Sunday, December 21, 2014

Daily Mail Fast and Furious report repeats unsubstantiated claim

The latter claim is where the ubiquitous administration-serving media narrative falls apart. How does one track guns without making any attempt to do so? That, in turn, leads to the fraudulent, but often-repeated media claim that Fast and Furious was a “botched gun sting.”

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Anonymous said...


The Bush2 administration tried it with trackers in the wood stocks of the weapons involved, and the cartels found them in about 22.4 seconds...

But at least the Bush2 administration gave this bunch a great idea for extending regulations while using subterfuge and flat out lies to achieve them.

They also knew that their media would back them, and they were right. Does that tree make a sound in the forest? Not if you aren't there because the media won't tell you about it unless they can use it in some way to attack evil capitalists, conservatives and libertarians.