Monday, December 22, 2014

Gun Control Cultist Calls For Children To Steal Parents’ Firearms, Bring Them To Schools

Bob Owens asks: What is wrong with these people?
C'mon, Bob. You've never heard of the Young Communists? The Hitler Youth? Collectivists ALWAYS try to achieve their aims through the weak minds of children. ALWAYS.


Sean said...

Endorsing or Encouraging people to commit multiple felonies is a prosecutable offense. She could get hit with the Patriot(spit)Act.

Anonymous said...

Or, they're intentionally trying to get some kid shot if a cop sees him turn the corner with a gun in hand. In any event, it's an asinine policy to tell a kid to steal an adults gun. Proving these idiots are asinine..

Anonymous said...

I have always likened those who go after the minds of children to pedophiles. The only difference is the former goes after the mind while the latter goes after the body and the mind.

The line of separation is clear.
Honest people teach kids FACTS and teach them how to think.
Dishonest people indoctrinate kids with feelings presented as facts in order to USE them as political pawns.

Three things in life are OFF FUCKING LIMITS.
The elderly.
The children.
Dead soldiers.

None can defend themselves. Anyone who attempts to use any of these three IS as guilty and EVIL as a sexual predator called a pedophile. There is no excusing this behavior and there's no saying "sorry" that fixes it. Some things in life are unforgivable. This issue is one of those things.

Not one more inch.

Anonymous said...

What you suspected is true .In anothe show of utter arrogance, they did film it in an actual school , with a real gun ..... and it has already been recovered from a Mexican crime scene .

Nightshade said...

Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake.

She in this case. But still.

Paul X said...

This reminds me of a D.A.R.E. tactic from the '80's, telling school children to report their parents for smoking pot. I suspect a lot of conservatives back in those days weren't quite so scandalized as when the same tactic is used on guns.