochester, N.Y
•To Rep. Bart Stupak: "You’re dead; we know where you live; we’ll get you."
•Rep. Dennis Cardoza receives physical threats
•Chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party read Pomeroy’s cell phone number aloud on the stage
•African-American Rep. James E. Clyburn receives fax of noose
•Death threats aimed as Rep. Louise Slaughter's children. She has 3 daughters.

Anonymous said...

Isnt that funny how a lefty like Randy P. who was probably against muslim terrorists being held in GITMO, now wants YOU,an american in GITMO.

Lets see...Muslim terrorists crash planes into buildings, set of IEDs to kill soldiers, and kidnap americans for ransom in other countries and he thinks they DONT deserve GITMO. Yet you, advocated throwing bricks thru windows which is nothing more than vandalism yet you DESERVE GITMO for that. So GITMO for breaking windows, and no GITMO for killing, bombing & kidnapping....Hmmm maybe you should be doing the latter so you dont deserve GITMO...

suek said...

That's Cloward-Pivens.

Here's an explanation:
"Cloward-Piven Strategy"

The rest of the stuff is basically Alinsky method: Make them follow their own rules. All of them and to the letter. Nobody - Christians least of all - can follow all their own rules.

Johnny Appleseed has it right - if you listen to the left, there is no solution other than being a good little sheep. As for Glenn Beck - he has it right most of the time. His show does a great job of educating people on what Progressivism is and how it affects us. That doesn't mean he's right all the time, and for crying out loud - how long do you think he'd last if he advocated overthrowing the current administration?? Of course he doesn't. But if you follow the know the end of the story.

Anonymous said...

disinfo continues.