Friday, December 26, 2014

"Hands up! Don't shoot!" Black, er, ah, RED lives matter.

The big surprise: “Communists are behind the anti-police protests in New York.”
Cindy Gorn, who was charged with assault, rioting, and resisting arrest. Gorn, 29, is "a graduate student at Columbia University and a professor teaching courses in geography at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. According to the College’s website, Ms. Gorn studies geography from the perspective of Marxist philosophy, and is also interested in 'social movements, autonomous labor movements, health, and the environment.' She is also a 'healing arts practitioner.' She teaches one course titled, 'Mapping the World: Critical Cartography and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for Social and Environmental Justice,' in which she uses maps to demonstrate to students 'the inherent contradictions of capitalist society.' She also teaches at Hunter College, Columbia University, and Barnard College."
No wonder these folks are chanting "Hands up! Don't shoot!" That's what the NKVD always commanded just before they put a bullet in the back of their victims' heads.


Anonymous said...

Anti-gun bigots are in fact quite rational - they know if only they have guns we can be shot in the back of the head by those they employe. If we continue to have guns they fear the favor will be speedily returned.

Stripping us of firearms is utterly necessary for their murderous proclivities to prevail. Thus every lie and evil purpose is to them completely justified.


Anonymous said...

Is Communism In America's Future?

Anonymous said...

The truth is starting to leak out. Lord only knows what else will be discovered in the near future. Maybe these Commie Professors need to be in front of the crowds (so they might get themselves shot) instead of cowering in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America

Best explanation of Political Correctness you will ever find—128 minute interview.

Sean said...

Anon 8:09, Communists are already here in America, in all three branches of govt., the bureaucracy, and state govts. Anti-gun movements and all the rest of the weird shit going on are merely symptoms of their presence. You'll know we have the high, nation killing fever when they drop the mask for good, and you see people being shot for who they are, rather than what they do. It's been a slowly developing disease here since just after the War Between the States. The future is now.

Allen said...

I've noticed when you combine "critical" with anything, it becomes marxist. "critical race theory" "critical cartography", ect

Anonymous said...

like I keep telling my family
all that is left to do is take our guns...then they have us
they will never get ours

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Our POTUS attended Columbia University and was a frequent attendee of the Cooper Federation ' s Conferences. FYI - The Cooper Federation is a socialist, Marxists & quasi Communist organization that propagates the consuming destructive mindset for the socio-economic class of the entitlement generation. This was always our POTUS' plan given he started attending these cooper Federation conferences in 1983. We must wake up and stand firmly against this emperor is tic POTUS to ensure our Constitution does not fall. This is the USA. NOT THE UN! WAKE UP AMERICA

Anonymous said...

Every generation makes its mistakes, creating history.
The problem with the ProgLibTards, is that they keep trying to recreate the past history, instead of learning from it, and moving on.
Fortunately, there are those (thank you, Mike V) who have learned, and are willing to lead in freer directions, while still retaining the lessons of what works, and more importantly, what does NOT work, from the past.
ANd there are enough others of us who are willing to learn from Mike's example, and both lead and follow, away from the deadends of history (socialism, communism).

B Woodman