Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A not-exactly-merry Christmas present.

Beware Putin’s Special War in 2015


Anonymous said...

On this holy night, given the reality of Revelations, and the current trajectory of the United States, I can only pray that sanity will prevail for a while longer so my grandchildren will learn to understand the grace of god. I wish a Merry Christmas and a happier New Year to you all.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Christmas presents, the best one isn't under the Chrismas tree. It's waiting for you at the corner of Resurection street and Grace of God avenue.

Doug Rink said...

I also suspect the spoiled children running the show in Washington are a terrible mismatch to take on Putin. They bring a U.S. community organizing mindset. Putin came of age inside the KGB. Two drastically different world views are in play.

Paul X said...

"Nevertheless, the economic undoing of Putinism over the last weeks, brought about by Western sanctions in response to Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine which began in early 2014..."

"Western politicians, eager to avoid armed confrontation with Russia..."


I'm not sure whether to catalog this article as propaganda or naivete'. The only reasonable viewpoint is that both countries are run by criminal enterprises, and that Washington DC is (internationally at least) if anything worse than the Russian criminal enterprise. The peons have only to hope these madmen on both sides do not stumble into war.

Anonymous said...

Poootin is simply a continuation/permutation of the op they've been running here for decades.