Friday, December 19, 2014

Southern Preposterous Lie Center does what the "Gun Rights Blogosphere" refuses to do.

Pencil-neck collectivist David Neiwert covers the Olympia armed civil disobedience AND he spells my name right. Antigovernment Speakers Denounce Washington State Gun Law, Threaten Violent Revolt


Anonymous said...

SPLC: a group of cowards who pander to even bigger cowards. They've really learned the elite's game of using fear to keep people in line. No need for a firearm to kill one of the SPLC folks or their followers. Just hide around a corner and when they approach jump out and yell ""Boo". The heart attacks will come post haste...

Anonymous said...

The anti-gun comments over at the "hatewatch" page are a real stitch. They think they are all so smart, so full of the snarky-snark.

When it all goes down, those faggoty little shitballs are toast. Fortunately, they're all too stupid to realize this.

Chuck Connors said...

Setting aside the horrible leftist bias in the SPL 'story' I was interested to learn something of Scott Bannister's comments. For my part, let the oath-breakers quake in their Birkenstocks. They deserve it. I hope that my little blog (
qualifies as a "pro-gun rights" and a pro-Bill of Rights blog ('Bill of Rights supporters' are how I characterized the attendees--too far for me to drive from NC). Perhaps Mike you'll come back to speak in the southeast sometime in '15. Dr. Dan Eichenbaum and I look forward to hearing you speak in person again.
Keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

SPLC has gotten so far afield from its original mandate;

Olympia, WA is in a state nearly as far north as one can go in that part of the continental US, poverty is nowhere mentioned, and there are many poor people who could use firearms training, and access to affordable firearms, the law involved infringes on the Constitution & Bill of Rights, and the only Center they resemble now is Moscow Center in the 1970s.

They should say "mission accomplished", and dissolve.