Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looks like it's time for an open carry march in North Carolina.

Man Arrested For Open Carry In North Carolina


Anonymous said...

"Going armed to the terror of the public", the old law that makes open carry in NC a dicey issue. It's basically a law that allows the police to arrest you if someone calls in and says they're scared. Nevermind the fact that it blatantly contradicts a recent court ruling on the subject of open carry.

I live in NC and I open carry a pistol daily and I haven't had any trouble from the local cops (probably because I live in a rural area and the cops here are only good for writing traffic tickets). I would be happy to participate in an open carry march even though carrying firearms at a protest was illegal in NC the last time I checked.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that you think it is important to legalize open carry. Carrying openly is like carrying a sign telling the thugs to "Shoot Me First". Open carry just denies you the element of surprise. If concealed carry is already legal, with very reasonable requirements, there is no need for legalizing open carry. Reasonable requirements would be: 18 to 21 minimum years old, no felony convictions and no judgment of insanity by a court of law.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

we've had open carry here since 1921. we consider concealed carry cowardly and sneaky and not very gentleman-like. until this past fall we had a ban on concealed carry in our county buildings, even though we can carry openly. but in fairness, we finally did away with that gun ban too.

last time mike was up here for an open carry rally back in 2010, we had over two hundred people show up and things went fairly well. maybe we should have another. if i were the only one going open carry, then i could see your point about not having the element of surprise, but when everybody open carries, well then, we're back to basic clausawitz - quantity has a quality all of its own.