Sunday, December 21, 2014

Have bow tie, will travel. Alan Gottlieb, man about the world. Magic fairy dust as a strategy.

Now we know why he was smiling. He just spent three days partying in Hong Kong. Well, that's harsh. Maybe he was consulting with the ChiComs about the efficacy of background checks.
Fresh from world traveling to Hong Kong for "three days of fun" as he described it, Gottlieb appeared on the Mark Walters show as the quintessential Neville Chamberlain that we've come to expect.
Walters asked Gottlieb about I-594, inquiring whether we have another CT non-compliance campaign on our hands. Gottlieb answered, "I'm not expecting it in Washington state."
NOT EXPECTING IT?!? NOT EXPECTING IT?!? It's already a frigging fact! How Walters didn't choke in laughter is beyond me.
When Walters asked him about the fact of the armed civil disobedience of the "I Will Not Comply" rally, Gottlieb lied and said that it wasn't armed civil disobedience because "most people there weren't armed."
He added, "I don't think it helped us with the general public. It doesn't help us with the public or the legislators." He added, "I'm not a fan of armed civil disobedience."
Like we couldn't figure THAT out. The only thing he IS a fan of is other folks sending him money.
In the second segment, Walters asked how Gottlieb was going to try to change I-594 in the legislature. Without touching the subject of what compromises he was willing to make, he answered, "All the gun groups in Washington state have banded together and hired another lobbyist."
WOW! That's showing them, Alan. I'm sure Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Michael Bloomberg are quaking in their designer shoes.
LATER: It is evident that Gottlieb doesn't believe that the state usurping the long-standing right of individuals to exchange property freely is that big of a deal. Considering that he has indicated his willingness to concede that right in the past -- and not even King George the Third was that grasping -- this is perhaps not surprising. If you are expecting Gottlieb to fight that fight is to believe in the triumph of hope over experience. With fairy dust thrown in for good measure.
Alan Gottlieb's secret weapon for defeating I-594 -- Magic Fairy Dust.


commoncents said...

Watch Dr. Evil mock Sony Pictures and North Korea on SNL

ps. Link Exchange?

Anonymous said...

The spawn of Serfs and Slaves with narry a Free Person in their heritage. Born to kiss and lick the hand that beats them.

Sad really as it leaves the heavy lifting to others.

Best we know them for what they are now before any reliance is placed upon them to retain Liberty.


Unknown said...

Im so proud to call you my friend. the true patriots of Washington state are proud we have had the chance to stand at your side in the fight. Bosworth

Anonymous said...

It is/was completely diabolical that this wolf in sheep's clothing is in control of the JPFO.

Yeah, I never had hoped that Alan would have heeded your advice to finally do the right thing Mike. The less than man suffers from the hubris that he is never wrong. Then again, statist are consistent at being, well...statists.

Liberty Clause

Dutchman6 said...

Anthony, thank you for the kind words but it you and your friends of the I Will Not Comply movement behind enemy lines who are the true heroes. I get to go home and sleep in (relatively) free Alabama. Y'all are on the front lines 24-7. It is I who am proud to be privileged to stand at YOUR side.

Kit Lange said...

Thank you for all you do. I second Anthony; it is an honor to call you my friend. I love to see justice done, and this article is pure Justice applied to those who claim to fight for liberty with one hand while making deals with the tyrants with the other. It makes my heart proud to see you taking it to them. Give 'em hell. We here in WA State stand beside you... all the way to the foxhole and beyond.


Anonymous said...

The next project of Judenr├Ąte Alan Gottlieb!

Let's all follow Alan to the cattle cars; shall we?

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Reg T said...

It seems somehow very appropriate to associate Gottlieb with Magic Fairy Dust.

Never liked the man, but his under-handed shenanigans with JPFO left me glad that I have spurned his organization. He obviously stole a page from the NRA's playbook concerning how to flog as much money as possible from the gullible.