Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Virginia’s McAuliffe proposes 2A infringements on Bill of Rights Day

To those who haven’t thought things through, “Prohibit the possession of firearms for persons subject to protective orders” may sound like a good idea. The problem, of course, is that it denies a right to a person who has not been convicted of anything, endangering them in the process.


Anonymous said...

Here in Illinois, as part of the NRAs concealed carry "law", arrests THEMSELVES - even if ZERO CONVICTIONS ever happen- bar you from a permission slip.

LEO doesn't want you carrying for whatever reason, all they have to do is arrest you a few times and poof - no carry for you!!

Every time someone says "background check", EVERY gun owner and rights defender MUST respond with "when you pass you background check NOT to go to mosque, tell me again how you want a background check regarding arms."

Anonymous said...

I dont remember seeing anything about being a criminal or accused make you unable to receive the protection of the constitution.. who wrote that in ?