Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The latest from Dr. Evil's trolls at Media Matters.

The National Rifle Association's Culture Shock


Anonymous said...

Delta airlines employees smuggling guns into NYC-


Happy D said...

You should have used the headline "Another dimension heard from".

Steve said...

And no comments allowed.
Gee, I wonder why.. /sarc

Anonymous said...

The first time I heard about reports of the coming death of the NRA was in the mid 1960's and the organization counted something like 1.2M members. The second time was a bit later perhaps in the mid 1970's and they reported 1.8M members. I still have my "Project 2 Million" commemorative belt buckle. I've lost count if how many times this particular broken record has spun but now here we are again: the 5M member NRA is surely on it's death bed.

One problem with The Left is that they refuse to acknowledge even their own history.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have Ted Nugent as President. My favorite quote from him is "Gun-free zones are simply killing fields for mass murderers.".

I will continue to vote for Ted to remain on the NRA's Board of Directors as long as he continues to run for the office.

- Old Greybeard

Paul X said...

It's weird to see NRA considered an extremist organization.

I think carrying long guns into stores, merely to make a political point, is counterproductive - even though I have carried openly myself, and frequently. At the same time, carrying any kind of gun in public is a matter of liberty, period. What we don't want is for legislation to pass that allegedly prohibits the carrying of guns in stores, but (oops!) by the way also prohibits for example, the carrying of a long gun from one's house to one's car. The law is a blunt instrument, created by scoundrels, after all. That's why people who carry long guns in stores where that doesn't make sense (e.g. Cabelas) are playing into the hands of the prohibitionists, even if their intent is to extend liberty.

Liberty also allows the store owners to prohibit such behavior (or any other behavior that they don't like) on their property. We shouldn't be surprised when store owners do this, nor should we blame them for it. If you don't like to see such prohibitions, then don't be a dumb ass!

Of course, the world being 90% bullshit, it is certainly possible that it is provocateurs who are carrying AR-15's into grocery stores, and not people who love liberty at all. It would not surprise me in the least. I wish someone could identify the individuals who show up in photos and youtubes doing this, so we could dig into their backgrounds to see what we can find...