Monday, December 29, 2014

Feldman & Pratt: Plan to merge ATF with FBI makes a bad cop worse

“Congress has a history of not challenging the FBI.” No sh-t. I wonder why. If you've just gotta know, ask John Boehner.


Anonymous said...

“Congress has a history of not challenging the FBI."

Shades of Otis Pike. Given the Pike Committee hearings resulted in a report so scathing to the OMG, CIA and NSA, Pres Ford refused to release it, only to be leaked by journalist Danial Shore to the Village Voice, I'd bet the Director of FBI at the time was hoping his agency wouldn't be investigated by Pike. All I know is..I wish he was still a Congress critter. He didn't pull any the Dir. of CIA, James Colbey found out.

Indeed, Congress IS afraid of the FBI. Especially now that they know the NSA feeds them info...

Anonymous said...

With tobacco regs being shifted over to FDA, the ATF and DEA are vulnerable to being absorbed. I'd be GLAD for that. That's shrinking government!!

Let's see em try to leave the FBI without a head in attempt to hide evidence. Let's see em try to leave the FBI "rudderless" to create excuses.

I understand opposition, it's legit. But you know what? The alphabets are just serving to hide things. Combine them then there are less enemies to fight on that front.

Anonymous said...

If'n I remember right the head of the Secret Service was asked if merging the ATF with the FBI and SS would be a good idea. He responded.........."If you mix dirty water with clean water you end up with just MORE dirty water"!!