Wednesday, December 31, 2014

If you expect me to mourn over the discomfiture of this GOP elitist puke, you may be waiting a while.

How Do You Show Up at a David Duke Event and Not Know What It Is?
This comment reflects my opinion:
Scalise is a real snake. He was Boehner's stalking horse to take over and neuter the House Republican Study Committee, much like David Cameron's takeover and neutering of the 1922 Association in the British House of Commons. He had to have known, and he needs to be replaced. Scalise is a front for the establishment, and a shed no tears for him.
As does this one:
What's good for me is bad for thee. Support us in the general, but if you win, we'll Murkowski you in the general. We like power and to manage the decline. Those are the Establishment principles.


Son of Sam Adams said...

This presumes that Scalise actually did the thing which he (too hastily) apologized for. A Duke aide is now saying that Scalise actually spoke at a constituent meeting which he set up at the same place and date.

And Puke himself is threatening to name names of other politicians he's been seen with, if they don't lay off Scalise. Some of them may even be Democrats. This is brilliant; if the truth is out there, nobody can be blackmailed (what do they have on Boehner?)

None of this invalidates your point that Scalise personally isn't worth crying for. The right of free association may be, though.

Anonymous said...

There are slots open on 'the list' for rat bastard elitist republicans...