Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bob Owens gets a little upset.

"It’s Time To Play Cowboys and Communists."


Anonymous said...

I guess the wall to wall examples of police brutality are to be ig-
nored. I think some people are tired of being rousted for no reason. One must die for selling single cigarettes? Come on!

Anonymous said...

The police are not your friends. Most of them would be first in line to confiscate your firearms if given the command. They also have no problem arresting people for having a garden on their property or arresting an individual for feeding the homeless.

Police are simply enforcers of the ruling class.


Anonymous said...

The best, most powerful quote from this story:

"This is a Constitution worth defending."

Let's get on with it.

Chris Bauman

FedUp said...

So, if the communists turn anti-cop, Owens thinks we should all turn into raging copsuckers in response?

Petty tyrants of the police state are reaping what they have sown. I think it's time for the rest of us to just sit back, toss another bag of popcorn in the microwave and watch the show for free.

Curtis said...

Because damn-it! If it weren't for cops, our constitution would be trash! Cops are the guardians of our constitution and the only ones standing between it and those who would destroy... that which has already been destroyed. That's right people, you can hear the giant sucking sound of cops and their cop unions lobbying their city, county, state, and federal governments demanding the return to constitutional copdom. Demanding all those unconstitutional "Law Enforcement Tools" be repealed. Hasn't anyone noticed the cops stacking the courtrooms when one of their own unjustly beats and/or kills a mundane demanding the judge dole out swift justice to the bad cop? As for cops protecting and serving, tell that to the millions in the history of USA copdom who have been raped, mugged, assaulted, home invaded, murdered, and etc. Cops, for the vast majority of the time, are historians and revenue generators. Right or left, liberty or communists... the institution of copdom has brought it upon themselves. What is truly amazing, is all the people out there who think when it all comes tumbling down in America, when America goes full retard, it will be the cop standing between you and the government on your behalf. There is a reason why your cops are training with the military. There is a reason why your government is giving them all those extra-unconstitutional “Law Enforcement Tools”. There is a reason why the Dept. Of Homeland Security is partnering with, and giving training and seminars to your local cops. There is a reason why your cops are being given military hardware. There is a reason why your cops are being acclimatized to its militarization. There is a reason why your government coddles your police. And your police sucks it all up with abandon. How brainwashed can you people be?

Anonymous said...

He's at it again: http://bearingarms.com/war-cops-continues-durham-officer-targeted-home/?utm_source=bafbp&utm_medium=fbpage&utm_campaign=baupdate.

He likes playing both sides of the fence it seems.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget not all LE are bums or enforcers for the ruling class. Some/most are just folks doing a job they are either good at or predisposed to, just like the rest of us.

If we are to defend this Constitution, we all must have the right mindset to do so. Just look at the tenets of the 3 Percent.

Anonymous said...

Watch out this is going to end up as the National Police Force the POTUS wants.

Paul X said...

"The attacks are intensifying, and they are no accident. We are now engaged in an emerging low-grade civil war, where people who hate the United States of America and all that it stands for are attempting to destroy the very fabric of our nation by targeting law enforcement officers for isolation and execution."

Oh, please. The real America is a police state? I don't think so.

"Don't forget not all LE are bums or enforcers for the ruling class."

Maybe so, but the job of (government) policing is itself inherently anti-liberty, if you bother to think it through. Hard to ignore that fact.

Anonymous said...

Y'all covered everything pretty well so I have nothing to add except to agree.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's disturbing that police officers are getting randomly shot at. It is also disturbing that Jose Guarena was executed by the Pima Co SO SWAT Team. It is also disturbing that Fullerton, CA cops beat Kelly Thomas to death and beat the rap in court. It is also disturbing that the Black female dental hygienist with her baby in her car was gunned down by the DC police to the applause in Congress.
Do not spin this as some commie or ISIS-inspired conspiracy to take down Amerika. This is blowback for years of government abuse at the hands of the largest gang in Amerika. Shaved-head, tatted-up, steroid-taking,badge-wearing paranoid thugs who are not remotely in tune with what it takes to be a peace officer.

CB said...

