Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oh, c'mon. You don't think the FBI would LIE about such an important thing do you? I mean, the only other explanation is that they're criminally incompetent.

Why don't we start a war based on faulty intelligence? FBI briefed on alternate Sony hack theory
“When the FBI made the announcement so soon after the initial hack was unveiled, everyone in the [cyber] intelligence community kind of raised their eyebrows at it, because it’s really hard to pin this on anyone within days of the attack,” Kurt Stammberger said in an interview as his company briefed FBI investigators Monday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Makes You Wonder If the Administration Isn't Fomenting a War With N. Korea.

Anonymous said...

I recall a few years back (pre-Obama, but I can't recall if it was during a Bush or Clinton administration) the FBI did an audit of its crime lab. They looked at 39 cases, and found that the lab had "manufactured" (falsified) evidence in 4 cases. So, they admitted they'd made stuff up over 10% of the time. Made me wonder what the actual falsification rate was, since they were willing to admit to a 10+% rate.

They may be criminal, and not be incompetent.