Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Law-breaking teen ‘vigilante’ causes North Carolina ‘gun death’"

Of course, had the grandfather listened to Goodwin, his wife and three grandsons would have been at the mercy of two brazen invaders breaking into their home. The 18-year-old intruder the boy shot was reportedly trying to enter through a rear window when he ignored a warning to stop. His brother, who fled the scene, was reportedly out on probation for previous burglary attempts on the home, and was tracked down via the electronic monitor he was mandated to wear while out on bond.


Anonymous said...

Good shot , son!

Ed said...

The Examiner article mentions "three shots, one hitting the wood railing on the porch to further illustrate the lethal danger of guns in the home". No, the shot that killed the person breaking in illustrated the lethal danger of guns to people breaking into homes. It appears to be all the more reason to train children in the safe and effective handling and usage weapons, and when it is appropriate to use a gun to protect yourself and others in the home. It appears that the grandfather was successful in this.

David Codrea said...

Ed, you may not have seen the preface to this column, which I included on WoG and Facebook. Basically, the first half was written using "authorized journalist"/anti gun talking points so that the second half could demonstrate how ridiculous those are. That's why I included quotation marks around the word "vigilante" in the title.