Thursday, December 18, 2014

Those Dangerous Constitutionalists!

Mike Vanderboegh was called a radical right-winger. Hey, radical right-winger, constitutionalist or extremist. It’s six one way and half a dozen the other. As for Moffett, we know where he stands, and it’s because of people like him that we are constitutionalists and stockpile weapons. Bring it, Moffett.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Constitutionalists".. the motiff of the rally in Washington state..WE WILL NOT exactly James Madison's solution to un-constitutional diktats of the federal government. In fact, it is the ONLY solution...

Now, if only the citizens of the Dumbest Country on the Planet knew all they had to do to stop EVERYTHING the Feds are doing, from the Survellance State to continuous wars to Drones to the Police ignore the 16th amendment..enmass.. they could bring this monster to it's one fell swoop. Of course, the Leviathan will respond with force, but we all know what that would cause. Meanwhile, the truth comes out..slowly.