Monday, December 29, 2014

Yeah, yeah. I've heard about this "United Front" crap before. It is a tale told by a hard-core collectivist, repeated by useful idiots and embraced by any fool who wants a knife in his back from so-called "allies."

Czechoslovak diplomat and politician Jan Masaryk (1886-1948)
The Same Revolt: Breathe, Occupy, Tea Party – What if these are variations of the same revolution?
Trust me, they're not.
Don't believe me? Ask the ghost of Jan Masaryk. As they said in Czechoslovakia after the Communists murdered him and then claimed it was suicide: "Jan Masaryk was a very tidy man. He was such a tidy man that when he jumped he shut the window after himself."


prambo said...

Thanks, Mike

Wanted an un-biased and learned read of that article.

It would appear then, at least to me, that the only common element among the group is that all will be wrapped up and shipped off by the same governement purges.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of all the "suicides" where multiple gunshots are involved..

oughtsix said...

"News Doctors" eh?

Don't we have entirely too many of those already?