Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crime as Politics

The purpose would be to address the foundations of young black criminality — the break-up of the family, the pernicious role of federal subsidies, a value system that deprecates academic learning and idolizes sports and acts of supposed masculinity, the misogyny and racism of popular rap and other cultural expression, the neglect of the inner city by the rest of America, the legacy of racism on the individual psyche, and on and on. Yet to have such a discussion, not to mention their remedies, would put the Al Sharptons and others out of business. Moreover, the entire Obama electoral strategy was to galvanize the black community to register, turn out at the polls, and vote in monolithic fashion for Obama, as the emblematic black candidate. Because there was no margin of error in such calculus (given that racial chauvinism turns off one voter for every voter it attracts), if the cases of Skip Gates, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and the Eric Garner were not politicized, others would have to be invented to create the needed outrage and solidarity that translates into political clout.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is a Marxist who is surrounded and protected by other Marxists, in the media certainly but in government as well, at nearly every level, including political offices. In all things and at all times supporting and protecting Marxism and it's members.

But of course, this is only coincidence and happenstance and not as some have repeatedly said, a conspiracy or plan.

It's all accidental. If you believe in accidents when dealing with Marxists and communists.