Friday, December 26, 2014

When in Mumbai

With Rekha and Sanjay and Sincic, and recently-confirmed Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, and untold prominent voices in the Indian-American community stumping for Indian-style “gun control” here, it might be instructive to look at “gun control” there, and especially at its results.


Left Coast Conservative said...

Lest you think that all Indians living here desire Indian-style gun control, let me tell you about the NRA Basic Pistol class I tookin Milpitas, CA, just a few months after the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

One gentleman in the class was Indian, and when the time came when the instructors asked us to introduce ourselves and explain why we were interested in this class, the Indian gentleman stated that the Mumbai attacks opened his eyes about security and his family. He realized that in the U.S. he could be armed, and wanted to acquire the knowledge to become armed while keeping his family safe from the hazards of firearms in his house.

When he asked how he could have a gun ready at all time, but still safe from his children finding it and harming themselves, the instructors said "Keep it in a holstered on your body when in use, and locked up and unloaded when not in use, and your children will never be at risk."

You should have seen the look on the mans face: carrying a holstered firearm had not previously been a possibility in his universe, but his eyes were opened up!

Not all Indians are gun control advocates.

Anonymous said...

When I first read the title of this piece, my first thought was: "From My Cold Dead Hands" then I read some more and my thought changed to that of "Some Criminal Bastard Will Be Dead, But Not Me or My Family" Some "Red Dot" GOOBER will NOT tell me and my Fellow Americans what they do not like about OUR Constitution. If they want to live in a Shit-hole of a country that wants their citizens to be disarmed, then they can stay there and the hell out of the USA.

Anonymous said...

How I-594 (Universal Background Checks) Will Destroy Itself said...

Lest you think all Indians are pacifists.
There are a lot fight for their own rights as well.
You might be surprised.

Anonymous said...

a few weeks back on Gates of Vienna,
"Swamykook" [it's his choice of nym]
observed: India is simply awash in guns.
it's the legitimate use of same that's
at issue