Bob Owens missed it altogether. I should have stayed away.
On the other hand, another writer, a real thinking man, has nailed it. The answer is in his last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

from the radical journal Black Dwarf in 1817:

States must either proceed, or retrograde. While we contented ourselves with boasting of our advance, we have been silently, but rapidly falling back... The people ought to remember that they are the guardians of the constitution. Instead of that the simpletons expect protection from the constitution; which is in fact nothing but the recorded merits of our ancestors. The country that boasted of being free, because Magna Carta was enacted; when the least share of penetration would have taught us, that Magna Carta was enacted only because our ancestors were determined to be free. Our ancestors, with swords in their hands, and the tyrant John on his knees before them, would have been just as free, whether they had insisted on the signature of Magna Carta, or not. Their freedom was in their power, and in their will.

The author was Thomas Wooler (1786-1853). His words are quoted by Edward Vallance at the very conclusion of his book 'Radical History of Britain'.


Anonymous said...

Methinks a lot of folks need to learn the lessons history offers. The social ostracism of LEOs - in some areas of our nation - is not new. But the emergent hostility to LEOs isn't going to end well; for anyone.

The more isolate y'all make those empowered to employ lethal force, the more likely they'll not hesitate to employ it. Far better, IMNSHO, to "make friends" with any/all LEOs when the opportunity arises. Anyone will hesitate to shoot when his target is someone he has a personal association with. You may need that second's hesitation someday. >Jeff

Anonymous said...

Owens "botched" it one too many times for me to consider his credibility worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

a few posts back you (MBV) quoted Jared
Diamond, deploring the inability of
government to really get moving (this
from memory)

Here's how it happened in Germany;

Joachim Fest in his Memoir Not I recalls his father Joannes
telling him:

Once, as I've never forgotten, I heard him describe Papen and Kaas as traitors
and the SPD leadership as a bunch of cowards. "When we set up our organization 'Black
Red Gold' our slogan was "Deutsche Republik, Letzen Tropfen Bluts soll gehoren
[geho:ren] But what did we do? We handed over our arms stores to the Nazis."
p. 86

Anonymous said...

If the comments above are truly representative of the III%, then we are in deeper trouble than I thought.

We've got to be smarter than this, folks.

All LEO's are not your enemy. Neither are all of the III your friends. The collective is using AP's on both sides to collapse the system and implement their socialist utopia. In this instance, their goal is guilt by association for any III% militia who defends the current attacks on police.

The recent attacks on police were NOT carried out by modern day minutemen - far from it! They are social justice warriors, period! Their targets were NOT alphabet agents or SWAT teamers, but street officers, not to mention firemen. Firemen?!

The majority of public servants I've encountered are conservative, family men, who will be on our side, if we don't blow it. I would come to their defense in a heartbeat.

(OTOH, I do know a sheriff, deputy, and policeman of the smart a$$ variety. By the grace of God, they are no longer in those positions. Prayer is amazing;) )

On Bob Owens: He is relatively new to the party, as am I. I don't agree with everything he says, but he has come a long way from the Confederate Yankee days.

/rant off,

Dutchman6 said...


I concur with your critique both of some of the comments and the overall situation. "If we don't blow it," indeed.


Anonymous said...

Perception is very important. Business gets it but government dosent. Our survival instinct relates micro events on a macro level. in other words, if an individual does something bad to us, we extrapolate it to the larger group that that person belongs to.

If someone in a business does something that offends or damages a customer in any way, that business WILL remove that person in a very public way. If they think that person was right then they would reward him after he is fired with a severance package or a new better job somewhere else. But the important part is to show solidarity on a macro level to the public. Or the public will destroy you.
Government however is a aboration to this law of human nature. This is why governments will always fail. They get to the point where protecting the individual member is more important than protecting the Whole. This is because most government employees don't have the well being of the government itself or the people in their hearts. They are individuals who see only the well being of themselves as Important. So a cop who does something wrong will seldom be prosecuted because the rest are fearful that they are next.
So Mike. You cant blame the commenters above for their actions. Their actions are normal and well understood. They fall squarely into human survival instincts
The actions of the cops and government however, good cops or bad cops run counter to human nature. Instead of bowing to the the people and procecuting the people who make the group in general look bad they Unlike business, make a farce of the powers that have been entrusted to them and use it to cover up or exonerate the bad guy. They bite the hand that feeds them. Pure and simple.
So. All cops are good or all cops are bad. There is no other way around it.