Monday, December 22, 2014

David Codrea on "Squatter's Rights." Sipsey Street under cyber-squatting attack as well. What's next?

"In the mean time, you can contact them here and inquire about their 'Service You Can Trust' claim. I'm hoping someone with the ability to record phone calls can place one to their 1-303-893-0552 number and ask about the morality of this, and then post it on YouTube. Be great if they reached ol' Jeffrey himself. It looks like CO is a one-party consent state..."


ProfessorRoush said...

Yeah, but you're not "" are a BlogSpot domain and the sale won't affect you. Those who know will keep them separate.

Anonymous said...

Buy it!

jon said...

squatting is frowned upon. you can file with ICANN for control of a domain if you can demonstrate bad faith.

Oregon Hobo said...

FWIW, this doesn't appear to be enemy action, probably just some guy trolling for squat-worthy names that up-and-coming bloggers might want later. One can see here that he first registered this domain on 2008-11-07, long before you had attracted much attention:

Sounds like ICANN is a good bet. If it has to go to court though, you're almost certainly better off paying the bastard if you can muster the funds to do so and maybe haggle him down a bit. It would be a bad thing if the domain were to fall into the hands of someone with an agenda beyond mere grift.


Anonymous said...

Trademark sipseystreetirregulars.
Who has it as dot net? How about dot org?

Folks, this is capitalism and there's nothing wrong with that.

As for David's law question- and complaints. Ya got nutunhoney at this point. Just owning the name isn't harming anyone or anything absent the trademarking and or copywriting. Unless a webpage is built, and pretends to BE you, or takes a position like a moms demand action anti gun scenario that shows deliberate sabotage of your reputation of SSI, there is no STANDING of any kind.

The "buy it" comment is the best solution.

Back to David for a minute. No disrespect meant here but I would be remiss not to point this out. We CANNOT BECOME that which we claim to oppose. We cannot fall victim to the "there outta be a law" mentality that got us into the sad situation we are in. I realize this is a punk bitch thing to do, latch onto SSI and buy the domain name BUT it was FOR SALE when he bought it and Mike or David for that matter could have bought it fair and square.

As for two grand now? Well, supply and demand! We DO still believe in that, right?

Shame that fella? Well, I'm frowning on that cuz if he had a special rifle and wanted a lot of money for it - nobody worth their salt would be shaming him. We'd only be snapping if he was doing something untoward with that rifle, something in malice.

Best scenario? Let the fool pay and pay and pay and pay to keep a domain name he really can't do anything with without risking litigation. Ya think Bloomberg and a few in Ct wouldn't have bought it already otherwise? Heck, in some ways its safest and cheapest right where it's at!!!!!! And that fella has to decide how much money he's willing to spend holding on to something that really has no value if Mike ain't willing to pay for it.

Don't give em the satisfaction or the profit. Let em sit on it.

prambo said...

Looks more and more like Stalinist Russia around this country all the time.

Taken together with the DOS/Email Bomb someone just pulled on you, this looks like a concerted effort.

Makes me want to become a "geezer hacker".


Have to agree with anonymous poster - buy the SOB, we'll all chip in, at least I will.

To quote TuPac - "F**k'em all, let'em die, that's my slogan".

Anonymous said...

Ditto what ProfessorRoush said.
However some dirtbag or organization seeking to discredit you may want this name, so that when people do internet searches looking for your blog the "" name may pop up before the blogspot name and they could populate this website with white supremacist/false flag stuff to keep people away from your message.
Obviously you are reaching critical mass on the impact you are making and people who are taking notice of you.

Anonymous said...

I tried to register, and back when the .xxx domains became available. Was denied for some odd reason.

Anonymous said...

I have been dealing with domains and hosting in one form or another for the last 30 plus years. This happens all the time. The best course of action would be for us to donate a couple bucks each and then once we control the domain redirect it to the blog. Tim Ferguson

Anonymous said...

All been done before. At one point "" was a porn site. Back when Alex Pinellas was Miami-Dade County's most ant-gun mayor "" was a porn site as well.

A while back, the hamburger McDonald's tried to sue a dry cleaner McDonald's. The courts ruled that McDonald was a surname not owned my the hamburger folks and as long as the dry cleaner wasn't trying to use his name to push Big Mac's he had as much right to it as the hamburger folks.

IOW.... the other guy can lease or or Obama.whatever. As long as he's not claiming to be Obama 43 he's good to go.

joel stoner said...

gotta love Anonymous comments, guess they don't want us knowing who it is that knows nothing of trademark and cyber-squatting laws.
While i don't trust wikipedia much, it does list laws and codes that can be verified.

Reg T said...

Finish (hopefully with a good bit more material than that which you have already made available to us fans) and make Absolved available to all of us who are dying to have it, and you'll make enough money to easily pay for it, if you decide to go that route!

This is in the way of a _very_ broad hint, Mike :-)

Unknown said...

Isn't it strange that you went to Wa.State (home of some billionaire feller who named his business after his penis. micro and soft are both descriptive of some unnamed rich guys penis up in Redmond,are'nt they) and after you committed progressive heresy in public out there you start having computer problems.hmmm who out there would know a lot about computers and internet domain law?

Anonymous said..., for example, is available for under ten bucks.

Also as an example, is ridiculously overpriced. You can attach your site to any domain name you own, and a web search will direct people to the correct location.

ProfessorRoush has the best advice. Leave things as they are, and pay what you are now.

Cybersquatters seek to monetize fear. Don't pay this Colorado based toad a dime to sit on his lilypad.

Paul X said...

I wouldn't worry about it. In the big scheme of things, it is meaningless. The people who want to find your blog will find it, never fear.