Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ferguson Protesters Chant “Pigs in a Blanket” After Two NYC Police Officers Executed



Jimmy the Saint said...

Therein lies the problem with doing stuff that causes the public as a whole to lose trust in you as a system. You become suspect, which removes your aura of respect, which renders you touchable.

And unfortunately, once you're touchable, it's not really subject to differentiation between "good" and "bad" instances.

RogerC said...

Way to stay classy, Ferguson protesters.

Whether you love cops or loathe 'em, murder is still murder. Two men were murdered while minding their own business, and that's all there is to it. There's nothing to celebrate about that.

Maybe they were good men trying to make a difference. Maybe they were petty, statist bullies. I'm sure every PD contains a few of both types, but either way it doesn't change the fundamental fact; they didn't deserve to be murdered.

prambo said...

I've been watching the development of this scenario from the start of the Ferguson debacle.

After the vicious attack in NYC, I scan-read my copy of Chittum's "Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America".

Read this book first in about 1998, when I was still quite "liberal", and passed it off as a "racist delusional diatribe".

On re-assessment 16+ years later, Chittum appears to have been "spot-on, old boy".

The populace of this benighted country has been manipulated to the point of open racial and gang-based civil war, thanks to the Chief Race-Baiter, Obola.

You get the governmet you deserve, and I guess that chicken has come to roost.

Don't like this one bit, but the race of the lemmings to the edge of the abyss is almost at the dropoff.

Banzai!! Banzai!! Banzai!!

Sean said...

Sow the wind, (treat people like garbage and haughtily proclaim your "right" to "officer safety", and up armor with MRAPs,machine guns, grenades, and gear that would do the SS proud) and reap the whirl wind. I'm rather surprised at the LACK of activity like this. Cops have been crusin' for this brusin' for quite a while now, and it ain't over yet.