Thursday, December 18, 2014

Anti-gun politician convicted over teen staffer vowing revenge

Democratic Virginia State Delegate Joe Morrissey “is on a leash,” Henrico County Sheriff Michael Wade told CBS 6 in a Tuesday report on the jailed politician’s work release arrangement. Morrissey, 57, was convicted last week of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and sentenced to 12 months in jail with six months suspended for “an inappropriate relationship” with a 17-year-old administrative staffer in his legal office who is now reportedly pregnant.


Anonymous said...

Typical politician who either gets away with anything and everything or gets a slap on the wrist. (He's in the club). One of us take a gun into the state house of "lose" an Uzi and see what happens. Now he knocks up an underage kid. He should be doing a little more time than a few months and it should be in general population in the same state prison everyone else goes to. Plenty of dad's in there will know how to teach this guy some manners..

Anonymous said...

Hell's bell's. You ought to be a deputy in this county. Same thing. Knocked up 17 yr. old.
F cops.

Anonymous said...

Statutory Rape. I remember when 15 would get you 20!!! Unless you are one of the anointed political class. Where the rule of law doesn't apply. Here in Collectivist Ct. Guilford Ct, elected Ted Kennedy's son, As state representative to Hartford Ct. He doesn't have a heroin addiction problem any more. Amazing how collectivist vermin cross state lines ,and infect another state. We already had it bad enough with [D]im Witt[ Gun hater ]Dannel Malloy .And lets not forget Sodomite Mike [Red - KGB]Lawlor. Ct's esteemed Gun Czar. The Pox on them all!!! Behind Enemy Lines . In Unconstitutional, Collectivist Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O. 11B2O.