Friday, December 26, 2014

Silly me. I always thought he worshipped in the mirror every morning when he got up.

Obama rarely seen in church, but advisers say his beliefs remain strong.


C. S. P. Schofield said...

Yes indeed. His beliefs obviously remain strong; he deeply and sincerely believes that he is the Light and the Way.

If he were competent that would make him the anti-Christ. As it is it merely makes him an annoying and somewhat dangerous twit.

Anonymous said...

He does have strong beliefs! He believes in destroying all forms of true Americanism, he believes in the lies of Marx and Lenin, he believes in the gentle-hand of leadership, as expressed by Joseph Stalin, and he believes in his lord and savior Lucifer. He believes he can divide America along lines of race, gender and wealth. He believes he is a dictator, here to write any law he pleases. He believes the moneyed elite will take good care of him if he dances to their tune. And most of all he believes he will pay no price for any of his evil deeds in the life after this one..

Fayette County, TX said...

Even satan believes in God. Those who do the Devils work do too. This article proves nothing. Propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I'd wager a shiny new nickel that obumma has been on a golf course more times than he has been in a church.