Sunday, December 28, 2014

Public Notice: Itinerant seditionist/smuggler seeking to avoid boredom. I'm working on next year's schedule.

I am putting together my schedule for the first quarter of next year. The only firm commitment I have in that time frame at the moment is one to speak at an all day event of BamaCarry on 21 February at the Pelham, AL, Civic Center. Of course later in the year I will be at the can't miss event in Washington state at Yakima when we have our little "We-Don'-Need-No-Steenkeeng-Background-Checks" gun show the weekend of June 20-21. Other than, and a general desire to get back up Northeast and tweak some noses in New York, Connecticut and Maryland, my dance card is free.
So, if you have any venues where you think I might add to raising (or lowering) the polite level of discourse -- ;-) -- get in touch with me by dropping me an email at GeorgeMason1776ATaolDOTcom. My needs for speaking are simple. Transportation to and from as well as someplace to crash while I'm in your AO.
Let me know what you're planning and if it fits with the general thrust of my work, I'll try to create a schedule that works for all. Hoping you New Yaarkers can put something together. I'd really like to tweak that tyrant wannabe Cuomo's nose just once. And if you boys and girls in Connecticut can do the same in an amenable time frame, I'll get two tweaks for the price of one (three if you count Commissar Lawlor along with Malloy).
"Background checks? We don' need no steenkeeng backgound checks!"
(LATER: I think I'll get me a hat like that for the Yakima gun show and do my best I wonder, do they make 'em in 7 & 7/8s?)


prambo said...


Come to the North Country of NYS - great in the summer months. We can put you up, and I'll provide any necessary "security".

Don't know that there's any political reason for coming up here, because The Princess (Cuomo) and Obola are heavily despised "...up hee-re in da Nooth".

Actually we're a bunch of Canuck-Hoosier-Rednecks, but that seems like good company to me.


Loren said...

Let me know if you come through Casper Wyoming, you'll get a free dinner.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing, speaking and standing beside you again Mike.

Neil Wampler said...

April 12th - The one year anniversary of Bundy Ranch.With enough advance notice, a meet on this day in Bunkerville should be quite a party.I'd love to get together with my fellow "Domestic Terrorists"

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Maybe you should plan on attending The NRA's annual meetings and exhibits in Nashville on April 10 - 12th. I assure you it will be informative and exciting. The annual meetings/exhibits schedule is being slowly put together on as events get scheduled and speakers are committed.

- Old Greybeard

shadtach said...

Syracuse gun show middle of April.You can bunk at my place.Ill sent you specs. Would love to see you rattle their cage.

Ricardo Delta said...

The Liberty Forum(Feb) and Porcfest(june) are both organized by we Freestaters up here in New Hampshire. You would be very welcome at both these events.
Live Free or Die!