Sunday, December 28, 2014

Putting a premium on hiring ignorant cops -- and keeping them ignorant.

Supreme Court Rules Police Can Violate The 4th Amendment (If They Are Ignorant Of The Law)


Anonymous said...

“This case may have started out with an improper traffic stop, but where it will end—given the turbulence of our age, with its police overreach, military training drills on American soil, domestic surveillance, SWAT team raids, asset forfeiture, wrongful convictions, and corporate corruption—is not hard to predict.

It's also undoubtedly going to end in funerals - for cops as well as the inevitable "civilians". There is no frikkin way this can end well. Talk about "Rules for thee but not for me". How can the enforcers of the law not be held accountable to the law. What ever happened to "Better a thousand guilty persons go unpunished than a single innocent person suffer"? I suppose that principle has been utterly stood on its head.

Oregon Hobo said...

Lone dissenter... Sotomayor? Interesting.


Anonymous said...

They gotta be ignoranter than their masters ... who just ignore the Constitution ... or it will all go to hell in a handcart if the cops get infected with that OathKeepers virus!


Oregon Hobo said...

Ehh waitaminnit, on re-read I noticed the key point: dumbass consented to the search.

I'm comfortable ignoring everything past that. Tis much ado about nothing.


Anonymous said...

SCOTUS decided plainly that if cops want to access material within a cell phone then.... GET A WARRANT. Then it turns around and basically says "if they don't know they need a warrant them they really didn't violate a Citizens right when they searched without one.

Terry stops themselves destroyed the fourth by making literally ANYTHING "reasonable".

I submit that we amend our Constitution by removing unreasonable from it. Let's get back to basics - you know, like it was meant in the first place.... Like the cell phone decision. GET A FUCKING WARRANT!

Not "worth" getting a warrant? Then it ain't worthy of being a "crime", huh?

Sadly, nobody is paying attention as rights are whittled and scraped away by our robed Kings.

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Oregon Hobo: "Ehh waitaminnit, on re-read I noticed the key point: dumbass consented to the search."

True enough, but people often face a tough choice: consent, and get wrongly arrested, or refuse, and get wrongly beaten/tazed/shot.