Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hat update.

If you haven't yet received your hat order, here's why:
I sent out all the hats I had on hand -- 40 -- and those of you lucky enough to be on that list got them before Christmas. I am waiting to take delivery (promised for today) on the balance. Much to my frustration, the embroiderer had a machine break down and put off her delivery until after Christmas. All remaining orders should be out of here and on the way by Wednesday. Sorry for the delay. There will be hats of both types -- "100 Heads Life Insurance" & "Fight Tyranny, Shoot Back" -- still available after that, in black and dark brown.


WarriorClass III said...

Well, I guess I wasn't on that list. Noticed my check was cashed well before that first shipment went out though.

Dutchman6 said...

Sorry, WC. I filled the orders in the order they came in and then was surprised by the embroiderer's failure to deliver. If there were orders that included both types or different colors, those got held until the embroiderer could deliver. Frankly I expected them all before Christmas but she didn't deliver. I was left with the option of canceling the order and trying to find somebody else to do the job or sticking with her. It was a B.A.D. decision -- best available data. Will ship them as soon as they are put in my hands. Waiting for the call now.

prambo said...

To paraphrase Buzzsaw from "Running Man". -

I love this hat! It's a part of me... now I'm gonna make it part of *you*!

The relatives love it!! Well, at least some of them. My fiancee loves it - I'm good with that!

Le chapeau de revolution!!!

RVN11B said...

No big deal. The hat will get here when it gets here!

I can live with that.

Capitalist Eric said...

I'd ordered one "hundred heads" hat and one "shoot back." Got three "shoot back" hats, only one of which I have taken out of the box ( and firmly planted on my head as I write this :-).

Wanna' trade the extras for a "100 heads"? ;) I'm sure a couple of other guys our there are wondering why their hats are on my shelf... ;)