Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Opportunities abound for New Year's gun rights resolutions

Look to the defiant gun owners refusing to register their property in Connecticut, or to others refusing to comply with Bloomberg’s I-594 initiative and numerous other examples of principled and moral civil disobedience, a time-honored American tradition. Consider what your role in this growing phenomenon will be, along with the attendant risks, and then make a decision and follow your informed conscience.


FedUp said...

And don't forget to not comply with the personal health insurance mandate when filing your 2014 taxes.

For example, one could leave line 61 blank on their 1040, with an attached explanation that your purchase choices are none of their business, or one could inform the IRS that he is exercising his right to medical privacy as outlined in Roe V Wade.

The important thing is that we openly do not comply with a law that supposes the federal government has the power to order us to engage in business dealings with private companies.

I informed my congresscritter and both senators, back in 2010, that they did not have this power, that I was not giving them this power, and that I would not comply with any individual mandate should they be arrogant enough to pass one. Now I have to keep my word. I just wonder if I'll be standing alone or with others.

Neil Wampler said...

I finished composing a "Personal resolves for 2015" list today, and will send it out to our local group of activists.Important,I feel, to have well defined goals.One of the resolves reads "Gun control is illegal.I will fight all forms of citizen disarmament".

Anonymous said...

Free men should not have to bow down to tyranny and beg for their free existence!

I will not comply!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X