Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another clueless collectivist seeking self-extinction in a civil war that he wants to provoke.

From the wildly ironically named director of something called "PeaceVoice": Time is overdue to repeal the Second Amendment


Anonymous said...

I'm not even going to bother reading that drivel. The Logo says it all at the top: "Progressive Alternative"...Just another name to keep on a very, very long list..

Anonymous said...


For the sake of brevity as I could use a number of colorful adjectives to describe this rodent, let's just all agree that this one is not going to be present in the stack outside your house. No, this one is low hanging fruit. He would do well to take note and remember that.

Anonymous said...

I rarely comment on the blog.

Rather than simply or crudely dismissing the purveyor of objectionable ideas, one should make a reasonable effort to understand their argument and seek validity or fault.

Follow their links. Search for the Oregon Peace Institute. End up at the Portland State University and read about their "Conflict Resolution Program".

I did and here is my conclusion: While the goals of "violence prevention, mediation,
negotiation, restorative justice, nonviolent social change,
policy and
organizational facilitation,
international and intercultural conflict resolution,
dispute systems design and evaluation" are laudable, they are all based upon the assumption that the person or entity that one is in conflict with can be reasoned with.

As soon as you encounter someone you cannot reason with, who will only accept you doing their bidding, and will go so far as killing you to have their way, then all the "mediation and negotiation" you've got is rendered impotent.

Thus the need for my G-d given right to keep and bear arms.

James 1:12 from Omaha...

Backwoods Engineer said...

My comment to this prog:

Even if, through some electoral chicanery, cultural Marxists manage to repeal the 2nd Amendment, I WILL NOT DISARM. Did you hear me? I WILL NOT DISARM.

How many of the 100 million gun owners in America are you willing to murder to make your little fantasy come true?

Besides, my right to keep and bear arms predates the Founding of the United States of America, and the courts know it.

Anonymous said...

Reading the first paragraph is all you need to know about this moke. You needn't bother reading the rest.

Mike, I've read and fully digested your recent post on how easy it is for a "civil war" to break out. At first, I wasn't so sure. After further review and reflection, I have to agree with you 100%. It also makes me even more concerned about what the not-so-distant future has in store.

Anonymous said...

My comment on the oped went like this:

"Let me know when it becomes possible to repeal a "Natural Born" or "God Given" right."

"The Second Amendment acknowledges a right; it does not confer a privilege."